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RD 1, Box 85V Candor Rd., Bulger, PA 15019

I knew that he was a LIMITED EDITION, but I was unaware that the courtship that began twenty five years after our first meeting would mean my relearning the English that I had used successfully until that point.

DAVID: I can't believe that we have finally gotten together! Considering your experience over the years with antiques, we should have a great time! I have so much to show you. I have this GIBSON...

ME: Gee, I have a neighbor named Gibson, too.

DAVID: No, no, no, not a neighbor, a tractor. It's perfect and I really like it, but I have been watching the ads an thinking about adding an IROQUOIS, or possibly a BULLDOG.

Me: Do you really want a Bulldog? I think a cat is so much easier to care for. As for an Iroquois, those wooden cigar store indians are nearly impossible to find and expensive as the dickens.

DAVID: I hadn't given much thought to a CAT, but if you like CATERPILLAR, I guess we can look at one, forget the IROQUOIS.

ME: I said cat, not caterpillar, but it is sort of interesting to get one in the fall, and see by the color of the fur what the winter weather will be.

DAVID: You know, I'm really making an effort here. I thought you said you knew antiques.

ME: Well I do!

DAVID: OK. What do you know about a FAIRBANKS?

ME: Who? Douglas? or are you asking me about Alaska? I thought we were talking about antiques.

DAVID: I was. Look, there's an antique show coming up soon. We'll go, if you would like to; there will be a MAYTAG there,, a WHITE, a HART PARR, possibly a BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD; a parade, food booth, crafts too. The folks there are terrific. I have the GIBSON in the parade, by the way.

ME: Wonderful! It should be very interesting. I've never seen a parade with a tractor, a washing machine, and a sewing machine all in it together, but the people, food and crafts, I do understand. You are kidding me about the rock group, aren't you?

DAVID: Oh, Lord! Buffalo Springfield, NOT Springsteen.


ME: Oh David! That was so much fun! Do you do this often? What was the name again?

DAVID: I thought you might like it. The National Pike Gas, Steam & Horse Association; I joined a few years back, and enjoy it tremendously. I would be very happy if you would join with me. In addition to this one, there is something every month in GEM. . .

ME: Oh David! I don't need a gem every month! One ring is fine.


I did get a 'gem' from my 'limited edition'; I'm learning a whole new world of antiques, and, the GEM that arrives every month is a treasured, informative addition to our new/old life together.