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34/12/6 Shingle Mill

Unfortunately, we failed to include the name and address of the inquirer whose letter appeared on page 5 of the December issue with a picture of his shingle mill with a 36-inch blade. He sought suggestions on renewing or replacing the original but abused blade. The question came from Ed Wagner of 1918 Hillson Road, Amboy, IL 61810. Sorry, Ed!

Modelmakers Corner

Our friend Reg Ingold, 37 Seaham St., Holmesville 2286, NSW, Australia sends several photos of his model work. No. 1 is a 1/3 size Monitor from the Richard Daoust castings; No. 2 is a half-size Olds from the Breisch-Peters castings, and No. 3 is a Heinrici hot air engine. Reg says that he bought this set of old unmachined castings at a swap meet for $20. Then it took him two weeks of work to machine them and get the engine running.

Photos No. 4 and No. 5 are of Buzzacott half-size engines built over the 2 horsepower original. These are Australian castings. The Buzzacott was a very popular engine in Australia.

You can contact Reg at or http://www.

A Closing Word

In February 2001 we hope to take a tour group to Australia. That's when they will have their National Rally in Tasmania. Having been there before, we are certainly excited about returning! Australia is loaded with many nice engines and tractors, the scenery is wonderful, and the folks are very hospitable; all in all, the ingredients needed for an enjoyable and memorable tour. Believe it or not, we are already working on arrangements for this tour.

This issue we are including some old advertisements that may be of interest. The first is of the Trojan tire pump, an unusual machine from the Dal Mfg. Company in Chicago. This one is from 1911. A 1906 advertisement shows the Detroit Auto-Marine Motor, and note that the company was planning to build 10,000 engines during the year. The big Globe gasoline marine engine is shown in a 1904 advertisement from Pennsylvania Iron Works Company at Philadelphia. We don't recall of any of these big Globe engines still in existence. If anyone knows of one, please let us know.

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