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26/11/14 Thank You! Thanks to Gary Perkins, RR 2, Apohaqui, NB E0G 1A0 Canada for sending ye olde Reflector some interesting photocopies of Cletrac material!

26/11/15 E-B Model S Thanks to Clair Fisher, 9458 Genesee Rd., East Concord, NY 14055 for sending this photo of his Model S engine from Emerson-Brantingham.

26/11/16 A Thank You! The North American Model Engineering Society would like to thank all exhibitors, vendors, and visitors to the Second Annual Model Engineering Expo this past April at Ann Arbor, Michigan. Because of your support and enthusiasm, the Expo was a huge success, and we are now forced to relocate the next show to larger quarters. The Third Annual Event is now scheduled for May 2 and 3, 1992. More information will appear later. We are all looking forward to seeing you there. Tom Stockton, Secy., North American Model Engineering Society, 4014 Earhart Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48105.

26/11/17 Allis-Chalmers Greg Dalton, RR 6, Box 351, Commerce, GA 30529 needs information on an Allis-Chalmers Model C tractor.

26/11/18 Show Your Brass K. G. Romine, 507 North Kenova Rd., South Point, OH 45680 sends a photo showing a good and useful way to display your extra brass, in this case turning it into an impressive floor lamp.

(Better talk to wife before you begin construction though, lest your display of architectural genius become a dust catcher in a dark comer of the garage. Ed.)

26/11/19 Unidentified Engine Q. See the two photos of an unidentified engine. It has a 2? inch bore and 2? inch stroke. The flywheel is 8 inches, and the connecting rod is brass. There are no numbers or letters stamped on the engine. It appears to have been painted black. Anybody out there who can identify it? Ronald H. Win ship Jr. 115 River Road, Windham, Maine 04062.

26/11/20 Cushman Q. I am restoring a Cushman R6, 4 HP engine, and an R3, 3 HP model. Can anyone advise the year made, and the proper location of the decals? Joe Barna, RR 2, Box 63, Wapwallopen, PA 18660.

A. There are no known records of Cushman. We can't tell you for certain where the decals go, except that we presume one goes on each side of the water hopper.

26/11/21 Galloway Auto Transport See the photo of a 1903(?) Galloway Auto Transport manufactured by the Dart Truck Company of Anderson, Indiana. This truck was previously owned and restored by the late Alvie Boughn and his wife Betty of London, Ohio.

We purchased this truck in 1987 and are now attempting to make the restoration as authentic as possible. It has a two cylinder water cooled engine, s/n ED921.

Any information or advice on this truck will be greatly appreciated. Bob & Jo Anne Schmauss, PO Box 551, Frankfort, OH 45628-0551.

26/11/22 Homemade Tractor Q. See the photo of a homemade tractor resembling the Titan of about 1918 or 20 which I have been making this year. This unit is about 8 feet long. Can anyone tell me the color of paint for it? Leonard Gerber, Box 86B, Marietta, MN 56257.

A. We would suggest that your model should be finished in DuPont 27625 Gray, with the wheels being painted with IHC Red No. 50.

26/11/23 Unidentified Marine Q. See the two photos of an unidentified marine engine. It is two-cycle, and probably about 1 horsepower. Any information will be appreciated. Ham Hoffman, RD 1, Box 137, Hudson Falls, NY 12839-9711.

26/11/24 Unnamed Garden Tractor Q. I have an old tiller which I feel is unique, and I desire additional info on it if possible. See the two photos. What makes this tiller different is that the pulley is stationary and the lever from the handlebars moves the motor forward on two sliding mounts to provide tension against the belt. The tiller also came with a plow and blade. It has YOUNGSTOWN on the right handle. The wheels have welded-in centers which are square. It has MC 46 cast on the inside of the gear case. Did it have detachable rear wheels? It seems to have been red. I would like to repaint it the original color. Also, the throttle has been used to be on the right handlebar. The motor on this tiller is a Briggs of about 8 HP, but it seems too big. Can anyone tell me what the original motor was ? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Edward Pedrick, PO Box 393, Santa Maria, CA 93456-0393.

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