Future Iron Nut is Born


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775 Roads town Road, Bridgeton, New Jersey 08302

It all started about four years ago, when my husband decided he wanted 'an' engine to take to the shows that he had been going to as a spectator.

The engine he bought was a restored Hercules, which he enjoyed taking to all the local shows. About six months later, he wanted an engine to 'restore,' and also take to the local shows.

He soon found his rusty, greasy, engine that he was looking for, but to my surprise our son, then four, also took a likin' to this ugly piece of iron.

Father and son worked evenings and weekends on this ugly thing for the biggest part of the winter. It's amazing just how much gunk can be removed from one engine, and find its way to nearly the entire body of a four-year-old.

One evening I was called to the garage to 'take a look.' To my surprise there sat a Stover 4 HP engine, in all its glory, looking like it was just bought, back in 1927.

Since that time our son has somehow managed to talk his father into getting him his OWN engine, which was purchased in the spring of 1998. A 1924 Jaeger (he liked the color). My son, who is now eight, is looking for another rusty engine to add to HIS collection, for him and his father to restore. He doesn't know what type he is looking for, but he will know it when he sees it.

Oh, that 'one' engine that my husband wanted? It has somehow grown to nine and father and son are working on a Cushman binder engine as I type. They are still 'looking' for other rusty, greasy, engines to restore together.

For the moms that think the 'rust bug' only bites the old, beware, it attacks all ages! But what better way to spend those early years than out in the barn with your father.

Don't worry, Mom will get the dirt off.