Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association, Inc.

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A Message From The President

3510 Brooklake Rd. NE, Brooks, Oregon 97303.

The National EDGE&TA has presented to the branches a set of guidelines to help maintain safe atmosphere. A few examples are:

Have guardropes in place.

Set display well back inside ropes.

Keep gas cans in safe place.

No more than two people on a tractor.

No minors on tractors without adult supervision. (Some people will say that this is silly as most farm boys can operate a tractor better than the old man!)

Remember that you have the public involved here and there is no sense in taking any chances.

Several years ago liability insurance became quite expensive and a lot of clubs found that they couldn't afford the premiums to cover the hobby. At that point in time, the National started pursuing a National policy. This proved to be quite involved with the amount of paperwork necessary to govern it. It was also found that the branches could obtain a better premium on their own. With a little help from the National, this has been accomplished. By sitting down with the agent here on the West Coast, a company was found that was understanding to the situation, and a hobby policy was drawn up. All branches are afforded this opportunity through the National.

Any group or club that may have this need by being affiliated with the National EDGE&TA will be apprised of this information.

FLASH: As this article is being written, sometime prior to publication, this might be old news, but we want to let everyone know. Our sister branch, Branch 3, which is located in the San Jose, California area just south of San Francisco, was right in the middle of the October earthquake. They were hit very hard on October 17 by the quake. Only minutes after the quake was announced on TV, our National Menno Kliewer placed a call to Branch 3 President, Peggy Schoppe. He was unsuccessful for several days, but contact was made with various members of Branch 3, and it was found that most of them had escaped heavy losses. Although a few had their homes off the foundations and suffered losses in various amounts, no one was injured. In a more recent contact, Peggy mentioned that Branch 3 members now were regaining renewed spirits and were getting back into the former lifestyles. We at the National wish to express our in-depth sympathy to each of the Branch 3 members who have experienced this terrible shock and having their lives disrupted. We wish them well and give them credit for assuming new spirits and continuing to rebuild their lives.

An event was recently held that will make another mark in history. Jerome Increase Case, founder of the J.I. Case Company, was inducted into the Agricultural Hall of Fame in Bonner Springs, Kansas, on October 1989. In attendance were J.I.'s great-grandaughter, Helen Case Brigham, and her husband, Brig. Our Vice-President, Del Seuser, and several members of Branch 19, were in attendance.