Father's Day Weekend '93 at Pottsville

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2529 Can St. White City, Oregon 97503

Early summer blossoms with winter restorations that are in full bloom by Father's Day Weekend in Oregon. 1993 was great as EDGE&TA Branch #9 held one of its best shows ever.

The 1993 show boasted our first tractor pull with a progressive weight sled. This not only stirred a lot of interest in the antique tractor community, but it was a real crowd pleaser, especially when the big steam engines latched onto the sled with whistles blowing, steam pistons chugging until the front wheels lifted off the ground, and the whistle blew again.

Also new this year was the Kiddie Pedal Pull. All children were invited to try our modified pedal tractor and sled. Everyone enjoyed watching as the kids, with determined looks on their faces, pedaled with all their might. All children were awarded with a blue ribbon and candy. The real winners were in the stands, cheering encouragement to all of the youngsters.

Another new item for 1993 was the tractor balancing platform, or teeter-totter. This was a real challenge to most drivers; I'm sure that there will be a few of them practicing before the '94 show.

This year we had a huge engine display. These engines bring back memories to fathers and grandfathers alike, appropriate for Father's Day Weekend. The engines entertained several thousand people for two days. They chugged away, pumping water, grinding grain, crushing rocks, shelling corn, turning grindstones, running air compressors, and performing numerous other tasks, as well as just going chug, pop and snort. We had a large number of exhibitors from all over the western United States. This year our show was held the weekend after the National Meeting of the Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association in Grass Valley, California.

Many exhibitors from there spent about a week camping on the beautiful grounds of Pottsville.

Visitors to Pottsville not only get to see and hear engines and tractors of the bygone era, they can also visit Pottsville's very own pioneer town. In the pioneer town you can visit a one-room school house, general store, library, hotel, blacksmith shop and much more. Most of these displays are living displays as you can watch broom-making, soap-making, blacksmithing, quilting and many other activities including storytelling. You may also pan for gold in this bustling western town.

Pottsville also boasts a related item flea market, great food, musical entertainment and a great time for every member of the family.

My thanks to all the exhibitors and volunteers who made this show possible. And I would like to invite everyone to attend in '94, as this has become a Father's Day Weekend tradition among the pines in Southern Oregon.