My Roller


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4814 Delematre Road Monroeville, Ohio 44847

The sign it carried through several parade routes this past summer read 'Old and Slow, But It Still Goes.'

While at the 1991 Marion Steam and Gas Show in Marion, Ohio, several of us were talking of an older fellow in Savannah, Ohio, who had at least 50 old tractors sitting in the weeds. I was told he sold out of just about everything but I had to confirm it for myself. Two days later my wife and I ventured over to this man's house. He was a very friendly gentleman who took ill and decided to sell out.

My timing was just right, as this was the last big piece he had left. After several hours of talking, he decided he would sell it to us, and the next week we were winching it on the trailer!

After spending the winter of '91 stripping, sandblasting, overhauling and other numerous tasks, we got it done for its debut at the 1992 Red Power Roundup in Marion, Ohio.

Special thanks to Bill Keller at Komatsu-Dresser Corporation for the reprints of sales literature and parts books. The official name of this unit as stated in the sales flyer is as follows: International Motor Roller Manufactured by the Gallon Iron Works and Manufacturing Company, Galion, Ohio U. S. A. (which is printed in seven inch letters on the side tarps).

The unit is a 1930 which sports the 10-20 McCormick Deering power unit. Its rolling width is 5 feet 3 inches wide, length 16 feet. It is equipped with an adjustable belly mounted planer blade and a nine-tooth scarifier on the back.

I traced it back to the original owner and talked to the employee who operated it. He is up in his late 80s but still wanted to know where I lived so he could come over and cut it up with a torch!

I have no record on how many were produced and what it cost new. I understand most of these machines were scrapped out during the metal drive of WWII. It definitely draws a lot of attention at the shows and parades. I could go into the lawn rolling business, but I am afraid of putting the local competition out of a job, so for now I will just 'Keep on Rolling.'