Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association, Inc.

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3510 Brooklake Rd. N.E., Brooks, Oregon 97303

A Message From The President

Before I continue the history of EDGE&TA in this month's column, let me correct some wrong information that's circulating. I reported earlier that a Case steam car was coming from Australia to attend this year's Case Heritage Expo at Brooks, Oregon. It seems that no one knows of a Case steam car anywhere, and the car in question is a 1924 Model X Case Roadster from Ohio. The only Case Roadster operating in North America, it was formerly in the famous Bill Harrah Collection in Las Vegas. This car will be at the Expo. With that cleared up, on with the column!

In 1973 another change was made in EDGE&TA leadership: Ron Wetter, Minnesota, became president; Myron Achterhof, vice-president; and Lawrence Michelson director for the east.

In 1976 a complete change in leadership occurred. Installed as officers: Lou Chapo, California, president; Jack Versteeg, Oregon, vice-president; Harvey Hilands, Oregon, secretary-treasurer; Del Seuser, Kansas, director west and George W. Grimsley, director east. In 1977 Emil Gloor was installed as director for the east.

1979 saw another change. Jack Versteeg became president, Del Seuser vice-president, and Ted Brookover, Branch 19, director of west. In 1981 Les Layton, Branch 15, was elected director west.

1986 saw Menno L. Kliewer, California being elected to the office of secretary-treasurer. In 1988 Bill Neatherlin, Branch 13, was elected president. In 1989 Jack Versteeg, Branch 15, was re-elected president. Don Esch, Branch 10, was installed as director for the east.

We want to mention Emil Gloor, of Branch 5. On 3rd December 1989 he and members of Branch 5 celebrated his 80th birthday. Emil's been active for a long time, having held office on the Branch and National levels for many years. Congratulations on a job well done.

No slight intended in not mentioning the names of all those who've contributed to the well being of the organization; they are many.

We've started our fourth decade and hope the next forty years will be rewarding and fruitful. With strong leaders and active members, EDGE&TA will continue to grow.

In the past few months we have been asked to come up with a solution to the problem of 'how can we get the scrap iron men to save back some of that nice old rusty stuff that they get in?' We have over the years driven into many a scrap yard and asked about the old engines that they sometimes get, 'Will you save them for me?' The usual answer is that it is just so much iron. Some dealers are attuned to our requests and will save that rust, but most won't. We've found that if you offer twice the present scrap price, they Sometimes will listen. The best solution is to go to their yard a couple of times a week and just scrounge around. For the most part they will let you do this, but don't get hurt or bother them. Just find your trinket and pay the price. Good Hunting!

Next month, EDGE&TA National Vice President Del Seuser takes over authorship of this column.