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24/1/46 Stover engines Q. I have a number of questions regarding Stover engines. What is the year built for the following: 1) 2 HP CT202022 2) 2 HP TB271223 3) 3? Sears-Economy Type, s/n TC234195SR 4) 5 HP Diesel, DSM259174 5) 2 HP DVA, 226714 6) T vertical, 74797 7) T 98513 8) VA 194236

In your book, Power in the Past Vol 3: Stover Engine Works, you indicate that parts are available from Lester Roos. I also need to know the kind of fuel injection pump used on the diesel engine, as I know you have a 10 HP Stover diesel. The two 'T' engines were sold in Canada by Judson. How are they listed in your book? Any information will be appreciated. Mark Nedrow, P.O. Box 644, Selah, WA 98942.

A. Here are the years built: 202022 -1929; 271223 -1940; 234195 -1936; 259174 - 1938; 226714 - 1935; 74797 -1916; 98513 -1917; 194236 - 1928.

The Stover serial lists do not differentiate between engines sold as 'Stover' and those sold as 'Economy' or 'Judson' for instance. The late Lester L. Roos at Geneseo, Illinois managed to corrall all the remaining Stover parts, records, etc. a number of years ago. Stover parts are often available through an advertisement in GEM, or through some of the GEM advertisers.

The Acro system featured on all but the very last of the Stover diesels used American Bosch components. These parts should also be available through various sources. Curiously, Stover seems to have been the only American builder to use the Aero system. As found in the Stover, the piston head was depressed or funnel-shaped. A hole in the funnel led into a precombustion chamber within the piston head. The Aero system was eventually replaced with the Lanova system. It used a precombustion chamber or energy cell located directly across the combustion space from the injector. The Lanova system was widely used for many years.

24/1/47 Cushman 4 HP Q. What is the year of a Cushman vertical, s/n 20017? Also what is the color scheme? Joseph Menold, 115 S. 16th, Sabetha, Kansas 66534.

A. No serial number information is available. Some correspondents tell us the correct shade of green is DuPont 24166.

24/1/48 Monitor engine Q. I have a Monitor pump jack engine, s/n 49417 and would like to know when it was built, also the proper color scheme. Steve P. Frasl, 524 N. 4th St., Brainard, MN 56401.

A. No serial number information available. See the September, 1988 GEM for paint information.

24/1/49 Seeburg engine Q. As a youngster I remember several small one-cylinder four-cycle water-cooled engines by the name of Seeburg. This was about 1932. Can anyone tell me if any of these engines still exist? Roy Norman, 3310 Tahoma Place, Tacoma, WA 98466.

A. We have nothing in our indices on a Seeburg engine anybody out there with some information?

24/1/50 Sandwich engines Q. What is the year and color of a Sandwich 1? HP engine, s/n AB31927. I do not see much of any parts or decals for sale. Why? Also have a Fordson tractor on steel, and would like to know the proper color and year built. It is s/n 331695. Roger Boise, RD 1, Box 12, New Haven, VT 05472.

A. See the September, 1988 GEM for Sandwich color scheme. There are no serial number lists. We have seen Sandwich engine decals advertised in GEM. The Fordson was built in 1923. We have Fordson Gray as DuPont 24938A.

24/1/51 Geiser engine Q. I have a 2 HP Geiser engine. The nameplate information includes: Mfg. by Emerson-Brantingham Co., Greencastle Works, Greencastle, Pennsylvania, s/n 3340. Need information on the governor, also year built, and proper color scheme. Joe Ball, P.O. Box 77, Granville, MA 01034.

A.  Your engine may be illustrated on page 203 of American Gas Engines or on pages 150-52 of the same volume. In any case, we would guess your engine to have been built shortly after the 1912 acquisition of Geiser by E-B.  One correspondent lists the E-B red color as DuPont 93-26550.

24/1/52 Engine Data Needed Q. I'm a young collector from Timonium, Maryland. Can you tell me when a Fairbanks-Morse 1? HP engine, s/n 511538 was built? Also a Witte, s/n 38339. Two friends and I have recently acquired an 18 HP Fairbanks vertical engine with a direct-connected generator. Can you tell us who actually built this engine? Walter E. Miller, 209 Cinder Road, Timonium, MD 21093.

