Four Engine Shows

An eyewitness reports on four engine shows held in New York State in 1967.


Although the picturewas taken spring of 1967, this 1923 4 cyl. 22-40 Hart-Parr tractor, owned by Dunlap and Sons, didn't appear at any of the engine shows.  Courtesy of R. M. Dunlap & Sons, Malvern, Ohio.


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The Pioneer Gas Engine Association continued its tradition of summer engine shows with a July 9th meeting at Paddleford Park in Sherburne, N. Y. It was a cool day. The crowd was small but steady until the rain started at three o'clock. It stopped at five, but most of the engine owners had loaded up and left for home.

We had a nice turn out of engines, more engines than engineers. There was: a 7 HP Sears and Roebuck; 1(?) HP Novo with belt driven generator charging batteries and a light bulb; 2(?) HP Sandow; 2 HP Taylor 2Vi HP Associated 'three mule team'— mfg about 1912—belted to a De Lavel Pulso pump for milking purposes; Chilled Cylinder Smitch; 1(?) HP Fairbanks Morse, 1(?) International De Lavel milking machine; 1(?) HP Hercules; 2 HP Empire; 2 HP Hercules running an antique belt driven washing machine made in 1900; 2 HP Bulls Eye built in Warren, Pa and sold by Montgomery Ward in 1910; Stover Power unit 2-1 reduction with clutch; 3(?) HP Titan, Maytag; 13/4 H.P. Associated; 6 HP Associated; 5 HP Collis; Ice saw run by a 2(?) HP Associated; 3 HP Kerosene fueled Fairbanks Morse; John Deere 1(?) HP; 2 HP Magestic; 2 HP Stover; a hop pole puller and a wooden upright object sent from the Farmer's Museum, trying to find a name and a use for it. Had lots of people guessing and it is thought to be a rope weaver or a broom binder. There were fifteen members present, and six new members bringing the club total to 41. —Mrs. Rose Wood, Sec., Sheds, N. Y.

'We had a very wet, rainy "Gas-up" Sunday engine show on August 20th at Harry Gott's in Burlington Flats, N. Y. Despite the rain, many members attended, and the public interest was good. Many came with umbrellas and rain gear.

There were the most engines at any meet yet. Harry Gott had 30 or more, most of them running.

Here is a list of the engines: Fairbanks Morse, International, Empire, Stover, Alpine, Maytag, Associated, Maynard, Sattley, Witte, Hercules, Domestic, Taylor Vaccume, Rock Island, Sandow, Ottawa, John Deere, McCormick Deering, Fuller Johnson, Thermoil, the Jumbo line, Ideal power lawn mower (Pat. 1920, Lansing, MI), one horsepower tread 1898, 1936 Buick, 1938 Dodge, 1934 English Fordson tractor, and 1927 Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Due to the rain, I did not get an accurate count of engines, but I estimated 100 pieces of equipment. We had eight new members, five of them charter. One was from Connecticut.

We are hoping for a nice sunny day for the next "Gas-up" at our place on Sept. 10th.

About fifty people attended the "Gas-up" at Bill and Duretta Schneider's at Darien in June. The day started at 9:00 A. M. and lasted until 11:30 at night. Everyone brought a dish to pass and there was enough for two meals. There were three door prizes, won by Reginald Lewis, Mrs. Murphy, and Dick Wood. Duretta writes that everyone was very good about cleaning up and it was much appreciated by her and Bill. They hope to have another get together next Spring.

Hemlock Fair

It is really too bad that more of you people didn't exhibit at the Hemlock Fair July 10-15. Charles Rolfe goes to much work to try to get a good exhibit. Also there is money involved in prizes, which would go towards your expense of restoring an engine. There was much interest from the public as they walked by the tent and saw and heard the old engines popping away. I counted 17 gas engines, 4 tractors, 1 homemade tractor, a drag saw, a corn sheller and an old rake. Among those exhibiting were Arthur West, Dewitt Smith, Don Otis, Harold Shader, Herbert Cornish, Gordon Hawk, Ted McCauley, Paul Wahl, Wesley Hammond, Charles Rolfe, and Harold Ball.