20 HP Titan

This club owned 20 HP Titan is now Association property.

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This 15th annual show was held August 8, 9, 10, 1997 at Twin Bridge's beautiful permanent showgrounds near Chambersburg, on 30 acres. The club has added seven more acres to the grounds this year.

The club, 200 members strong, plans to have a barn raising next spring, April 25, 26, 1998, and to finish their museum which will house old farming equipment. The barn will be two-story, mortised and pegged. Inside will be stalls intended for use by the local Future Farmers of America.

The club raised funds for these projects by selling food. The total figures of the : venture are amazing this year's sales included 3,500 lbs of french fries, 2 tons of chicken, 400 lbs. of ham, 2,600 hot dogs and 700 lbs of pork!

There is no admission fee charged at the Cumberland Valley show. Exhibitors brought approximately 300 gas engines and 400 tractors to display, and over 150 vendors were signed up for the flea market.

Allis-Chalmers was this year's featured tractor.

Events included a daily parade, threshing, baling, sawmill, shingle making, blacksmith, tractor fun pull and kid die pedal pull, and an auction.

Some highlights among the displays included a 1934 HP twin cylinder Maytag washer. The unit at the top could be replaced with a meat grinder, butter churn, or ice cream freezer attachments. These rare attachments, which greatly expanded the usefulness of the washer, usually demand a high price. Owner of the Maytag is Jim Stewart of Chambersburg.

A 20 HP Titan made by IHC, Chicago, is owned by the club; it was purchased from Roy Burns in 1986, and its serial number is #UD302. The engine ran at 500 rpm. It was acquired in basically good, original condition. The water tank was bad, but restorers were able to get a pattern from it. A new liner was also installed.

Another display was a 1900 20 HP 2 cylinder Reid manufactured by Joseph Reid Gas Engine Co., of Oil City, Pennsylvania. The 6,500 pound engine was built especially for oil well use. Most Reids used hot tube ignition and were fueled by natural gas at the well head. Joseph Reid started building engines in 1894 and these two cylinder engines were made in 6 to 40 HP. The Reid was the only engine built to use this design with the separate charging cylinder. This particular engine came from the oil fields of West Virginia along the Ohio River near St. Mary's. It was fitted with a large pulley and clutch which powered equipment using a 12 inch belt on a derrick, which drilled and cleaned the well and then pumped crude oil from the well to depths of 3,000 feet. It operated for approximately 90 years. The Reid's owner is Richard McCoy of Fisher town.

A 1916 Quincy engine air compressor #1292 6 HP owned by Matt Haw-baker of Chamberburg, Pennsylvania, was also displayed. Quincy gas and gasoline engine were manufactured in Chambersburg, along with air compressors and pumps.

A 2 HP Stover #V112234 owned by Bernard Weyant, Osterburg, Pennsylvania, was also among the exhibits. It was shown with a Buckeye cider press manufactured by Thomas &. Mast of Springfield, Ohio. There was also a' 1924 A. D. Baker Uniflo engine, 23-90 HP, owned by Mark Shelden, R.D. 1, Glen Rock, Pennsylvania.

The next Cumberland Valley Antique Engine and Machinery Association Steam and Gas Show will be held August 7, 8, 9, 1998. The best part of this show is the great hospitality! Even Mom, a 'non-engine' person, enjoyed herself, especially the music. Come join in the next fun show!