10 Hp. Type M, I.H.C'

Courtesy of Elmer Klein, R.R. I, Lacon, Illinois 61540

Elmer Klein

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R.R. I Lacon, Illinois

I finally got around to writing a few lines. I enjoy all of the stories and letters from gas engine fellows, like myself.

My father had a 4 Hp. Waterloo Boy on a line shaft when I was about 4 years old, and as far back as I can remember. I am an 1918 model myself.

The line shaft was about 40 feet long and ran a double tub washing machine, emery wheel and pump jack. We had a 40 barrel tank and it got good and full on washday.

The old Waterloo Boy gave out and Dad got a 4 Hp. throttle governor Worthington. The Worthington did not work very well. We had a sale and quit farming for about three years.

The man that bought the gas engine on the sale found out what was the matter with it. Someone put a marble in the mixer-anyhow we boys got blamed for it.

We started to farm again and Dad bought a 1? Hp. Worthington, hit and mist engine. We used it to pump water. I would like to see all the water in a lake it has pumped. It was a used engine then when we got it. It was used on six different wells, two were deep ones. I put new rings in it one time and it was the first engine I worked on-thought I really did something.

One day when Dad was gone threshing, my brother and I put a seeder wheel on an old buggy and a jack shaft for a flat belt--you guessed it! We put the gas engine on it and had ropes tied on the front to guide it. The rig was not to successful as it wanted to pull to one side all the time.

When we sold out and my Dad went to town, he gave the old engine to me. It would not have brought $5.00 at that time. It set around in the shed for about 10 years and I used it to mix cement a couple of times. Then I started to go to some threshing shows and I got the gas engine fever.

I have 21 now, have restored the old Worthington and a 1? Hp., 3Hp., 6Hp., John Deere, 7Hp. Jumbo, 3 Hp. Fairbanks 1? Hp. 1HC Type M, 3 Hp. Type M, 6 Hp. Type M, 10 Hp. Type M, 5 Hp. Lauson Frost King, 3Hp. Stover, 1? Hp. Sandwich Sandwich, 7 Hp. Witte, made into a tractor. I have an old Fairbanks Morse, serial No. 98612. Some have told me it is a type H, but the type no. is not on it, only the Hp. and patent numbers.

Maybe Mr. T. H. Krueger at San Antonio, Texas would be interested in the patent numbers as follows: 2 Hp. Serial No. 98612, pat. April 5, 1892, June 21, 1892, July 2, 1895 and May 21, 1907. ' The engine has the original paint and it is red.

My 1? Hp., 3 Hp. and 6 Hp. John Deere gas engines on trailer in show at Rockford 1966.

My wife, Lorina, and I and 10 Hp. Type M, I.H.C. at Ronald Millers Show in 1965.