A. Your FBM engine was built in 1922. See the last issue of GEM for the address to get Witte information. We need a photo of the Fairbanks vertical in order to provide the data you require.

24/1/53 Magneto Q. Can anyone tell me what is the make of the magneto in photo 53, and what was it used for? Rich Howard, Hysham, MT 59038.

A. This is an ignition dynamo used for operating the low tension igniter on a gasoline engine. The leather face of the drive wheel runs against the face of the engine flywheel. The governor weights serve to pull the leather facing away from the flywheel to prevent over speeding of the dynamo.

24/1/54 Woodpecker engine Q. Don J. Lippi, 804 Leeson Ave., Van Wert, OH 45891 needs information, color scheme, etc. on a Woodpecker engine with a 4x4-inch bore and stroke.

A. The Woodpecker engine was built by Middletown Machine Company, Middletown, Ohio. See pages 304-05 of American Gas Engines for further information.

24/1/55 Information needed Q. I'm 11 years old and I have two engines. The first is a Maytag Model 92. I recently received a Fairbanks Morse Model Z, Style C. I would like to know the year, paint color, and decals for this engine. Billy Walters, 780 Selke Road, LaCrescent, MN 55947.

A. We cannot locate an exact color match for the Maytag, but believe that one of the GEM advertisers specializing in Maytag parts might have the precise color you need. The FBM engine is comparable to DuPont 9372001 Green. Maytag decals are available from several GEM advertisers, but to be precisely correct, the FBM Z engines did not use decals or striping.

24/1/56 Cushman Cub Q. What is the original color of the Cushman Cub engine? I thought they used two colors. W. Schultz, Box 275, Oceano, CA 93445.

A. We've always assumed that these engines were of one color of gray- see 24/1/44 above.

24/1/57 Information needed Q. Can you supply information on the following engines: 1) Massey-Harris Type 2, 6 HP, s/n 6K2438. What is year built and proper color? 2) Fairbanks-Morse 'Z', s/n 319198; year built and color. 3) Fuller & Johnson NB, s/n 166572; year and color.

A. In order: 1) No information on file. 2) Built 1918. See above in this column for proper color. 3) Contact Verne W. Kindschi, S. 9008-B US Hwy 12, Prairie du Sac, WI 53578-9723 for information on F & J engines.

24/1/58 Bolens tractor Q. We recently acquired the Bolens Huskie tractor shown in photo 58. I'm told this tractor was available with garden plow, sicklebar mower, and many other attachments. Will be happy to hear from anyone having further information on this tractor, its attachments, etc. Tom Ringelberg, 16963 10 Mile Road, Battle Creek, Michigan 49017.

A. This tractor did indeed have all sorts of attachments, as we remember one in our neighborhood back in the early 1950's. Perhaps some of our readers have further information.

24/1/59 Warner Log Saw Q. What is the year built, type, horsepower, and the proper paint color for a Warner log saw? The plate reads: The Warner Log Saw; No. ES 5168; Warner Manufacturing Company, Ottawa, Kansas. Also, any information on the Desjardins engine will be appreciated. G.P.M. Rijks, Veldstraat, 50 5988 AK Helden, Holland, Europe.

A. We can't tell you much about the Warner log saw, but perhaps some of our readers might be able to do so. The Desjardins engine appears to have been a clone of the Waterloo Boy engines built at Waterloo, Iowa, being virtually identical to it. We've never known for sure whether Desjardins built this engine under license from the Iowa company or simply copied the design. One of the Desjardins engines is illustrated on page 129 of American Gas Engines.

24/1/60 Economy engine? Q. Is there a definite way to determine a Hercules engine from an Economy? I have an engine, red and with Economy decal, but do not believe it is an Economy. The plate reads: Eng. #260760; 550 rpm, 1? F HP. Any information will be appreciated. Dean Alling, P. O. Box 10264, Burbank, California 91510.

