1974 Makoti Threshing and Antique Show

1912 Side Shaft Mogul

Leroy Quandt

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Ryder, N. D. 58779

The 1974 Makoti Threshing and Antique Show was held October 5 and 6. Some of the units here at the show for the first time include a 1926 type R Rumely Oil Pull rated 25-45 HP and a 1920 10-20 Met 25-45 HP and a 1928 10-20 McCormick Deering. Both of these tractors are owned by Bob Christenson, Bismarck, North Dakota. He left these two tractors and his Rumely Six here in Makoti so they are now on display in our museum.

1912 Side Shaft Mogul owned by R.C. Traverse of Underwood, North Dakota. Shown in the picture is John Tysse, Jr., of Crosby, North Dakota looking the engine over.

Courtesy of Leroy Quandt, Ryder, North Dakota 58779 GF-75

A number 3 Co-op about a 1938 model tractor was restored for this year's show by Wayne Jones, Ryder, N. Dak. The Association was able to purchase a McCormick Reaper and an Ideal hand-fed threshing machine this summer. Both these machines dating back to the 1890's had been restored by John Sandstrom, Lonetree, North Dakota. The hand-fed thresher demonstrated its ability to separate grain. The reaper was also used to cut oats. The Staude-Mak-A Tractor was used to pull the reaper. It took c, while to learn how to operate the reaper properly but with the help of several old timers, the machine did a fine job of cutting and bunching the grain. Company M of the North Dakota Seventh Cavalry, a new unit out of Minot. with 21 mounted riders performed in the parade and out on the show grounds.

Mr. R C. Traverse. Underwood, North Dakota had a 1912 side shaft Mogul engine mounted on a two wheel trailer. The engine drove a 32 volt light plant generator.

Two scale model engines built by George Scott, Outlook, Montana were brought to Makoti for the show. Both of these real neat looking engines were operating during the show. One engine is a scale model of about a 3 HP Olds and the other one of a side shaft screen cooled Crosley engine.

A display of the various Maytag engines which included the Elgin, an early engine built by the Elgin Gas Motor Co. of Elgin, Ill. was shown by Bob Helstedt, Minot, N. Dak. The Elgin Gas Motor Co. became a part of the Maytag Company and their engine design was used in building the Maytag engines.

This year the slow race final was won by Clarence Denser, Austin, Manitoba on the 1909 30-60 Hart Parr Old Reliable. Clarence edged out Herb Shafer on the 1916 A very the 40-80 model. In the steam engine class the 1910 25-85 Nichols-Shepard with Carl Yahnke, Roseglen, engineer edged out the 20-60 Aultman-Taylor with Lyle Peterson, Makoti at the controls.

Kelly Shafer, Roseglen driving a Standard Twin Garden tractor challenged the Staude-Mak-A-Tractor driven by Geneil Evanchenko, Makoti but Kelly was defeated as the Sstaude was able to go slower.

More room was available this year for placing the antique units in the museum as a 120 feet by 40 feet building was put on the show grounds for additional storage.