Albany Pioneer Days Threshing Show

Huber tractor

Albany Pioneer Days Huber tractor driven by Duane Nelson in the parade.

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35747 County Rood 10 Albany, Minnesota 56307

The 22nd annual Albany Pioneer Days Threshing Show featured Massey-Harris tractors and equipment and Economy gas engines. The feature was a great success with many very rare models of Massey being displayed. There was quite a line up of Massey Pony tractors along with a lot of the small equipment that was manufactured for the little Pony. One of the exhibitors of some of the Pony tractors has one of the most complete collections of Pony tractors in the world. Some of the other Massey Harris models that were on display were: A 1938 Massey Harris Challenger, a Super 101, a number of Super 101 Twin Power tractors that were beautifully restored, a 22, 55, a number of 30s and 40s, some with wide front and some narrow front ones. There were some 44s, 65s, some Pacers, a French Pony with a 15 HP Simca gas engine that was a real showpiece, some 555s and Massey's first attempt at a four-wheel drive tractor, the Massey Harris 'GP'. You got to see some of the very early Wallis tractors and some of the grey Fergusons, including a 1950 TD 20, a TD 30, and a neat little 'mini' Ferguson. There were also some number 81s, 25s and various other models. The Bull tractor was also represented. Massey also made some cream separators and there were a few different models on display. The gas engine department wasn't forgotten as exhibitors brought a number of Massey engines which included a 1 HP Massey and a very rare 4 HP engine. There was also a good variety of advertising literature, memorabilia, toys, etc. that all bore the Massey name. We thank all the Massey collectors for helping to make our 22nd annual show very successful.

The gas engine collectors also made the Economy feature very interesting and displayed engines from the very small models to the big horsepower ones.

Our show usually has about 450-500 gas engines of various names, colors, sizes, and shapes on display. We really appreciate all the exhibitors who bring all the different gas engines out for the show. Model engines are getting to be very popular displays at all the shows, and we have a building full of beautifully machined engines, tractors, hot-air engines, etc.

You'll always find a wide variety of things to see and do when you attend Albany Pioneer Days in Albany, Minnesota.

In the mercantile building you'll find the ladies busy sewing quilts, spinning wool, making homemade ice cream (of which you can get a delicious sample), weaving rugs, and much more.

And if music is your cup of tea, you need only to wander around the grounds and stop in a number of different buildings to find some old time 'dancing music,' or bluegrass and country tunes. On Saturday afternoon you can hear some topnotch fiddle music as the club hosts a big fiddle contest.

There is always a 'rare find' just waiting for you at the big flea market and craft sale.

Toward the end of each day of the 1996 show, spectators were treated to a kind of sneak preview of some of the action that you'll see at the 23rd annual show which is being called the 'Year of the Tracks.' There was a pushing contest between a TD 30 International crawler and a D9 Cat. We're not quite sure who officially won but the drivers had a good time seeing just how much power each could muster up. The next day they used the two machines to compress a couple of old vehicles and an old fashioned 'outhouse.' During the 23rd annual show on September 12, 13, 14, 1997, the heavy equipment will be used to level off a hill and build some small roads. They'll be working with everything from road equipment pulled by horses to the huge HD 41 Allis (which was the biggest crawler built for many years).

Along with the construction equipment, 'The Year of the Tracks' will give the antique and classic snowmobiles a chance to be in the spotlight too.

The Stearns County Pioneer Club members want to say thanks to all the diligent exhibitors who keep on putting all their efforts into preserving and restoring all the old equipment that was such a great part of our heritage. Without these collectors the generations of younger people wouldn't get to see how all this equipment helped to shape this great country of ours.