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Almost time again for the school bells to ring and the youngsters to go merrily on their way to school. My three are anxious to get back in the routine.

Before I run out of space, I would like to try to help a couple of our subscribers. Mr. Ronnie Maclntyre, R. R. 2, Finch, Ontario, Canada, has a 1918 Fordson tractor with 7 spokes on each rear wheel and he would like to find a 1916 with 6 spokes and 4 screen openings on each radiator side support. Any help would be appreciated.

Mr. George Null, Box 303, Henderson Road, Hampton, New Jersey 08827, would like to know if anyone can tell him where he could purchase a parts and service manual for a Wood Pecker engine 4 hp., 400 RPM Type KBB, S/N 7918. This engine was manufactured by Middletown Machine Co., Middletown, Ohio. He knows nothing about the background of the engine and any history or information would be deeply appreciated.

My husband and 1 attended the Stewartstown show and enjoyed it and now expect to go to Kinzer next week.

Hope they serve, those delicious ham sandwiches again.

I have been busy freezing corn and lima beans. Also canning tomatoes. Seems I can't win. Before I worked we didn't have much success with a garden and I had time to spare, but now since my husband retired and can take care of the garden properly, I have to stretch the hours in a day to give at least some time to each of my many chores.

At times I start worrying about not being able to get everything done, I presume we all get to that point now and then. Well here is a bit of good news to anyone, or all of those who do worry. You might as well just do what you can and let the rest go, ten years from now, and in many cases much sooner, no one will know the difference, whether everything was done or not, so from here on out I'll do no more worrying or at least try not to.

This summer we have had a great deal of hot and humid weather, and far more rain than in any of the past eight summers; that's what made everything grow much better than it did in past years; everything that grows looks so much nicer for it; the fall flowers are beginning to show up, and there will be plenty of them.

Fall is a beautiful and colorful season and usually delightful weather. There is only one drawback, after it comes winter, and I do have my fears about driving on snowy roads and being snowbound, but it's the same thing again, so far 1 always have made it, so why worry.

This could go on forever but you could get tired of it too, so for this time perhaps I'd better say, so long and quit worrying.