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28/3/15 Leader Iron Works Q. See the photos of a 1? HP Domestic sideshaft, No. 5901. The name plate calls it a header-Domestic, made for Leader Iron Works, Decatur, Illinois by Domestic Engine & Pump Co., Shippensburg, Pa. Can anyone tell me when this engine was built. I need instructions and any information to help get this engine running. Chris-toper G. Beebe, 1720 Meadows Rd., Madison, OH 44057.

A. Domestic made the engine for Leader, but the two companies were never merged. . . Domestic in fact, was making engines long after Leader had forgotten all about them. Perhaps someone can provide further information on the engine.

28/3/16 RPM Mfg. Company Q. See the photo of a six-wheel mower by RPM Mfg. Company, Kansas City, Missouri. It is equipped with a McCulloch engine. (Does RPM stand for Robert P. McCulloch?) I would like to correspond with anyone having one of these mowers or having further information. Brad E. Smith, 7574 So. 74 Street, Franklin, WI 53132.

28/3/17 Atomic Babe Q. I have an Atomic Babe Tractor made by the Doylestown Machine Company. It has no engine. Any information regarding this tractor will be greatly appreciated. Harley Collins, 2540 Fox Road, Bath, PA 18014.

A. We've never heard of this one, nor can we find it listed anywhere. Can anyone be of help?

28/3/18 Waterous Fire Engine Q. See the photos of a 1900 Waterous single cylinder inverted fire engine. It is missing a lot of parts, including the pump and the wheels. Are there any of these left? The engine has an 8-inch bore, and uses 33-inch flywheel. Any help whatever will be greatly appreciated. Buzz Stetler, 2436 Cherokee, Stockton, CA 95205.

A. What an interesting piece of the past. Keep us informed of your progress.

28/3/19 Copper-Cooled Chevrolet Q. Most of us have heard of the disastrous Copper-Cooled Chevrolet of 1923 and how the company recalled them. One still exists in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn. They were called Copper-Cooled because the cooling fins were of copper, brazed to the cylinder. I talked with a friend recently and he told me that he has acquired a Delco plant powered by a scaled-down four-cylinder copper-cooled engine. Does any reader have one or have literature of any kind showing that model? 1 can remember seeing the single-cylinder Delco with a copper-cooled cylinder. My father used a 39-inch Allis-Chalmers combine which we pulled with a Bradley tractor. Of course, 39 inches is one meter. Was that combine designed in Europe, which would explain the metric width? It was a good machine for a small farm. Max F. Homfeld, 7964 Oakwood Park Ct., St. Michaels, MD 21663.

A. We can't be of help on the copper-cooled design. However, it is our belief that the A-C combine was developed at Milwaukee, and the 39-inch width is coincidental.

28/3/20 Faultless Engine Q. What is the correct color for a Faultless engine? Also the color for a 4? HP P&O engine [sold by P & O Plow Co.] What is the year made for the following Witte engines: 3 HP, s/n 32241 and 2 HP B23511 ? Darrel Steele Jr., HC 65, Box 129, Ainsworth, NE 69210.

A. The 3 HP was made in 1917, and the 2 HP model in 1925. We have no paint color info on Faultless.

28/3/21 Thanks! To Robert A. Johnson, a frequent contributor. He recently forwarded photocopy material on the early Superior engines. Thanks again!

28/3/22 Maytag Racer Q. See the photo of a Maytag Toy Racer. This photo was taken in the mid 1930s. The racer was given to my cousin as a Christmas gift from his father.

I've been told that about a dozen of these were made for Maytag, and were to have been used as a promotional device, and that they were never made on a commercial basis.

I can remember as a young boy pushing the racer but we never did get the engine to run for us. . .my cousin who owned it was never there to help us. Sometime in the 1940s the racer disappeared. It was painted white, with bright red trim. V. A. Van Buren, Rt 1, Box 58A, Walla Walla, WA 99362.

A. This is the first photo we've ever found of the Maytag racer. Does anyone have further information on them?

28/3/23 Information Needed Q. Can anyone advise the year made and the proper color for the following:

Witte 2 HP, B35822 Jaeger 2 HP 327172 Gray 1? HP 425842 Schmidt Chilled Cylinder 3 HP, 3767 Herb Savage, 70 ?lain Hill Road, Baltic, CT 06330.

