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Bruce D. West

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With this issue we begin the new millennium here at GEM! This also marks the beginning of thirty-five continuous years for what began as a small magazine devoted to all forms of gas power. Ye olde Reflector was one of those people who encouraged Elmer Ritzman to launch the magazine in those early days. Little did anyone know that our hobby would approach the size and scope it has now achieved.

By the time this copy is in your hands it will be mid-December, and we take this opportunity to wish all of you a Happy and Joyous Christmas and extend our best wishes for the millennium year of 2000. May the Y2K bugs stay far away from your house and home! We begin with:

35/1/1 Unidentified Garden Tractor Q. Bruce D. West, 10684 Liss Rd., Willis, MI 48191-9722 sends two photos of an unidentified garden tractor with some similarities to the Shawnee. This one is built on a 3 x 5 inch wooden frame and uses a modified Ford Model T engine, and the differential is cut down to 18 inches but is again of Model T origins. The engine flywheel is cut down to 12 inches and the magnets are removed. Does anyone have a  clue regarding this garden tractor?

35/1/2 Country Squire Garden Tractor Q. See the photos of a Country Squire Garden Tractor, s/n 5xxx built in Muskego, Wisconsin. The engine is gone. Any information on this unit would be greatly appreciated. Gene McAtee, 105 Vincent Ave., Pacific, MO 63069.

35/1/3 Elbridge Engine

Thanks to Harvey C. Worthington, 810 S. New St., West Chester, PA 19382 for sending an ad copy of the Elbridge engine. This ad was in the October 27, 1909 issue of the National Grange Magazine. We have never seen an Elbridge engine ... are there any left? Let us know.

35/1/4 Unidentified Tool Q. See the photos of an unidentified tool, sent to us by Raymond Tjarks, 1505 E. 1st Street, Redfield, SD 57469. Ye olde Reflector likes tools, but we haven't a clue on this one!

35/1/5 Oliver and Hart-Parr

Some time ago I read an article on Oliver Hart-Parr Co., and the writer wondered how Oliver was able to bring out a new Oliver Hart-Parr tractor so soon after the merger of the two companies.

If you would put an Oliver Hart-Parr 18-28 and a 28-44 side by side with an International 10-20 and 15-30, one could easily see that outside of the motor these tractors were [nearly] the same. McCormick-Deering used their own motor. In the Oliver Hart-Parr it was a Waukesha engine although Oliver called it their own motor and had their own nameplate. This was the same model of engine used in the later Huber tractors.

I wonder if someone out in tractor land could shed some light on this subject.

See the photo of an 18-36 Hart-Parr owned by Dave Babcock, Cass City, Michigan. He is standing by the tractor. William C. Kuhl, 464 S. 5th St., Sebewaing, MI 48759-1559.

35/1/6 Gray Engine

See photos 6A and 6B specifically showing the dual ignition spark plug and Webster magneto on my 10 HP Gray, Model LG, s/n P465-10. It also has an exhaust manifold with a fuel intake heating system like that shown for the Schramm on page 451 and the Sharples on page 461 of American Gas Engines. Does anyone know of a connection between these companies and Gray ? Also see photo 6C showing at the left a 4? HP Olds, Type A-D6588. In the center is the 10 horsepower Gray, and to the right is a Stover 6 HP model, s/n RX92589 of 1917 vintage. Ken  Thorn, RR 1, Condor, Alberta TOM 0P0 Canada.