'The Other Woman'

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218 Depot St., Rosholt, Wisconsin 54473

My husband and I are avid readers of GEM. I am submitting this story to help all the wives of Gas Engine Fanatics. Perhaps, like me, they cannot yet see that they too are helpless victims of a most contagious addiction.

The pain of admitting this, especially to my husband, is worse than having my credit card cut in two. I once referred to these machines as, 'The Other Woman', refusing to share even one square inch of my garage space with a heap of metal! But, now I see it was a lost battle from the start.

It all began when my husband brought home his first 6 HP Sparta. He was excited beyond words. It was his baby! I gave in to what I thought was just a whim, and allowed him this one joy. After all, I still had the situation under control (or so I thought). This was the beginning of my end.

My fall into this dark hole really started picking up speed when one day my husband walked into our house trembling. He had a glint in his eye and sweat beaded through his brow. Next came those words dreaded by all wives, 'You won't believe what I found!'

Similar to the mailman, I knew that this meant that neither rain, nor sleet, nor an angry wife could keep my husband from his mission! I decided my best defense was a strong offense. I joined him in this so-called adventure.

Believe me, tramping through the woods is nothing like fighting the crowds at moonlight madness! We finally spotted HIS pot of gold at the end of HIS rainbow. What happened next was most unexpected. As I watched my husband go tearing through the woods, I caught myself smiling. Before I realized it, I was running too! Not to the end of the rainbow, but back to the pickup.

The following events are still a bit blurry to me, but my husband swears to them. I eventually caught up to him, and started to click off rolls of film, like a madwoman at a clearance sale! These were supposed to be used for our daughter's Christmas program. I started to get quite worried and frantic over these unexplained actions. What was causing this irrational behavior?

Well, it's been a few years and I still have to fight my addiction every day. However, there are still times when I have a relapse. An example: instead of bringing out the family album to bore guests, I bring out the family Gas Engine Album!!!

In closing, I have just one more thing to say: 'Hi. My name is Sandy and my husband is a Gas Engine addict. And so am I!'