Lucian Downing

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R.D. 2, Fombell, Pennsylvania 16123

Lucian Downing, a master woodworker by trade, carefully turns out hammer handles on his lathe. Notice his special hammer with spiraled handle designed for 'crooked carpenters,' as he puts it!

The bright sunshine and spacious blue skies over Portersville, Pennsylvania was the central theme for a beautiful 17th annual 'Antique Power Show' on August 2, 3, 4, 1979. This was the largest and most successful show in the history of the Northwestern Pennsylvania Steam Engine & Old Equipment Association. Picture perfect weather, thousands of smiling visitors, and a great variety of displays and attractions added to the 'spice of Portersville life!'

An emphasis of the club to feature new and unusual equipment and items for the '79' show paid off well in many ways. Not only did members 'dig out' and present more of their own collections, but also encouraged new exhibitors to compliment the show with their treasures, too. The results were cherished new friendships, acquaintances, and premier exhibits. A most satisfying sign was the marked increase in pre-teen and teenage helpers and exhibitors. We really appreciated them.

An excellent restoration of Dick Winter's rare model 62 John Deere attracts much attention. It is believed that only 79 of these early model 'L' prototypes were made. Dick's tractor has serial number 621-006 on its original brass tag. The 2 cylinder engine has a 3' bore. The large JD cast on the front makes it unique.

International model K-5 flatbed truck

Paul Cooper, age 7, smiles his approval of showground rides on his father's newly restored 1941 International model K-5 flatbed truck. Numerous kids 'hopped a ride' as it made its rounds.

Although the shady, rolling showgrounds of Portersville totals approximately 16 acres, there was  room to comfortably demonstrate over 200 gas engines, 50 old tractors, 30 antique autos, and a large assortment of unique farm equipment. Of course a good variety of steam power featured well drilling, threshing, baling, sawmilling and road working. The gas and steam powered railroads gave countless free rides to 'kids' of all ages, while 'mule power' operated a newly restored sweep hay press nearby.

An antique tractor pull was held for the first time this year on two successive nights. It met with great enthusiasm. Participants and spectators alike had much fun with the 'old iron!' Pony and garden tractor pulling were again popular events. Quilting, crafts, collections, flea markets, parades, and square dancing added nicely to everyone's interest and enjoyment.

While the Portersville show may not be the largest around in size, we like to think that it is one of the friendliest and most interesting shows. And of course, it could not be that way without the help and patronage of so many of you fine folks out there! We hope to see you at our 1980 show.