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35/1/7 Centaur Tractor Q. Rudy Miller, 124 Hartford Ct., Lima, OH 45805 has a Centaur tractor like shown on the cover of the July 1988 GEM, [Model G?] with a s/n of 227186. He needs information on this tractor so if you can be of help, please contact him at the above address.

35/1/8 Information Needed Q. Brad Dado, Box 11, Braceville, IL 60407 writes:

I am looking for information on two engines I bought last summer. One is an R. A. Lister, made in England. It is a Size L, No. 8856, 5 HP. It runs good, but needs some work. Any information would be appreciated.

The second one is from General Engines Corp., Franklin Park, Illinois, s/n 19578. It looks like it hasn't run at all. A man at the auction told me they were made in a garage and only 10 or so were made. Any help would be appreciated.

35/1/9 Atkins Carburetor Q. See the photos of an Atkins carburetor made in Minneapolis. The air intake is spring-loaded like the IHC Model M engines. There is no butterfly valve for speed control; instead it has a brass ground plug similar to the service valve used with natural gas piping shutoffs. As the plug is rotated, an opening enlarges to permit more fuel to enter the engine. The float bowl is threaded into the bottom of the power valve assembly and this way the main jet is fed fuel. The throat opening is 1? inches, an adjustable power jet is bottom center, but no idle mixture adjustment is visible, only a stop screw for idle speed. Could this have been for a marine engine? Any help would be appreciated. John R. Heath, 494 Twp Rd 232, Sullivan, OH 44880.

35/1/10 Sears Garden Tractor Q. I have an older Sears Garden Tractor that I am attempting to rebuild. It is Model 917.25191, s/n 2637B8282. Any help would be appreciated. Richard Davis, e-mail: richard davis

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35/1/11 Johnson Iron Horse

Donald R. Green, PO Box 618, Allyn, WA 98524-0618 has an Iron Horse with s/n 447 for which he would like to find a copy of the operating instructions. If you can help, please contact him.

35/1/12 Moto-Scoot Q. See the photos of a motor scooter from Mow Scoot Mfg. Co., Chicago, Illinois. It is a Model BCD, s/n 5019. This model is older than the one shown on page 76 of the new Briggs & Stratton history book. Apparently this model used the Briggs & Stratton IS engine; the Model IS used only one type number, that being 95185. The 'S' stands for scooter, and the I means the engine has an additional light coil built into the magneto to operate the head and tail lights. Any information on this scooter would be greatly appreciated, including  any clues on finding a Model IS engine, proper paint colors etc. John Cox, 2224 Wyandotte Drive, Oakville, ONTL6L 2T5 Canada. E-mail:

35/1/13 Unidentified Engine Q. See the photos of an unidentified marine engine. Any help in putting a name with this engine would be appreciated. Martin L. Roland, 3205 Circle Drive NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402.

35/1/14 Unidentified Engine Q. See the photos of an engine with s/n 12-4265 stamped in the side of the crankcase. Otherwise there are no markings. It has an aluminum crankcase, head and shroud. The ignition is by Wico, and it has a 2? inch bore and stroke. It uses tapered roller bearing mains and a mechanical oil pump. Any help in identifying this engine would be appreciated. Richard Fitzgerald, 6245 State Rt 516 NW, Dundee, OH 44624.