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Fordson Tractor Club, 2160 Carrigan, Turlock, California 95380

The response to the Fordson Tractor Club has been rewarding. There are nearly 400 active (and inactive) members in the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, and the Netherlands.

Quite a bit of interest has been generated in the old Fordson tractor, and now news of the Club's services is traveling by word-of-mouth, and that's great!

Many members are helping (and have helped) to accumulate a wealth of information on the various Fordson models, especially the 'F' manufactured in the United States from 1917-1928. The Club is able to help the members procure parts, literature, publications, and memorabilia which is invaluable in helping to restore and exhibit.

To help in this, the Fordson Tractor Club members have compiled engine serial manufacturing lists, duplication of original colors, lists of replacement gears and bolts, schematics, pictures, Xeroxes of items like all-available carb-manifold 'setups' made for the Fordson, etc.

From this information, more and more Fordsons are now being displayed in shows, parades and exhibits which we feel now places the Fordson in its proper place in agricultural farm equipment history. No longer is the 'grand-daddy' of all modern tractors treated as a 'stepchild.'

The Fordson Tractor Club mails out bi-annual Fordson newsletters of multiple pages, and keeps a card file system on parts and items wanted and available. Xeroxes of parts lists and other equipment items are mailed to members. We try to 'team together' to find solutions to difficult restoration problems, and have usually been successful in this. While some parts are rare, the club is slowly learning the whereabouts of supplies of NOS parts left, and is starting to plan for remanufacture of non-existent or hard-to-get parts. The Club keeps a small stock of NOS and mailable used Fordson parts.

Since the Club's beginning about 4 or 5 years ago, a number of Fordson publications have been made available as well as a few reprints. Allen Condie of Scotland first started with a 'history' of Fordsons, and soon progressed into booklets on nomenclature, anatomy, conversions, unusual equipment items, and is now publishing several excellent booklets (Fordson Album, Vol. I) with corresponding pictures and line drawings.

In the meantime, Arthur Battelle of England started publishing the 'Fordson Magazine and Register' for members of the English Fordson Club. This magazine, with 4 issues annually, contains excellent material on Fordsons, not only the American 'F', and Irish-English 'N', but even has articles on Fordsons in the 'Major Dextra', and modern series. Condie and Battelle publications are distributed through the Club. Dues to the Fordson Tractor Club are minimal ($3.00 annual), which helps defray cost of the services above, plus much correspondence, including that overseas. The Club helps distribute items like 'Fordson T-shirts', watch fobs, arm patches, buttons, and other memorabilia to help satisfy member's needs.

Any help anyone can give us to locate sources of NOS parts, Fordson literature, unusual equipment items, etc., is always greatly appreciated.

We are trying to compile complete Service Bulletin, manual, and parts lists SETS, which can then either be reprinted or Xeroxed off for the convenience of members and others who might be interested.

As far as we know, we are the only organized 'Club' for an individual make of antique (vintage) tractor, except the newly organized 'Ford-Fergie-Farmer', dedicated to the successor of the American Fordson: the 9-N, 2-N, and 8-N tractors, with headquarters at Millbury, MA.