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Anna Mae shares recent gas engine magazine and farm life news with readers, including information on Elmer's health and an easy cake recipe.

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Anna Mae shares farm life news.


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Well, it's deadline time again and the time limit is coming up fast — and here I sit pondering what to say to you good people in my column this time. I like talking to you folks, but sometimes it is very difficult to find what to say that I think will be of interest to you family members of the GEM. I certainly don't want to bore you, but let's face it, I really don't know too much about the gas hobby other than getting what I can out of it from your articles and pictures. But one thing about it, if you're interested in G.E.M., then I'm interested in you.

Here's the latest Gas Engine Magazine and farm life news. I'm out at Elmer's house right now, as I came out to help him with his column and article — oh, the wording is all his, but I typed it for him to go to the printers. Elmer has been confined in a lot of his activities at the present through his recent illness and as you'll see in his column — he has had several slight strokes and his left side has been afflicted. We're all very hopeful though for his recovery and his spirits are high which is half the battle. Elmer has always had a wonderful philosophy of life and as he signs some of his cards to me when he's away "From the Old Buzzard" — I wouldn't say that in any way but a kindly one — but I always think of a buzzard as being tough and he is tough, so I'm sure he'll lick this battle. He'd be happy to hear from the G.E.M. family.

Right now in our vicinity everything is all white as we have just had a big snow and are really just digging out, but there is already another storm on the way, so we'll have to get these articles finished and make tracks to the printer's before we'll be going by dog-sled. Really, it's not that bad around here yet, but I guess it could be if we keep getting it like the middle states have gotten the "white stuff".

I used to put recipes in my column and I think I'll start again. Here is one for a quick cake. This is the kind you put in the long layer pans.

Quick Cake Recipe

1 box of yellow cake mix
1 box of instant vanilla pudding
4 eggs
3/4 cup oil
3/4 cup water

Just mix it all together and bake as directed on the cake mix box. Remove from oven and wait ten minutes. Then prick the top of cake all over with fork and pour over this glaze:

Mix 1/2 cup orange juice, 2 cups 10X sugar and 1 tablespoon of melted butter. 

This will look awful thin but it works out fine. Pour it over the cake and it runs down into all the holes you have made. That's all there is to it. It is delicious.

I must tell you before closing we were fortunate enough to get a trip into Bangor to see our son and wife and the new little grandchild. She is a little doll and what a thrill to hold her — now I feel like her Grandma. We visited them on January 2 and the baby was just one month old — we had a three hour visit and had our Christmas exchange and our whole family was able to go and also Dana's boyfriend, Bob, who is like one of our family and then Grandma Branyan went along also. One of our nicer moments of the New Year.

Meant to tell you good folks I had a nice long visit by phone with Joe Fahnestock last month — he called and we really had a nice chat. Joe sends us those wonderful columns and pictures for the Spark Plug of the Month. And in Iron-Men Album Magazine — he has the column Iron Man of the Month. Joe is a whiz with words and his columns show his command of the English language. He also takes and produces all the pictures he sends in - and they are always good. In talking with Joe, I found out that he has a hobby of collecting clocks — I told him he ought to send us an article on himself and a picture for though I feel I know him as many of you folks probably feel so to — I've never seen him. I'm sure he's a nice fellow with whom to be acquainted. Enjoyed our chat Joe and who knows maybe someday we'll sit down over a cup of coffee and continue our little talk.

Well, that will be it for this time and in closing remember: It does not do you any good to sit up and take notice, if you just keep sitting. Life is like a game of tennis; the one who serves seldom loses. The best inheritance parents can leave a child is a good name. It's not a shame having just one talent; the shame is in not using it.

May you be enriched with the lenten season, and have a joyous Easter!