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704 S. 6th St., Goshen, Indiana 46526.

Hams 'Gas' to each other about Gas Engines

As I promised in the article in the March-April issue of GEM, I have tried to compile a list and answer all replies. This is my first attempt at such an endeavor, so if I make mistakes, bear with me. Actually, the replies have been gratifying. So that everyone may have all the information, I will mimeograph enough sheets for all. Rather than try to set up schedules with everyone, or try to start a net, I will pass along all the information that I have received and let you as individuals contact each other.

Wesley B. Hammond - K2GS0, York Rd., Leicester, New York 14481 -Occupation, school teacher. Can work most bands SSB. Has had a couple of articles in past issues of GEM on a marine engine that he found.

Donald D. Brink W3FZE, 101 S. Madison St., Colonial Park, Harrisburs, Pa. 17109 - Retired, has been on the air about 40 years. Can probably arrange a schedule on 20 meter SSB. Has been collecting engines for about 10 years.

J. L. Pugh - W8GKI, Bellefontaine, Ohio 43311 - 'Nellie' didn't send me too much information other than he has a WRL rig and a DuoBander 84.

Ralph G. Altenweg - WA?IRE, Rt. 6, Box 99, Anoka, Minnesota 55303 -Ralph has a number of engines, more don't run than do. But I think one day it will be the other way around. At the time he wrote me, he could only operate 40 meter fone, but expected to have other antennas up for the rest of the bands.

Leonard Pettinger - W?MGS, Stein-auer, Nebraska 68441 -- Leonard didn't advise me too much of his on-the-air activities but did mention he had an oilpull tractor 20-40.

Howard W. Wagenblast - K3NUQ, Rt. 4, Box 158, Greensburg, Pennsylvania 15601 -- 'Wag' is working only 10 meters at present. He sent quite an impressive list of engines he owns, too long to mention here. If you contact him, I'm sure he will be glad to tell you about them.

H. W. 'Walt' Jennings - W9NW0, Box 133, Farmington, Illinois 61531 -- Walt is retired and informs me that he works 5 bands, AM and CW. He also informs me that he is building a 1' scale locomotive. At the time he wrote, he said that he expected to have the locomotive operating in June. Should be making steam by now.

Owen W. Hawkins, Jr. - WB4DKE, 2403 Dumbarton Rd., Richmond, Virginia 23228 -- Owen is 27 years old and works for AT & T at Richmond. He has several gas engines and is currently restoring a '31 Model A. Likes ragchewing and works principally 10, 15 and 20 meters. Would like to talk to others who share our hobbies.

Ellis Birkey - K9EVJ, Box 631, Fisher, Illinois 61843 -- Ellis has several engines and recently built a 'homebrew' ? HP engine. Weighs about 65 pounds, must be an impressive engine. Is on 75 most every evening on Missouri SSB net. Also operates with the call W0LNO from Lake of the Woods, Osage Beach, Missouri, during the summer. Ellis didn't say, but I wonder if he is also retired?

A. I. Clipperton - W?LSX, Rt, 2, Butterfield, Minnesota 56120 - Not too much information here. Works mostly 80 CW and expects to operate on 40 CW. Would be interested in a schedule.

Randy Schwerin - WN?CEM, Rt. 2, Sumner, Iowa 50674 -- Randy is, I believe, one of our youngest Ham/Gas Engine enthusiasts. By the time you read this, he may have dropped the N out of his call. At this time, he has several engines and, if the gas engines don't carry him away, he may be looking for schedules before long. Good luck, Randy.

Del B. Stifle - W9BGF, 637 North Market St., Paxton, Illinois 60957 - Del also has several engines. At present, operates 75 meter SSB. Can be found Sunday mornings at 11:00 A.M. CDST. Hopes to be on other bands soon. He is planning on going to Tri-State Show at Portland, Indiana the latter part1 of August. Since I am also planning on going, probably we will get to meet.

And last: me-George Kasdorf, Sr. -W9FSA, 704 So. 6th St., Goshen, Indiana 46526 - I can operate most bands. Prefer SSB or RTTY. I can be on most evenings, unless something comes up. I have a few engines, some of them restored, and some will require work. My biggest is 5 HP Sattley. It has a broken piston and connecting rod. It will be some time before I get it running.

Guess we all have one thing in common - we all read GEM - the finest engine magazine available to engine enthusiasts. I don't know if they would or could print all of this, so that is why I am sending each of you this list.

Lots of DX and Happy Engine Hunting. Thanks to all of you for your cooperation.

(We could and did print all of this -- I think it is quite interesting - just think, since George's letter was in my column in Mar.-Apr. issue he has had contact with 12 other fellows with same interests.-great--Anna Mae)