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The 'good 'of summertime' is really passing and I don't know how hot it is in your section of the country, but in this area, it really hasn't been very hot-- we had a very wet spring, then a dry spell and now again it's been raining for days--I rather expect though about the second week in September we'll get the hot summer days we were yearning for-- and by then the schools will be in full session again--and that's rough.

Busy summer here--highlights for Tommie--he learned to ride his two-wheeler bike without the training wheels--and he started piano lessons in the spring and is continuing (this was his idea to try piano--we think it's wonderful and hope he goes on with them). He is looking forward to going to the shore next week and he's had a lot of fun at the swimming pool and just playing with friends and he and nephew, Ryan, have a great time.--The two of them keep us all stepping!

Keli, 14, has been busy with Drill Team competitions and practices and had a few days at Cheerleading Camp (which was no easy matter--they really worked and practiced all day from 6:30 a.m. on--they found aching muscles they never knew existed). She will be spending a few days at Penn State next week with the Drill Team and the final competition. Other than that she lives at the swimming pool and by the telephone.

Don, now 17, has been working this summer with the Township doing different jobs as painting, ditch digging, garbage truck quite often--and when asked how business was, answered, 'Oh, picking up!' It's been good for him and he is showing he can be responsible, gets himself up and off to work and etc.--also helps the money situation. And now I must get on to the letters for this time.

ROBERT ENEVALD, Rt. 1, Box 494, Coloma, Michigan 49038 is very much interested in any information on a 'Bulls Eye' gas engine. These were built in Pennsylvania. At least, that is what Mr. Enevald says--I don't know. How about you gas zealous folks? Can you give Bob the needed data?

Some help wanted and some help given from FRED WRAIGHT, Veteran, Alberta, Canada. 'I wonder if any of your readers could tell me where to get motor parts for Rumely six cylinder model. I have noticed most stationary engines have trucks under them. I have seen only one in this district with wheels under it. Also, in your pictures the drip lubricators are all on engines. I have only one and cannot seem to find any more.

Maybe I can be of some help to the boys who are charging magnets. Wind No. 10 wire, 4 lbs. on each core, one opposite to the other. Place a heavy duty switch between battery and charger for safety. Mark your magnet before removing and if left from mag frame any length of time, place flat soft iron bar across ends. Suspend magnet on a string over charger with current turned on (6 volt) magnet will turn to correct poles. Flow current 2 or 3 minutes, then repeat flow 2 or 3 times. When removing magnet, disconnect battery and lift magnet up from charger. Do not slide from cores. Make sure your plates on top of cores are large enough that magnet ends are not over edge, as this will tend to curve your lines of force.

Do not blame all your trouble on weak magnets. Check end play on rotor and small carbon brushes. I find most trouble in mags is small cracks in insulation and under the collector rings.'

From DENNIS G. CLIFFORD, Maple Street, Granville, Massachusetts 01034 comes this communication: 'This is my first letter to G.E.M. I've been a subscriber for three years and enjoy your magazine very much. In regard to WHAT IS IT? on page 34 of March-April 1971, in the upper left corner, the engine looks just like my Witte. Mine is somewhat bigger. I don't know the hp of Mr. Hanson's, but mine is 6' x 8' and has about 30 inch flywheels and the name plate lists it as a 7 hp. I believe the color is a kelly green. Mine was repainted red and black, but there are traces of the green color under the red paint. Also, my engine has a cast babbitt main bearing. I am trying to locate a bearing for mine as I am restoring it to use on a sow rig. If anyone knows where I could find one, I would appreciate hearing from them.

DONALD WADE, R. 1, Neshkoro, Wisconsin 54960 writes:

Thank you very much for printing my pictures in your great magazine. The picture you inserted in your magazine for May--June 1970 brought letters from as far away as Kent, England as well as Virginia and California. The one from Virginia identified it as a Wiscono Pep Motor, made in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in 1924. The one from England identified it with a photograph of the same identical engine as a Lion, built in England in 1919.

I appreciate these letters and I answer them all. I am proud to belong to a large family of gas engine collectors from throughout the world. Also thanks for the picture of my 6 HP Novo in the November--December issue of Gas Engine Magazine.

L. J. WILLIAMS, R. R. 1, Ads-head Road, Ladysmith, B. C, Canada is looking for any available information on a 6 HP Galloway gas engine. On the name plate it has: 'The Galloway Mfd. by The Wm. Galloway Co., Waterloo, Iowa, U. S. A. No 34811 HP 6.' How about it Fellows--any help for L.J.?

D. McVITTIE of Box 508, Alliston, Ontario, Canada sends the following: 'This is from American Handbook of Useful Knowledge 1902 and I thought the GEM readers may be interested in it.--The largest stationary engine in the world is at the famous zinc mine at Friedensville, Pennsylvania known as the President. It can raise 17,500 gallons per minute. The drive wheels are 35 feet in diameter and weigh 40 tons each. The sweep rod is 40 feet long. The cylinder is 110 inches in diameter. The piston rod is 18 inches in diameter and it has a 10 feet stroke.' Does anyone know about this engine and by chance does it still exist? The article doesn't state whether it is steam, gas or kerosene.

JOHN DAVIDSON, Box 4, Bristol, Wisconsin 53104 needs information on an Eli, made by the Moline Pump Company. Me would like someone to lend him a catalog on the Eli. He has some catalogs he could lend from his collection. Write him if you are interested.

FRED GERTJE of Orofino, Idaho needs help, as he writes: 'I have a John Deere 1? HP gas engine that I need a magneto bar for as someone removed the bar from this engine before I got it. I also would like to know if anyone has an idea about how to get a stuck piston loose in a Fairbanks-Morse closed head Model Z engine.' Send answers to Fred and help a fellow gas enthusiast.

I must say good-by now til next time, but remember--Prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them.--Have fun the rest of the Reunion season--store up those memories for the winter.