Mrs. Shirley Houck

Mrs. Shirley Houck

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Mrs. Richard E. Houck, of Union Bridge, Maryland, found herself with a job as secretary that just sort of grew from nothing into quite an occupation.

She's the one with her address and telephone number in the annual Stem gas Steam & Gas Show Directory, for the antique engine and tractor show and crafts and flea market held each May by the Johnsville Ruritan Club, Inc.

'I take care of all the advertising and all the mailings,' she says. 'All the correspondence comes back to me .

'Richard is a Ruritan member. When we started this, probably 9 or 10 years ago, we did it by word of mouth, and got no response. So we started going to the different shows, talking to people and getting their addresses and I got stuck with it.'

She smiles as she says that, since she obviously is glad to help the project and keep it growing. When we suggested, in a telephone interview that she must be doing so good a job that the group would like her to keep it, she responded: 'As one guy said, 'You don't fire volunteers'.'

Mrs. Houck is also in charge of crafts and arrangements with flea market dealers, and helps prepare the food that is sold.

Her husband has one engine, a Fairbanks Morse 1922, which he bought near home, but has not yet fully restored it. The couple has two sons, Jeff and Gregg.

Ruritan is the name of a civic club. Those displaying engines come from the Maryland area, such as Westminster, as well as from Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.