ENGLISH Plea For Help

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Joseph L. Thomas of 5 Minett Avenue, Rushwick, Worcester, England WR2 5TQ recently sent this inquiry. Hopefully, someone will be able to assist his club in their restoration effort.

I seek the help of you and your readers most seriously. Always on the look out for something in our hobby that is rare or unusual, I purchased six months ago a tractor that seems to be unique in England.

It was new to the U.S. Air Force Strategic Air Command in 1941 at a base near Royston, Hartfordshire.

The first impression is that it is an International or McCormick W-6 but it is not.

It is a road haulage or industrial version of the W-6 namely an I-6 Makers No. I-BK3740.

Yet it is not even an I-6 because it has a transverse leaf spring behind the front axle, it has a 5th forward gear giving 40 not 20 MPH and has hydraulic, not rod brakes with a band brake between clutch and gearbox.

The master brake cylinder is missing and the two wheel slave cylinders are rusted up and one is cracked.

They are shaped like one's hand only round with the thumb going off at an equivalent angle. The main short cylinder (the thick one has a piston 1 inches in diameter) and the longer but smaller cylinder of each of these slave cylinders is approximately ' diameter inside.

The master cylinder I also need must have been large to contain enough liquid to operate these four cylinders.

Cast into these are the words WAGNER LOCKHEED. The one has 6020 stamped into a ground flat part of cylinder and the other one F.D. 6021 cast into the metal.

I need the master and both slave cylinders urgently.

The tractor was purchased by me for our members to restore and exhibit at rallies, but at the moment it looks as though I may have wasted several hundred pounds of my own money unless your readers can help me. All the rest of the tractor is OK, it's been sandblasted and resprayed, and is mechanically very good for its age.

Please try and help me obtain these parts, they are not available or anything like them in England at all. All letters will be answered and postages refunded whatever they are.