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Courtesy of Smith's Gun Shop, 23 Pine St., Seneca Falls, N.Y. 13148

Smith's Gun Shop

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Gun Shop, 23 Pine St., Seneca Falls, N.Y. 13148

A friend handed me a copy of your magazine the other Day and I was very much impressed with it.

I am a retired Mechanic, Ex Garage man for 30 years, and Gun Smith.

Am 81 years old and going good for the Years.

I have a corner of my basement for a Shop and there I do Gun Repairs and small lathe work, also do some repairs on small Engines.

I was Born in the Country and lived there till I was 21, then I went to Seneca Falls and got a Job in the old Rumsey Pump Works where I served 4 years learning the Machinist trade. I retired from the Seneca Falls Machine Co. the Spring of 1958 and since then have worked at home.

I started on Gas Engines when I was about 15 years old. The first Engine that took my fancy was a 2 H.P. vertical International that neighbors got to run a power kitchen. You should have seen that Engine run a 30 inch Buzz Saw. I subscribed for a Magazine Called GAS Power, from that I learned the workings of the Gas Engine. I built an engine from scrap from the Junk yard. I had a photo of it running but it got lost when I moved to town. Will tell you more about it in another letter.

I could write a book on my experience with Gas Engines over the years. Stationary, Marine, Automobile, Engines, and I have Designed, Made patterns, and Machined the castings, and sold 2 sizes of Vertical engines. The first one I have given to the Seneca Falls Historical Society.

Am enclosing picture of Me with a power Cultivator I built to work Victory Garden during World War II. The drive wheel is from a wheel barrow. The Engine is a Briggs & Stratton that I bought in 1928 and am still using it on a power lawn Mower. More about that next time.

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