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Two very interesting auctions were held in the late fall of 1990. Several impressions were common to both sales. Many attended, many came a great distance, but the buying enthusiasm wasn't all that great. If more work had been done on the tractors, certainly they would have brought more money, but attendees enjoyed the camaraderie and the pleasant weather.

Wesley Slaubaugh held his annual old tractor sale at Lagootee, Indiana on November 24. A large number of men-arrived early to look over the 100-plus tractors offered. The general impression was that most of the tractors needed a lot of work and had sat outside since new. There were many unusual tractors, and the High Crops were in demand. If a collector didn't object to the work, there were plenty of good buys.

There were fewer attendees at Ed Welter's inventory reduction auction December 1 at Verona, Missouri. Many arrived the day before to canvas the hundreds of Minneapolis Moline tractors. It was a fine time to get those much needed parts which are difficult to find. The demographics would indicate that such a sale would bring more revenue 400 miles to the northeast, where there are more collectors and less hauling expense. Several people remarked about the distance to haul any purchases.

Henry Dean, the auctioneer, started the auction with a MM riding lawn mower which brought $160, followed by: a stuck MM Shop Mule, $450; 403 power unit, $525; Avery V, $550; Avery MMA, $550; GMM propane, $325; TC KTA, $900; TC 21-32, $275; TC 21-32, $400; TC 1936 MTA, $650; ZTU, $325; MM 6' mower, $50; MM 3 bottom 3 pt., $140; RTU, $250; ZB single front wheel, $250; ZA, $300; 445 utility, $700; UTS, $200; 5 Star propane, $550; 5 Star Diesel, $800; 4 Star, $350; 335 utility, $525; G propane, $400; GTA propane, $900; 5 Star Wheatland, $650; G VI, $800; M5, $750; G VI, $850; G propane, $850; GB diesel, $1300; UTS special, $960; UTS, $550; TC J, $400; MM Avery, $650; Avery, VG, $300; ZTU $950; White American 60, $18,000; 5 Star gas WF VG, $1900; M670 propane VG, $2200; M670 diesel, $1900; G 1000 Wheatland, $2800; G 900 propane, $1700; G 900 propane, $2300; G708 prop. FWA, rear out, $1325; VISTA, smokes, $1900; White A4T, $2850; MM A4T $1700; MF 97 propane, excellent, $1350; 302, good, $2350; 445 pulling tractor, $1450; IHC turbo 1066, $3500; G 900, $2800; 708 FWA, rear out, $1600; G1000 propane Wheatland, $1650; 707, $1200; 705, $1000; Jet Star 2, $1100; and a few others that didn't sell.

Another auction near Lancaster, Ohio stirred a lot of interest, as it listed four Rumely Oil Pull tractors. The spirited bidding pushed the 20-30 to $4000, the 25-45 to $5700, the 30-60 S to $5900, and (for dubious reasons) the 30-50 to $21,000. A rather rare 8N Ford six-cylinder fetched $3200, and the '37 John Deere B with mower $1850.

Auctions are a great place to socialize with other collectors and at the same time see what our toys are worth.

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