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27/9/9 Questions and Answers Q. R. A. C. Johnson, 37 Cedar Avenue, Naracoorte, South Australia 5217 sends along an interesting letter. First, he refers to 27/1/4B, and notes that this 'rolling machine' was common in the home laundries throughout Australia up to about 1960. It is called a mangle. Regarding the sickle grinder of 26/8/1, Mr. Johnson sends along a photo of his unit, and it is shown as 27/9/9A. Then 26/7/48C illustrates an, unidentified engine. Mr. Johnson sends along a photo of a similar engine about 1912 vintage.

A. Mr. Johnson's query concerns photo 27/9/9C of an unidentified drilling machine. This one we can identify. These machines were used in drilling the holes for mortised and pegged construction as used in old barns and the like. They appear fairly often in the U. S., but like most other antique tools, they usually are fairly expensive on the auction block.

27/9/10 Marseille Corn Sheller Q. I have a Marseille 'Favorite' hand corn sheller with a cob carrier, made sometime around 1900. Most of the wood was rotten, so I restored it to original condition. Can anyone supply a photo of this sheller illustrating the proper color scheme, the lettering, and the striping? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Charles Durham, 2930 Butternut Rd. SE, Brainerd, Minnesota 56401.

A. We've seen these shellers at some of the shows, and perhaps you might come across one this year. However, it's also possible that another Marseille owner might furnish a photo or two.

27/9/11 La Cie des Moulins Q. See the two photos of an engine for which I seek information. The nameplate reads: Manufacture Pour La Cie Des Moulins et Pompes Omega Ltee, St. Hyacinthe, Quebec. Can anyone advise the horsepower, year built, and any other information on this motor? It has 3? * 5 inch bore and stroke. Grant R. Sander, The Old Firehall, 12 Albert Street West, Thorold, Ontario L2V 2E9 Canada.

A. Can anyone be of help?

27/9/12 Novo four-cylinder model Q. Did Novo build a marine engine? At the Marine Heritage Center in Seattle, Washington they are restoring a launch in their boat repair shop. Donated with the launch was an engine that may be the original one. It is a four-cylinder, L-head Novo with the cylinders cast in pairs. The nameplate indicates that the engine has a 3? inch bore. It had an electric starter and magneto ignition. Any information will be appreciated. Max F. Homfield, 7964 Oakwood Park Ct., St. Michaels, Maryland 21663.

27/9/13 Simplicity Engine Q. I have a Simplicity engine, s/n J2133. Any information would be appreciated, such as HP rating, year built, and the proper color. Dave Dencer, 7710 SE Alt-man Rd., Gresham, Oregon 97080.

A. In order to provide any idea of the size, we'll need to know the bore and stroke of the engine.

27/9/14 Sears or Briggs? Q. I have a small kick-start upright engine, probably about 2 HP. It has a Sears instruction plate with Part No. 500.95461, sin 795069. Sears no longer lists this part number. The only cast marking on the block is X-21. The engine has remnants of a Briggs & Stratton decal on the fan housing, but I can find no matchup with Dempsey's book on repairing B & S engines. Can anyone tell me more about this engine, or let me know roughly when it was made, and where I can get carburetor and governor information? Bill deProsse, 4713 Curletto Drive, Concord, California 94521.

A. Please give Bill a hand, if possible.

27/9/15 Jacobsen Engine Q. See the photo of a Jacobsen engine off a 4-Acre lawn mower. It is two-cycle, and runs very well. I estimate it was built sometime in the 1920s. I would like to know more about the engine, including horsepower, rated speed, etc. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Harold Burkholder, 215 W. Bank St., Bridgewater, Virginia 22812.

A. Is there anyone familiar with this engine?

27/9/16 Thanks! Don Siefker, 705 W. Annie Dr., Muncie, Indiana 47303 sends along some articles from the February 26,1992 issue of the New York Times. The articles have to do with the development of the diesel engines, and with natural-gas locomotives using coal for their fuel. Apparently, Cooper-Bessemer is building a prototype engine using powdered coal. Fortunately, our technology has improved since Diesel's time. When he tried powdered coal, the force of the detonation blew up the engine, nearly wrecked the building, and almost killed the inventor!

27/9/17 Fairbanks-Morse ZC Engine Art England, 204-216th SW, Bothel, Washington 98021 writes that he has acquired a 15 HP Fairbanks-Morse ZC engine, radiator cooled, but missing a lot of parts. Can anyone help him out on dimensions etc.? We'll appreciate it, and Art will be especially happy!

27/9/18 Shaw Du-All Robert D. Lawrence, 13405 First Ave., SW, Seattle, Washington 98146 needs information on a Shaw Du-All, Model R-7A. If you can be of help, please contact Mr. Lawrence at the above address.

27/9/19 P-T Motor Q. Recently I acquired a P-T motor [American Gas Engines, page 375 ]. Mine is slightly different than the one shown, and lacks the 'P-T Motor'' cast on either side, and has a unique design of pulley which is for the common round belts used on many early bicycle attachments. Could mine be newer than the 1900 model pictured in the above book? Or was P-T bought out by someone else, and the engine slightly redesigned?

The bore and stroke is 2.070x2.6lO; the heads of the valves are 0.580 inches in diameter. See photos 19-A and 19-B of this little engine. Robert Winters, 422 Harwicke Rd., Springfield, Pennsylvania 19046.

A. First of all, our thanks to Mr. Winters, for a most interesting letter, and some excellent photocopy material for our files. It is greatly appreciated.

We know absolutely nothing more on P-T than what we were able to acquire for the engine book. Has anyone ever seen any information on this company? If you can help this gentleman in any way, kindly do so.

27/9/20 Doyle Engine? Q. See the photo of a two-cycle engine I re' moved from a reel-type Lawn Boy mower about 25 or 30 years ago. It looks like the Doyle engine pictured on page 4 of the February 1992 is-sue of GEM (27/2/8). Any information on this engine would be greatly appreciated. Julius W. Pack, 1107 No. C St., Arkansas City, Kansas 67005.

27/9/21 Mogul Jr. Problems Q. See the photos of an IHC Mogul Junior engine. As you can see, the whole ignition mechanism is missing. Could you put me in contact with anyone knowing about the ignition system, dimensions, etc. Thanking you . . . Izaak Koole, 6 Bloomsdale Place, Christchurch, New Zealand.

A. Now here's an engine that's scarce all over, but especially in New Zealand, so if anyone can help, please do so.