COOLSPRING June 17, 2000


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242 Dupont Street Johnstown, Pennsylvania 15902

Coolspring Power Museum, seven miles north of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, along Route 36, endured scattered showers for the spring show.

The museum maintains several barns and pavilions of permanent displays and engines on loan. Display engines range in size from single cylinder hit and miss up to their latest working specimen, the 1913 four-cylinder 300 HP Miller.

A large field for exhibitors and merchants is available for show and tell, buying and selling.

We are going to walk you (hypothetically speaking) through the field area, and save the museum displays for later. Let's stop at a food stand first and get a lemonade and some curly fries. Bring along your gas engine encyclopedia, and let's go for a stroll. These are some, but not all, of the old iron brought out today by the hobbyist and merchants:

1? Alpha, ?HP A. Seybert and Bros., 5 HP Richmond Standard, 1? HP Emerson-Brantingham, ? HP Dempster and Comstock, (1) Munchrer Motorenfabrik, 1? HP Sta-Rite, 2 HP Waterloo, 5 HP Bovaird and Seyfang, 4 HP Domestic, 1 HP Mogul Jr., 3? HP C. H. & E. Mfg. Co., 1? HP Eclipse Jr., 6 HP Economy, 4 HP Galloway, Assorted Hercules engines, 8 HP Witte, ?HP Bull's Eye sideshaft, Maytag twins and singles, 3 HP Fuller and Johnson, ?HP Woodpecker, ?HP Sandwich, 3 HP Cushman Cub, 30 HP Foos, 1? HP United, 4 HP International Famous, 1? HP Stover, Johnson Iron Horse, 2 HP Witte, 1? HP Empire, 5 HP Mogul, ?HP Rumsey.

And as we continue, 2? HP Empire, 1? HP Domestic, 1? HP Stover, two Kewanee pump rigs, 1? -6 HP Edwards, 2? HP Galloway, International LB's, 3 HP Famous, 4 HP upright Stover, ?HP Stover upright, 1? HP Alpha, many early small air cooled uprights, ?HP air cooled Associated, 1? HP Rawleigh, 4 HP Mogul, 1? HP McCormick-Deering, ?HP J. Warunger Mfg. Co., Stover twin power unit, 12 HP Witte, 2 HP Famous, 3 HP Ideal, ?HP John Swan Co., 3 HP Gade, ? HP Standard, 3? HP Bates and Edmonds.

Now we're passing a 1? HP Novo, 1 and 2 HP Reeves, 3 HP Brownwall, two L. Benz and Spol (from the Netherlands), 2 HP Jaeger, 2 HP Fairbanks-Morse, 1? HP Hercules, 6 HP Stover, 3 HP Fuller & Johnson, 6 HP air cooled Eclipse, ?HP DeLaval Lauson with Wico 'C mag, 6 HP Cushman, 1? HP Gilson, ?HP Bernard Diesel (France), 2? HP Gallway, 3 HP Stickney, 2 HP Bessemer, ?HP Gray, ?HP Perkins upright, ?HP Lorenze (Slovakia), 1? HP Gade, 3 HP Ward, 2? HP Jacobson, 1? HP Acme, 6 HP Schramm, 1? Massey Harris, 1? Messinger.

Next comes a ? HP Duro, 3? HP United, 4 HP Atlas King Bee, 15 HP Domestic, 16 HP Galloway, ?HP Elgin, 6 HP Sandwich, ?HP 1883 Crown pumping engine, ?HP Sylvester, 1? HP Eclipse Junior, ?HP Sattley, Page Electro-Magnetic engine, ?HP Lansing, 4 HP Eclipse, ?HP Planet Junior, 5 HP Ward, 3 HP Leader, 1? HP Tayoga, 1? HP New Holland, 12 HP Quincy, 8 HP Bessemer, 5 HP Friend, 12 HP Reid, 6 HP Casey Jones, 4 HP Eclipse, 1? HP Todd engine, and various models by machinist-hobbyists.

Also present on the grounds were the following merchants: Lee W. Pedersen, Mark's Magneto Service, Burns and Homer Engine Co. (model engine kits), Maytag Collectors Club, Breisch-Peters Models (model engine kits), Canopies by Ed, Simpson Motors, and your usual collection of independent businessmen.

The merchants offered books, new and used parts, helpful advice, and onsite repairs. The modelmakers/dealers were good with machinist advice. The independents offered sunglasses, magnetos, tools and fasteners, tool handles, water pump repair parts, restorable engines, odds and ends, and antiques.

Coolspring offers its own gift shop, selling T-shirts, videos, booklets, cookies, engine memorabilia, etc.; all proceeds maintain the museum.

The next show is October 20-21, 2000. Hope you can make it.