You've been asking for it More GEM's in '85

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Dear Readers:

As we look ahead to 1985, we are beginning the 20th year of publication of Gas Engine Magazine.

Through the years, because of the loyal support of our subscribers, the magazine has gradually published more pages and reached more people, until today we are serving nearly 20,000 of you with each issue.

Consistently, you have offered your advice and constructive criticism along with your compliments. We appreciate everyone's interest and try to respond wherever possible. Whether your comments are on a renewal blank or an ad you've placed, or in a letter to Smoke Rings, all are read and pondered!

For several years, the most frequent comment we've seen has been,'...I only wish it came every month.' We have weighed this encouragement seriously and feel that the time has come to respond by going monthly.

1985 will be a year of new beginnings for GEM. In addition to easing into monthly publication, we will be adding a new Question and Answer column written by Charles Wendel, who for most of you needs no introduction. Chuck is the highly regarded author of American Gasoline Engines Since 1872, The Encyclopedia of American Farm Tractors, and numerous other books in the gas engine field. We hope that Chuck will be able to answer most of your questions directly in his column, so please write to 'Questions and Answers', at Stemgas Publishing Company, PO Box 328, Lancaster, PA 17603.

Anna Mae Branyan, who has been on our staff since the magazine began, will continue to write her popular 'Soot in the Flues' in the Iron MenAlbum. We can't say enough about Anna Mae's devotion to Stemgas, and she will continue to work with us on special projects, as well.

Frequently, we are asked for articles more technical in nature, and I must urge those of you who are the experts to help us with this. Please send us your articles or advise us of potential authors who are technically adept but may need a 'nudge' to get writing!

Some of you have asked that we include fewer show reports. It will be our policy in the future, as it is currently, to try to use at least portions of all reports submitted and to seek information on new shows. When you send us a show report, try always to think of what you like to read about shows you don't attend. We feel that readers are interested in the unique qualities of your show and that they'd like to see pictures of the unusual engines that make your show different. We'll try to convey the essence of 'show pride'.

As we go to press, we are still working out the details of our new publishing schedule, but the following information should be firm:

All current subscribers will receive the number of issues for which they have paid, plus one extra issue before the subscriptions expire. (Thus, if you subscribed for a year of bi-monthly issues, you will receive seven issues before your subscription runs out.) Don't worry about updating your subscriptions now, you will receive notices in advance of the expirations.

Deadlines will change and will be published in each issue, so watch carefully for information about advertising. The deadline for the next issue, November 30, will not change. We will be sending information out to organizations in advance of the show season, so they will know which issues will best serve them.

There will be ten issues in 1985, and 12 beginning in 1986. Monthly issues begin after the March/April the first one will be May 1985.

Subscription rate will rise to $24.00 per year. The last subscription rate increase for GEM was over three years ago. In the years since then, our printing costs have gone up considerably, as we changed to better paper to get better reproduction of our pictures. There is a substantial second class postage increase coming in January. We are hoping to improve the magazine even further, with the addition of more color in some future issues.

We at Stemgas are excited about the growth of GEM, and we hope that our readers will be as well. We are grateful for the increase in advertising which has made it possible for us to consider monthly publication, and to keep our price increase to a minimum. We want all of our readers to realize that it is you who make the magazine what it is!