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Maytag Lubricating Oils

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As we've noted in previous issues, a search of the Patent Office Gazette has revealed numerous gas engine trademark designs. In some instances, it's nice to find a reasonable facsimile of the trademark. Sometimes though, the last line of the published mark is the most significant . . . the line that says, 'Claims use since XXXX.' One such mark is shown in Figure 1, of the Maytag Lubricating Oils. Although it was used since 1915, the application to register the mark was not made until 1947.

Figure 2 is the mark for the Kardell Utility tractor, with first use claimed in 1918. Figure 3, for the Webster magneto, shows first use in 1909, and Figure 4 shows the Jack of All Trades mark first used in 1899. Figure 5 is a new one for us, it being the Globe engine of Pennsylvania Iron Works Company, and Figure 6 is the mark for the Aerothrust Engine Company.

In Figure 7 we have the Clip-Mor power mowers from Frank Held Tractor Co., showing first use in 1923. Figure 8 shows the Dorcas Sewing Machine and the Blue Ribbon engine, both from Spotless Company, Inc. Figure 9 is the famous Stover trademark, and Figure 10 is the famous Sattley engine trademark. The Maniscalco New Power System Co. filed for their mark in Figure 11, and the Novo ROLLR engine mark of Figure 12 claims first use on May 1, 1927.

We have hundreds of additional engine trademarks, and they will be published either within a separate book title, or within this column. However, by being able to demonstrate the first use of a certain trademark, it enables collectors to establish the probable earliest date when a certain engine or tractor was built. With a great many companies, even this meager information is a step forward from what now exists, which is virtually nothing!

Ye Olde Reflector is also happy to announce that within the next few months, serious work will begin on an entirely new history of farm tractors. This new title will be without a doubt the largest and most comprehensive history of tractors ever assembled. It will include farm tractors from their beginnings up to recent times, steam traction engines, and garden tractors. Those who have material to loan for this project, or those with suggestions regarding this new title, are urged to contact the Reflector, C. H. Wendel, P.O. Box 257, Amana, Iowa 52203.

Preliminary work is under way regarding a possible GAS ENGINE MAGAZINE TOUR to Germany and other countries sometime in 1995. We'll keep you apprised of details as they come together.

A final note for this month ... many of you know that ye olde Reflector is an avid letterpress printer. In the past, we've told you of the Linotype machine, which we think is one of the great mechanical wonders of the world. In June 1995 we'll be hosting the prestigious Amalgamated Printers Association Convention here in Iowa's Amana Colonies. To that end, we're trying to further improve our holdings of early type faces those fancy ones that were used decades ago. Should anyone have any of this material or know of something, kindly let us know, and while you're at it, if anyone has photographs of a gas engine running a printing press or other printing machinery, we would love to borrow the photos to use in the magazine. (If we acquire some old-time type faces, we might even be able to convince the editors over at GEM to let us set some headings for them to be used within the magazine!)

At this time of year, every engine collector we know is busy with engines too busy to be writing letters for the column. Although this makes it harder for us to build a column, we certainly do understand, especially since we know that the new 'finds' of the season will bring a host of new inquiries. We don't have a large number of calls this month, but here goes:

29/10/1 Maytag Colors Q. I'm writing in regard to the proper color scheme for a Maytag FY-ED4 engine. Please advise. Larry J. Campbell, Box 256, Viola, IL 61486.

A. There are a number of variations in the Maytag color scheme, so we would suggest looking on page 75 of Wendel's Notebook for detailed information on the Maytag paint colors.  

29/10/2 Galloway Saw Rig Q. See the photo of a 7 HP Galloway saw rig, s/n 45964. It has been in my family for at least sixty years. Please advise the proper colors and the striping scheme for this engine. Also, can anyone advise regarding the age of this engine? John H. Cullom Jr., 1606 Exeter Rd., Westminster, MD 21157.

