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Unidentified Air Compressor


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36/5/8 Unidentified Air Compressor Q. The pictures on the next page are of an ex-military gasoline powered air compressor. The engine name plate says model N. No other identification is on it. The air tank is the frame. Any information, manuals or sources of information will be greatly appreciated. J. Max Koone, 723 Flynn Rd., Rutherfordton, NC 28139. E-mail mkoone @

36/5/9 Stover-Fairbanks Info Needed Robert Abbott of 6422 Cty Rd J, Plover, WI 54467 has written seeking any information available on his Stover-Fairbanks type K, 500 rpm 2 HP, KA 184085. This engine has an EK Wico magneto #308049, patented 1919-1925, and has original magneto and spark plug. It runs great, and he is interested in any information available on this engine.

36/5/10 Garden Tractor Engine Q. Here are two pictures of an engine mounted on a Ward's two wheel garden tractor. I am reasonably sure, just by the appearance of this engine, that it actually is a Wisconsin engine even though it only has a Ward's model number (WMC-AB-55581) and a Ward's serial number (1913874). Could someone please tell me what the proper Wisconsin model # is (i.e. is it an AKN, BKN or ABN)? I need to know so that I can find ignition parts for it.

Also, could someone tell me where I could find tires for the tractor itself? Preferably the same tread as on it now, but if not, at least the proper size, which is 5.50-12. This information would be most appreciated. Dieter Heckele, 2181 Newark Drive, West Bend, WI 53090.

A. We're printing the photos that Dieter sent us, but they were both extremely dark Polaroid pictures. Polaroid pictures, as a rule, do not reproduce well in the magazine, but we do hope some one will be able to answer his questions nonetheless!

36/5/11 Ingeco Paint Info Q. I am looking for a paint number and paint brand name for a 2 HP AK Ingeco engine, number 11670. Pat Becker, Pat's Old engine shed, Waterford, WI. Via e-mail,, or phone 262-534-5713.

36/5/12 Sawmill Rebuild Q. I am restoring an old Enterprise saw mill similar to the one in C. H. Wendel's The Circular Sawmill on page 23. The mill was rebuilt a number of years ago and the trademark plate was never put on and is now lost. Is there any way you can refer me to someone who could fix me up with a picture of what I need may be from an old Enterprise magazine advertisement or something? I am looking for a picture of the original trademark. Thank you very much for your consideration. Clark Ness,

36/5/13 International Famous Remembered Q. I would like to know if anyone out there has an International Famous 20 HP gas engine complete on trucks with the seat on top. There was one standing in our grove from as far back as I can remember that belonged to one of my uncles and had been last used to run a four-hole corn sheller.

In 1938 my dad was going to build a com crib where the engine sat. He asked my uncle if he could sell it for junk, and he said he could if he could get $10 for it, but the junk man only gave him $8.

As a 12-year old boy I watched them pound it to pieces with a sledge hammer. I wonder what that engine would be worth today. I would like to hear from someone if they have an engine like that. Orville Anderson, R2 Box 213, Madelia, MN 56062. 507-642-8268.

36/5/14 Eureka Mill Q. I have included several pictures of an old mill that I purchased several months ago. This mill has a Sears, Roebuck Co. tag with the model #172-12-38. On one end of the mill the name of Eureka Stone Burr Mill is printed, and on the other end it has a number stamped in the wood of 12-24873. It also has 800 rpm printed in one end. The mill is complete except for the sifter.

We would like to know the year this mill was built, and what size engine would be necessary to run this mill. We would like to know if the Eureka Company is still in operation. We would appreciate any and all information about this mill. Ray Lambert, 6023 Roberta Rd., Harrisburg, NC 28075. 704-455-2052.

36/5/15 Vindex Toy Catalog Dick Hamp of 1772 Conrad Ave., San Jose, CA 95124 has sent us a copy of an interesting Vindex Toys and Novelties catalog he found at a local flea market. Vindex toys were apparently manufactured by the toy division of National Sewing Machine Co. in Belvidere, Illinois. He is wondering whether anyone out there has one of the J.D. type E engine toys shown in this Vindex Toys and Novelties catalog.

We'll see that Mr. Wendel gets the catalog, but meanwhile we have printed a few of the toys from it here for our readers to enjoy. This was apparently a wholesale catalog, as toys were sold by the dozen. The John Deere gas engine, for example, with operating pulley and flywheels, was 5 inches long, 3 inches high, and sold for $4.20 per dozen. From what we see and hear about farm toys, these are no doubt sought after as collectibles now.


Frisco Standard

Don Green of P.O. Box 618, Allyn, WA 98524 sent the Reflector a copy of an article on Standard Gas Engine Company of San Francisco, from T.O.M.M., Australia's magazine of vintage machinery, and a copy of a Frisco Standard catalog. We'll forward these items on to Mr. Wendel, but thank you here and now for them on his behalf!

36/3/1 John K. Widerman of 1021 N. Carrington, Buffalo, WY 82834 sent a note to report that the same day his magazine arrived with his query in it, he got a call from Duane Reynolds in upstate New York. Reynolds identified the engine as a Leroi and gave him a lot of information. Thank you, Duane.

A Closing Word

We expect that you'll be hearing from Mr. Wendel next month. He'll no doubt have seen many wonderous engines and tractors in his Australian travels. In the meantime, we certainly hope that some of you who have seen questions here that you can easily answer will take the time to give a helping hand to someone in need of an answer! After all, one person's fundamental information is another's perplexing puzzle.