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Box 227 Booker, Texas 79005 (reprint from the Booker Texas News)

Some 2,000 guests from 11 states attended the sixth annual Golden Spread Antique Engine, Machinery and Tractor Show on the Donald Sell farm southwest of Booker, held September 17, 18, 1983.

Prizes were awarded to 10 entrants in five categories. A special award for the oldest car was made to Garland Sell of Amarillo for his 1911 Maxwell. Winners of the antique car divisions won trophies awarded by popular vote of the people present.

An unusual exhibit was a model-T Ford with tractor conversion, resulting in a half car, half tractor vehicle. It was shown by Francis and Wilma Elder of Douglas, Kansas. The idea was to plough with the contraption during the week, then change the rear tires to go to town and church on Saturday and Sunday.

Lots of gasoline engines were exhibited and more than 100 antique trucks, tractors and other vehicles were on display.

Other interesting exhibits were the steam engines. Mule drawn farm equipment also was featured this year.

A two-hour parade was held both days with the vehicles driven before the grandstands while Richard Sell announced the date, year and history of each model.

A special guest for the sixth consecutive year was J.C. Thomas of Graf-ford with his miniature one-third scale steam engine. He gave rides to children during the weekend.

On Monday an auction was held to sell antique tractors, cars and miscellaneous. Guests representing Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois, Mississippi, West Virginia, Michigan, South Dakota and Texas attended the show.