Babbitt Bearings

A Rod Boring Machine

This is a rod boring machine, boring a John Deere connecting rod.

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West Virginia Sent to us by Bob StalnakerRoute l, Box 63 States Mill, West Virginia 25279

This is a story about Babbitt bearings. In my travels about the country, mostly on the East Coast, I try to take in as any engine shows as possible.

A lot of people that I meet talk about restoring these wonderful old gas engines, and how parts and services are getting harder to come by.

One of the questions frequently asked is, where you can find someone who will pour Babbitt bearings or have a large bearing made. I did find one place that will pour bearings in anything from a corn Sheller bearing up to a large Reid oil field engine.

Roberts Bearing Service, located near Ripley, West Virginia, is dedicated to the antique power field. A two-man shop located in Jackson County on a small paved country road, they will do bearing work on all types of machinery, such as steam engines, pumps, gas engines, compressors, saw mandrels or just about anything that used antique power.

They are also working on a small foundry, so they can cast rod and main bearing caps and other parts for our toys.

If anyone out there has a bearing problem, I am sure these guys can help. Here is the address of the shop: Roberts Bearing Service, Ripley, West Virginia 25279.

The owner says that he likes to talk about engines all the time, so give him a call at 304-372-4136. He'll be glad to hear from you.