Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association, Inc.

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This month we continue with information about the individual branches within the EDGE&TA.

Branch 12-They were started in 1981. They have about 130 members and their annual show is held on the third weekend of August at the Toppenish, Washington Rodeo Grounds. In 1991 they will be moving their show to a new facility at Union Gap, Washington. This will be in conjunction with an operating museum. They encourage family participation and have four meetings a year, along with a potluck dinner at different members' homes. The name of their newsletter is 'Old Iron News.'

Branch 20 was formed in October 1975. Their membership is about 400 strong. They are one of the more active branches, with members participating in about 15 community fairs and events a year. Their annual show is held during the month of July at the Roy, Washington Rodeo Grounds. They also have an annual Christmas banquet. Their newsletter is called 'Exhaust Fumes.'

Branch 21-This branch was formed in March 1986. It is located in the Hil-debrand, Oregon (Klamath Falls) area. They have a biannual show at the John Bodnor ranch in Hil-debrand. They also participate, along with Branch 9, at the Klamath County Fair. They have about 30 members. Most of the members are ranchers and farmers.

Branch 22 is located in the San Diego, California area and was formed in January 1986. They have about 125 members. They have an annual show and they participate with several charity events throughout the year. They also exhibit at several tractor parades and tractor rodeos and also have a fun day at Walton, Arizona. Their newsletter is called 'Branch 22 News.'

Branch 23 was formed in 1987. They are located in the Ridgefield, Washington area and their membership averages about 120 members. Their annual show is held in conjunction with the Clark County Fair. Their other shows are held at the Pomeroy House, Ridgefield Spud Festival, Lewisville Park, and the Apple Tree Festival. Their members come from southwest Washington and northern Oregon. Their newsletter is called 'Wig Wag.'

Branch 26-They are located in the northwestern part of the state of Washington and they were formed in January 1988. Their membership is at about 130 members coming from all walks of life. They have four one-day shows a year, and also participate in the Puget Sound Tractor Show and the Branch 20 show at Roy, Washington. Their annual show is the Mid-Winter Skagit Gas Up in February. Their newsletter is called 'The Rust and Grease Gazetteer.'

That's enough for now! Hope your shows are going well. We'll have more on the branches next month.