A. We have DuPont 8554 Red listed as a comparable match for this engine. The striping is a deep yellow, but the scheme varied greatly over the years. Some of the illustrations in American Gas Engines might be of help. There are no existing serial number listings for the Galloway engines.  

29/10/3 Information Needed Q. Can anyone supply information on the following engines? The engine shown in 29/10/3A and 3B is possibly a 'Victor made in France, but the crankcase cover/nameplate, and the original mixer are missing. The engine of 29/10/3C is possibly a Simplex bicycle engine; it is two-cycle, and uses an Eisemann magneto. The engine shown in 3D and 3E is an E. H. Wachs steam engine, No. 9428. Does anyone have any information on this engine? Also what is the correct color for a Witte engine? Robert Polk, 603 E. Coronado Way, Pay son, AZ 85541.

A. We're told that the Witte closely corresponds with PPG 40952 Forest Green. Can anyone be of help on the engines shown here?

29/10/4 Sandwich Cub Q. I have a Sandwich Cub, s/n AA27420, and would like to know the year built and the paint color. Also would like to hear from someone having a parts engine. Kent Zobel, Rt 1, Box 35A, Monroe, NE 68647.

A. We've never been sure whether the Sandwich Cub was comparable to PPG 43839 as used on the Sandwich engines, or whether the last of them were New Idea Green, after the latter bought out Sandwich. Can anyone clarify this?  

29/10/5 Bean Engine Q. See the photos of my 2 HP sprayer engine, s/n 6304. The engine tag states, 'Manuf. by Bean Spray Pump Co.' The engine was obviously Hildreth or Novo-built. Can anyone supply any information? Bob Ellman, 15729 Jeffrey Ave No. Hugo, MN 55038.

A. Yours has to be one of the earliest instances we've seen of the Bean Spray Pump engines. Possibly, Bean built it under license from Novo, especially since it has the 'Manufactured By' notation on the nameplate. Can anyone shed further light on this matter?  

29/10/6 John Deere Engines Q. Please see the two photos of Deere Type E engines. No. 339822 was imported from Minnesota in 1988, and 235458 was purchased from a local retired farmer. I was surprised to find that a 1923 (first year built) Type E ever made its way to New Zealand, as this engine is quite rare here.

I would invite readers with John Deere E engines to submit me a copy of the restoration story, along with a photo of their engine. Many books over the years have been devoted to John Deere tractors, but I hardly ever see a mention of their stationary engines . Peater Meacheam, C1 - Post agent, Sanson 5450 Manawatu, New Zealand.

29/10/7 Massey-Harris Tractors Q. Can anyone tell me the correct colors for a 1952 Massey-Harris tractor? Dick Olson, 29023 SE Preston Way, Issaquah, WA 98027.

A. The red is NAPA 90R-3743 and the yellow is 90T-3744.

29/10/8 David Bradley Q. I have a David Bradley tractor, Model No. 917.5751, Series 127. I also have a Lodge & Shipley one-wheel cultivator. The model number is faded, but it looks like Model B, s/n 29240 with a Clinton engine. Also, I have a Fairbanks-Morse Z, Style D and would like to know the correct color. Greg Lasher, 1239 Simmons Lane, Novato, CA 94945.

A. We have NAPA 90R3724 Green and NAPA 90R3725 listed as the comparable colors for the David Bradley; no information on the Lodge and Shipley; and PPG 43846 listed for the Fairbanks-Morse.  

29/10/9 Unidentified Engine Q. Can anyone help identify the engine in the two photos? The only markings are: 9099; 12 HP. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Fred Kengeter, 205 Walton Heath Dr., Atlantis, FL 33462.

29/10/10 Model L IHC Engine Q. Does anyone have any information on the Model L IHC engine that was built only for one year? Would like to hear from other owners as I need some drawings to make some parts, also need instructions and other information. Ben J. Kinsinger, Box 234A, Meyersdale, PA 15552.  

