2nd North American Model Engineering Exposition

George Luhrs at 1991 Model Expo

George Luhrs, collector from Long Island, New York, at 1991 Model Expo.

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2835 Camp Road Manheim, PA 17545

This past April 6 & 7, 1991 at Ann Arbor, Michigan, was spectacular. Quite a few participants started showing up on Thursday. Around the motels, restaurants and parking lots, fellows were meeting old and new friends. Friday was set up day, but activities were somewhat delayed, because of a concert at the show site. Lots of people were showing up for the show and there was a lot of model chatter going on. Back at the motels, groups were looking in car trunks, pickup trucks, campers and vans, at the various models.

Around 9 that night, show set up began. Most everyone was helping to clear the room and set up tables for the exhibits. Air lines were piped in and show people and vendors started to un load their goodies.

We arrived at the show site Saturday morning around 8 AM and it was busy. I had a dealer table and was quite busy most of the day answering questions and talking to people. Around 3 PM, I finally decided to see the show and snap a few photos. Most every model at the show was deserving of a picture!

The modeling magazines were represented; there were dealers with model steam engine kits, railroad supplies of several scales, measuring and cutting tools, a CNC milling machine demonstration, gas engine and air powered model kits, and model pipe fitting and hardware.

Models were air powered-all tables were hooked up with compressed air. They ranged from smaller than thimble size, to mill engines, traction and showmen engines, and model car engines of several sizes. There were lots of steam type, hot air, air compressor, gas engine models in various scales, down scaled and freelanced. There were several scales of railroad type engines and cars, some sitting on small tracks; there were pumps and oil well types, Maytags and miniature farm machinery.

Outside, model gas engines were running. A full table of Otto-Langen models and quite a few tables with hot air, Maytags, and various models (some running equipment) ran outside. Both Saturday and Sunday, the weather was in the high 70's-this was just great for the show, to have models running outside.

The show was at a very accessible location, with good motels and eating accommodations. The committee should be complimented for a beautiful show well hosted and for a job well done.

George White, contact for the show, told us that approximately 1600 people attended the 1991 Expo, and that a larger location is sought for 1992. White reports that the show probably will be held later in April next year and that flyers will not be sent out, as in past years. Those seeking additional information on this growing event may contact George White, 29981 Leona, Garden City, Michigan 48135. Phone (313) 422-4311.