A. From your photos, we would believe your engine is an Economy, especially since the red finish and the decals themselves look to be original. There is no doubt that this engine was built by Hercules, whether or not it was sold by Sears & Roebuck as an Economy appears to be the question, and lacking anything to lead us to believe otherwise, we believe it probably is an Economy and was sold by Sears.

24/1/61 Yukon Territory Q.Ralph Najarian, 35 Pueblitos Road, Belen, New Mexico 87002 sends two interesting photos and information on them. Photo 61A reads: At Jakes's Corner, Yukon Territory, Canada I found Dave Gilbert and his collection of antique engines and machinery. I asked Dave how long he had been collecting engines and he said, '193 years.' Well, those cold winters must preserve folks, because Dave doesn't look nearly that old. The brass plate on the side of this engine says, 'Standard Gas Engine Co. 5 HP.' Now I don't know much about gas engines, but 'Standard' must refer to a standard type of gas, because to me it doesn't look like a standard type of engine. I asked Dave how it worked and he said, 'That's what I'd like to know.' Can anyone help us on this one?

This one-lunger was popping rather smoothly when I heard it from my pickup about 50 yards away. It was providing electricity for the little complex at Boundry, Alaska just inside the border on the 'Top of the World Highway.' It didn't have any wording on it and I couldn't find anybody to tell me what it is. Maybe one of you oil people can tell us.

24/1/62 'Model' engine Q. Recently I acquired a Central City Iron Works 'Model' engine. Many parts are missing. The crank pin is four inches. What would be the correct tolerance for a new bearing cap? The engine has a 10 x 16 inch bore and stroke with two flywheels weighing 1,500 pounds each. Any help from other 'Model' owners would be appreciated, as I'm not sure of the governor and carburetor design. Duane Speh, 676 County Road 202, Durango, Colorado, 81301.

A. We would suggest that something on the order of 0.001 to 0.0015 be allowed for every inch of diameter on the crankpin. Since you will likely use the engine only for exhibit purposes, you can probably run with less clearance than might have been required in a full-load situation.

24/1/63 McCormick-Deerlng 'M' Q. I just acquired a McCormick-Deering Model M, s/n AA5110 which has a distributor in place of a magneto. I need the instruction on hookup for battery. Mac Corbitt, 504 North Third, Temple, TX 76501.

A. Your engine was built in 1923. Beyond that, we would suggest some of the GEM advertisers for books on the 'M' engine.

24/1/64 Letz Mfg. Co. Q. Is the Letz M/g. Company, Crown Point, Indiana still in business? Stewart Williams, RR 9, Box 300, Bridgeton, New Jersey 08302.

A. We believe that Deere & Company took over Letz some years ago. You might be able to find out through Deere if they still have anything on Letz.

24/1/65 Wade log saw Q. See photo 65 of a Wade log saw I recently acquired. The wood frame is green, while the motor shows traces of black. Is this the correct color scheme, or if not, can someone tell me what it should be! This and any other information on the Wade will be appreciated. Otto O. Ray III, 704 Evans Road, Fieldbrook, CA 95521.

24/1/66 Stover Q. What is the year built for a Stover 2 HP engine, KA161256? Jim Jackson, 654 Whittier Road, Spencerport, NY 14559.

A. This engine was built May 29, 1925.

24/1/67 Beilfuss engine Q. Can anyone help me with a Beilfuss engine? It is very similar to the one on page 51 of American Gas Engines. The only major difference is that my pendulum governor is on the outside of the flywheel instead of inside. My engine has 36 inch flywheels and a 7 inch bore and stroke. What few casting numbers are found begin with 'D'. Any and all help will be immensely appreciated. Robert Upham, R-171-B, Williamsburg, MA 01096.

24/1/68 Miller Reversible I have a marine engine which was made by Miller Reversible Gasoline Engine Co., Toronto, Ontario. Serial No. 11, and 2? HP. It is complete except for the timing (see photos). Any information at all on this engine will be appreciated. John Laing, 11 McNab St. W., Port Dover, Ontario NOA 1N0 Canada.