29/10/11 Devere-Locke Garden Tractor Q. Sending along photos of a Devere-Locke garden tractor and mower, built in Racine, Wisconsin, between 1964 and 1969. The tractor is a Model 1000, s/n 166160. The deck is a Model 38 with two blades that are gear driven. Any information on this tractor, including the OEM engine used, would be appreciated. Herbert E. Munn, 2588 W. 250 S., Warsaw, IN 46580-8149.

29/10/12 Holliday Marine Engine Q. Please! Would like to correspond with anyone that has a Holliday engine, stationary or marine. Talk about a neat critter! But I gotta know more about them! Robert Mayeaux, 2204 Comanche St., Sulphur, LA 70663.  

29/10/13 Helmans Tractor Q. See the pictures of an E. S. Helmans garden tractor made in Baltimore. Would like any information, such as the original engine, where parts might be obtained, and so forth. Would also like to hear from anyone owning one of these tractors. This one is chain driven, and says Model 1954. Is this the year built? Kenneth Richards, Rt 1, Box 420, Dexter, ME 04930.

29/10/14 ARCO Engine Q. Can anyone provide me with information on the ARCO engine such as decal placement, proper color, etc.? Joe Powers, RR3, Hastings, ONT K0L 1Y0 Canada.

A. The ARCO was made by Hercules so far as we know. It was a light blue; we have no exact color match, but somewhere near DuPont 93-78387 Blue. Perhaps someone has an exact match, and further information on the ARCO.

29/10/15 Cramer Hydra-Mow Q. See the photo of the 1947 Cramer Hydra-Mow mower, with the McCulloch engine. This mower has a hydraulic torque converter on the blade drive to prevent a bent engine crankshaft when a stone or obstacle is hit with the blade. Is there any-one out there who also owns one of these mowers? Brad E. Smith, 7574 So. 74 Street, Franklin, WI 53132.  

29/10/16 Unidentified Engine Q. See the photo of an engine with no nameplate. I have been told it is a 6 HP engine. Any help will be appreciated. Red Chandler, 2321 Bethel Rd., Conyers, GA 30207.

A. The engine is an Associated, built by Associated Mfrs., Waterloo, Iowa.

29/10/17 Port Huron Engines Lyle H. Fall, PO Box 171, Davison, MI 48423 sends along some photocopy material of the Port Huron engines. Offered in sizes from 3 to 50 horsepower, they appear to have been well built. Has anyone ever heard of a Port Huron engine? If so, Mr. Fall, as well as the Reflector, would like to hear from you.

Readers Write

29/5/13 David Bradley Parts

Regarding the above article, I bought brand new clutch facings direct from the Sears Parts Department last fall. The part number is 6272M. For the clutch face, you need two. The bushing for the drive pulley is 5386H. The price of the facings was about $15 each. Sears has many parts for old David Bradley and Sears equipment. Joe Nitka, 'PO Box 537, Fishdale, MA 01518.

29/5/9 Humphrey Gas Pump

We've heard nothing regarding this query, but Dennis E. Spark, PO Box 19, Goomalling, 6640, West Australia, has forwarded some technical details from Modern Engines and Power Generators by Rankin Kennedy. The Humphrey gas pump is a fluid-upon-fluid engine.

A Closing Word

We began this issue with a number of interesting trademarks, and we close the same way. See the Waterloo Boy tractor trademark. It seems there has been a certain amount of question regarding first light for the Waterloo Boy. From this trademark application, it appears that the Waterloo Boy tractor first appeared August 1, 1913. There's a possibility that a few were made prior to that time under a different name, but that doesn't seem likely. Curiously though, the company waited three years for filing the trademark.

The purpose of the Reflections column is to provide a forum for the exchange of all useful information among subscribers to GEM. Inquiries or responses should be addressed to: REFLECTIONS, Gas Engine Magazine, P.O. Box 328, Lancaster, PA 17608-0328.