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 Route 2, Box 330, Bridgewater, Virginia 22812

The ninth annual Steam and Gas Meet and Lawn Party, sponsored by the Bridgewater Volunteer Fire Company, is history. Once again, the show was a tremendous success.

Gas engines, gas tractors, steam engines, antique cars, all in running condition, were enjoyed by those attending. What an opportunity to get away from the modern fast pace, as we know it, and relive those 'GOOD OLE DAYS,' and at Bridgewater.......Admission is Free!

Bridgewater offers more than a steam and gas meet. Situated in the mid-Shenandoah Valley, bounded to the west by the Shenandoah Mountains and to the east by the Blue Ridge Mountains, this Virginia community of 2,500 thrives on the agricultural economy so prevalent in the area. Rolling farmlands, with livestock dotting the fields, make the Valley a pleasant escape from the hustle and noise of large cities.

Before we stray too far from town, let's get back to last year's Steam and Gas Meet. The weather was excellent! Crowds exceeded 10,000 each night, and they spent many hours enjoying the antique exhibits. Almost 300 gas engines, 80 farm tractors, 250 antique automobiles, several steam engines, and much more was on hand for demonstration. Sawmilling, the blacksmith, smoke rings from the big Fairbanks, and as I mentioned......Admission is Free!

How about a country ham sandwich? Fried chicken, french fries, the many games and rides make the Bridgewater Volunteer Fire Company's Steam and Gas Meet something for the entire family to enjoy.

At the Bridgewater show, exhibitor. Special exhibitor parking has been available the past two years and is planned to continue. Improvements have been made, such as available water in the exhibit areas, a loading dock, parade route, better lighting, and more efficient use of space, to mention a few. Camping facilities are available along North River at nearby Wildwood Park, and here again......Admission is Free!

The Bridgewater Volunteer Fire Company realizes everyone entering the grounds will not be pleased. This does not relieve us of the responsibility of trying. Mistakes have been made in the past, and probably more will occur. I am unaware of a perfect show, but we are trying! At least we are going in the right direction.....our Admission is Free!

Success at Bridgewater cannot be credited solely to the Fire Company. This show is succeeding because of improved fire protection, and fond memories of America's agricultural past.

The Bridgewater Volunteer Fire Company is anxiously looking forward to its Tenth Annual Steam and Gas Meet and Lawn Party. Plans are to include an antique tractor pull during the 1979 show. More information will be available on this later.

It's the time of year to work on the old relic and make plans for 1979. We hope those plans will include a trip to Bridgewater. Mark the date now on your vacation calendar, July 19, 20, 21,1979. The Bridgewater Volunteer Fire Company extends an invitation to all for the Tenth Annual Steam and Gas Meet and Lawn Party. As you enter the grounds you may be surprised to learn......The Admission is Still Free!!