1976 SHOW REPORT from North Missouri Steam and Gas Engine Association

Mogul Model 45 tractor

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Cowgill, Missouri 64637 and Russell Moss, Hamilton, Missouri 64644

My Mogul Model 45 tractor - I recently restored my Mogul as I added fenders, clutch belt, pulley, lowered canopy and extended it forward to smoke box. It looks more like the original 45 now, powered by 4 HP gas engine, new in 1910.

This is the thirteenth year the show has been held here and 13 must be a lucky number since this was our best show. This sentiment seems to have been shared by everyone who attended.

There were exhibitors, buyers, sellers and people who came to enjoy and relive the days with model steam engines, big steam engines, gas engines, antique cars and other items of interest.

There were quite a number of steam engines and they were busy as usual. Also, there were several good antique tractors, gas engines and antique cars.

Marc Lamoreaux, Waterville, Kansas, brought his old-time calliope and furnished music that was enjoyed by all.

Plaques were given to all exhibitors to show appreciation for their time and effort spent on making the show such a fine one.

Log sawing, large and small Baker fans, straw baling, flea market, horseshoe pitching contest and old fiddler's contest were just some more of the attractions.

There was a draft horse pull on Friday night; also a program by local talent to commemorate the Bicentennial year. The Famous Blackwood Brothers furnished an evening of entertainment on Sunday.

There was a parade uptown on Saturday morning and a parade each afternoon in front of the grandstand.

The 13th Show was a great success and the Board of Directors thanks all who took part in any way. And, they want all of you to come back for the 14th Show next year.