A. The Witte was built in 1926. No serial number information available on the others. However, the Schmidt is a rather old engine, and was painted red, with the cylinder aluminum. Our Notebook contains painting information on many different engines.

28/3/24 Independent Harvester Co. See the photos of my 1? HP Independent Type C, s/n 2001. It is a medium blue with gold striping and lettering. These photos were taken at the Badger Steam & Gas Engine Show in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Photo 24-B shows the Independent, along with my dad in the background, and his two Schmidt Chilled Cylinder engines. Dave Shoudy, PO Box 103, Shirland, IL 61079

28/3/25 Engine Colors Q. We understand that you have published a book with paint color information. Please advise. Leonard Bishop, 1314 East Fifth Street, Muscatine, 1A 52761.

A. It's called Wendell's Notebook and is available through GEM.

28/3/26 Information Needed Q. I've never worked on these old engines before and need some help in learning how to run them. [The letter includes a list of engines already in the stable. Ed.] I have never seen them work and would appreciate any help I can get. ]. R. Renick, 2817 Sue Drive, Jefferson City, MO 65109.

A. Would some of the collectors in the Jefferson City area care to contact Mr. Renick? Beyond that, we suggest that there's allot to be learned at the many shows, especially when there's an engine there like something you have. Good luck!

28/3/27 Hertzler & Zook Engine Q. See the photo. Would you agree that this is a Hertzler & Zook engine? It has a 4? x 6 inch bore and stroke. About what size would this be? Rod Petree, 629 Santa Paula Ave., Sunnybale, CA 94086-3417.

A. we re not sure on the make, but would guess the engine to be in the range of 1? to 2 HP.

28/3/28 DuBrie Engine Q. How does one check the oil level in a DuBrie marine engine? It is a single cylinder, four-cycle, 5 HP model with s/n 1091. These were made in Detroit, Michigan. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated. Tim Edwards, 315 N. Roosevelt, Warsaw, IN 46580.

28/3/29 Starting an EngineFirst you have to have a half-ton, two-wheel-drive Ford pickup and a thirty foot rope. You wrap the rope around the pulley and onto the trailer hitch, and you look back while you take off slowly, and when the flywheel starts turning you take off, but don't stop till all the rope is off the pulley. By following these instructions you won't have any trouble and won't leave any ruts in the yard either. Louis Miller, 807 Pine, Georgetown, TX 78626.

A. Better take this in the spirit in which [we assume] it's intended, lest thee find thyself knee-deep in alligators, as the saying goes!

28/3/30 Parlin & Orendorff Thanks to Gilbert Irps who sent photocopies of pertinent pages from a P & O catalog of 1902. However, the catalog is Parlin, Orendorff & Martin. Thanks again for the information!

28/3/31 American Farm Machinery Co. Q. See photos 31A and 31B of a garden tractor made by American Farm Machinery Co. at Minneapolis. There are some parts missing, and I would like to correspond with someone having a tractor like this to see if I can make the parts. Any correspondence will be appreciated.

Also see 31C of three Farmers Union Co-op tractors that I restored. The firs tone is a No. 3, s/n 3-196 (J think 1946); the second one is a No. 2 Row-Crop, s/n 2-679 (1939?); and the third one is a No. 2 Standard, and 1 think it is 1936. Evert H. Busse, RR 1, Box 136 Norcross, MN 56274.

28/3/32 Edwards Engine Q. What is the right color for a two-cylinder Edwards engine; also what is the proper size of the gas tank? If anyone has any literature or other information on the Edwards I would like to hear from them I also need information on a small Stover burr mill. Marcus Raasch, 519 So. Valley, New Ulm, MN 56073.

A. We think that the Edwards was either black or a very, very dark blue, approaching black. If there are people who disagree, there's no doubt we'll know about it!

28/3/33 Stover Engine Q. Can you advise the year built of a Stover engine, s/n K-1 18330? Wilbur Arrington, PO Box 309, McComb, OH 45858.

A. 1919.

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