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We Have Many - Come Tend Some or just COME

Dear Fans and Fellow Members,

If you want to visit a combination of antique steam, gas, kerosene, man, mule, dog, and water powered equipment operating within and including thousands and thousands and thousands of cultivated blooming flowers, we have it, and in April we show more of it than any place in the world.

Rice mill, shingle mill, saw mill, molasses mill, corn mill, cider mill, grape mill, bone mill, up and down water powered saw mill, wood splitter, mule powered hay baler, dog powered churn, country store, free parking, home sock knitter, blacksmith shop, new flush toilets.

We enjoy your steam-ups and gas-ups from Sarasota, Florida, to Milton, Ontario, and feel that you will likewise enjoy our unique and diversified three-day program.

FRI - SAT - SUN, April 16-17- 18, 1971

On which days we will have in addition to the above; lubricated steam tables, old cars, flea market, food, soap making, free rides for kids of all ages, and trailer parking for participants.

Please participate in creating an oasis in an area that heretofore has been without the fun and fellowship provided by steam, gas, etc., associations.

BOMAR WATER GARDENS is considered 'The Flower Power in Dixie.'

Two miles of floral pathways, 22 acres and ? mile (end to end) of steam, gas, mule, water, and man powered, equipment, and collection, began prior to Pearl Harbor in 1941.


Annual membership $2.00; others $1.00 per day over 12, includes Gardens.

Located in Cheraw -- 6 blocks from Intersection U. S. Hwy. 1 & U. S. Hwy. 52.

Three motels and restaurants within two miles.

Bring your models, your engines, your tools, and/or your fellowship.

Enquiries promptly answered by Robert Rogers.

Greetings to all

Dear Fans and Fellow Members,

Margaret and I wish to thank each and every one of you for your many courteouses.

Armed with a few credit cards, a few models, a scrub board and an ironing board, we traveled 7,000 miles and participated in fourteen shows in 1970. I had mailed membership dues to fourteen shows. Margaret really got in the steam mood when we stayed an extra day at Col. Herndon's Show. He sat her down to a peck of Florida lobster and Margaret is a one peck lobster eater. She was ready to try the next thirteen shows.

We then criss-crossed several states, went back and forth from show to show, then up and down from show to show, finally to eat corn on the cob in Milton, Ontario, at what Sherwood Hume calls his truck repair shop. Down South we would call Sherwood's truck building a combination dance hall and night club; it was equipped with an orchestra and served a peck of corn on cob to each person; Margaret is a one peck corn on cob eater. Definitions in Milton, Ontario, Canada, differ from definitions in Cheraw, S. C, USA.

Now I repeat, we met so many nice people that it is impossible to list them. One exhibitor from Pa. attending Cheraw's first annual (1970) show liked the mid-April weather so much he stayed a week to bask in the sunshine. He told me that he was staying two weeks at Cheraw's April 1971 show. He then said if I would get a U-Haul he would give us an oil well pump. We have two streams through the gardens that surround Antique Acres and use irrigation water at the rate of 3,000,000 gallons per day, and therefore collect pumps of every description. The U-Haul was at his oil field quicker than a Fordson can backfire. Are we proud to own and exhibit an oil well pump.

Arriving at the Alexander show, Bus Longrod of Albion, New York, or some inquiring reporter asked why an oil well owning yankee would give a non oil well owning southerner an oil well pump. I told him the donor was a real nice fellow and that I thought he got homesick when he stayed away from his squeeking oil well pumps too long. No longer will anyone have to winterize themselves in 18 inches of snow because of home sickness for oil well pump squeeks.

Each of the fourteen shows has something unique or different.

Our model table has steam line, air line, water line, vacuum line and electric line. The water line is for powering water devices like our water powered fan; the vacuum line powers our vacuum fan; and the electric line is for general usage.

Any one knowing of a unique fan for sale; powered by water, air, vacuum or hot air please advise me.

You have been most kind in helping locate certain items that can be more effective at Antique Acres than at most other shows like an old Hurdy-Gurdy water powered paddle mill that powered a gold mine stamping mill, a 12 inch water powered Pelton wheel, and a 6 inch water Turban wheel.

We were fortunate in getting a rice mill that is in perfect running condition. We have in mind trying 'chicken bog' on a few volunteers. The bog will be prepared by a cook that knows the exact number of grains of rice to mix with each three old chicken hens and each three feet of smokehouse dried country sausage but we need volunteers on operating the newly acquired rice husker-polisher.

Between shows we were guests at seven outstanding private collections.

Thank you again,

Margaret and Robert Rogers Antique Acres, Cheraw, S. C