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Sirkkalankatu 10 A 3 SF 20500 Turku, Finland

My name is Juha Kaitanen. I am actually an antique car enthusiast, but I have been helping some friends of mine who are spending their spare time with old stationary engines.

I would like to get some information on Waterloo gasoline engines manufactured by Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company in Waterloo, Iowa. I would also like to get information on Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company.

My father used to work, when retired, for the museum of local history and culture in Vehmaa, the place where I was born. He conducted the restoration of two genuine Waterloo engines-2 HP and 7 HP.

The restored engines owned by the museum are both K-engines, a 7 HP, serial number 215757, 360 r.p.m., and a 2 HP, serial number 222845, 575 r.p.m. The magnetos, both Wizard type 60 magnetos manufactured by Hercules Electric Co., Minneapolis, Indiana, are Model 12, No. 315913, and Model 20, No. 336126 respectively.

The museum also had engines #215758 and #215472, both 7 HP, 360 r.p.m., which were basically parts engines. The cooling tank opening in engine No. 215758 is rectangular. In the other engines it is more or less round. These were sold a few weeks ago to one stationary engine enthusiast. Another one is sandblasted and painted and the man is starting to assemble it. He would like to get information on how to restore the ignitor, the mechanical spark plug.

I have been writing with Mr. William Wallner, in Cave Junction, Oregon, about these engines. With the help of Mr. Wallner I got a repair parts list No. 16 and photocopy of a sales paper (Waterloo Boy Gasoline Engines). In addition to that, Mr. Wallner has been a great source of personal information and experience.

Waterloo engines here in Finland are equipped with Wizard magnetos. Mr. Wallner wrote to me that he 'has never seen a Waterloo with a Wizard magneto' and that 'most of our engines have a Webster magneto or no magneto, are fired by a battery.' So I would also like to gain information on Wizard magnetos and the company, Hercules Electric Company in Minneapolis, Indiana, which manufactured them.

All the Waterloo engines I know are K-type engines. They differ quite a lot from Waterloo Boy engines. Do any of you readers know when these K-type engines were manufactured? With the help of Mr. Wallner I got some Waterloo Boy decals, but I think these K-type engines had different decals on their cooling tank. Can anyone confirm this?

Three firms here in Turku were manufacturing Waterloo type engines: B. Wilen Company, K. E. Suominen Company and Alex Sjoholm Company. I guess they didn't have any license to make them, they just copied them.

Stationary engines are becoming very popular here in Finland, so there is a great need for proper information. I hope I can find somebody who is able to throw some light into the darkness of knowledge.

As I said I am an antique car enthusiast. I am restoring for myself a Packard Six Touring Sedan from 1938, 1600. During my hobby I have become interested in Packards in general and especially here in Finland. During the history we have had some 12 Packard trucks. Most of them were in use by our army. I have been writing with Mr. David Lockard in York Springs, Pennsylvania about Packard trucks. Last summer I visited him and his family. During my stay there I and my family had a chance to take a tour in Bird-In-Hand, in Lancaster County. We made a guided tour in Amish country. It was very interesting.

Best Wishes from Finland.