24/1/69 Stover Q. What is the year built of a Stover 2 HP engine, s/n KA155739? As I was cleaning off the grease, I uncovered the date 9-10-23 in the casting. Does this indicate the manufacturing date? Hal E. Opdyke, 1960 Sioux Way, Okemos, MI 48864.

A. Your engine was built March 18, 1924. The date referred to is apparently the date the pattern was made- it has nothing whatever to do with the date the engine was built!

24/1/70 Lauson Frost King Q. When was a Lauson Frost King Jr. engine, s/n 23839 built? Also what is the correct color scheme? Any information at all will be appreciated. Paul L. Carper, 5644 Columbus Road, N E, Louisville, OH 44641.

A. There is no precise dating method for Lauson engines. We don't have the complete color scheme for these engines either.

24/1/71 Shaw Du-All Any information regarding a Shaw Du-All tractor will be appreciated. Mine has a 2-cylinder Wisconsin engine. It is Model R12T and was made by Shaw Mfg. Company, Gales burg, Kansas. Need to know original colors, service data, etc. Del Krumwiede, R R 1, Box 1, Voltaire, ND 58792

24/1/72 Associated engines Q. Why do most of the Associated engines shown in American Gas Engines have a battery and coil box, even though they are usually equipped with a magneto? Marc Comes, 10506 Kemple Drive, Bend, OR 97702.

A. Associated catalogs almost always illustrated their engines with the battery and coil system-this was standard equipment. The much-to-be-preferred magneto was an extra-cost option, usually running about $8-$12 extra.


23/5/38Waterbury tractors Leon W. Pillsbury Jr., Box 736, Windsor, Vermont, 05089 sends some photocopies of this garden tractor of the late 1940's and early 1950's. It was built by the Waterbury Tool Division, Vickers Inc. (A subsidiary of the Sperry Corporation), Waterbury, Connecticut.

23/10/5Sattley After reading the Reflections section in October, 1988 GEM, 23/10/5, I sent in a request for help on a Sattley 2 HP engine about the last of October with an enclosed SAE. Have had no answer so far, Lonnie Godlevskey, Route 1, Box 1282, Homedale, ID 83628.

23/3/10Duro engines Duro was in production at least until 1923. Of the various types I've seen the one in the picture is the same as mine which is a 1918 model.

Also, the same writer provides some information on:

23/9/25Lockwood-Ash Lockwood-Ash must have made marine engines for other companies. I have a small engine called the Motorgo Marine engine, and from this picture, it is definitely a Lockwood-Ash. Ernie Darrow, Box 134, N. Franklin, CT 06254.

23/10/7Lauson color John Lauson engine color can be made by taking 1 quart DuPont Centari #1317A green and adding 2 teaspoons #700A white tint per quart. The skid is 5485 DW red DuPont Dulux. The striping is white on the skid and on the engine, with some blue striping on the skid. The quality of the finish on Lauson engines is very high, as noted from their 1916 catalog. Kevin A. Behnke, 3325 North 65th St., Wausau, WI 54401.

23/11/2 Suggest checking Standard Catalog of American Cars, 1805-1942, page 123, or your city library for City Directory of 1890-1900. One car is in Indianapolis Children's Museum (1893). Chas. C. Lynde, P. O. Box 3, Church town, Maryland 20733.

23/9/1New Way Thanks to Bob Winters, 422 Harwicke Road, Springfield, PA 19064 for sending photocopies on this engine. Thanks also to Bob for information on the 1925 Centaur tractor.

23/11/8Fairmont engines We had a large number of responses on this one. See the box which illustrates and describes this matter. It was sent in by Andrew K. Mackey, 26 Mott Place, Rockaway Boro, New Jersey 07866-3022.

Mr. Mackey also submits several other responses:

23/10/29Reo engine Mr. Couey's engine is Model 404-F built in 1952, and developing 1? HP. It was used on a reel-type lawn-mower. For those needing additional REO information contact: Irv Troyer, RR 1, Box 258, LaGrange, IN 46761. Include all numbers off the ID plate, and be sure to include a few quarters to cover postage and copying costs.

23/11/8Fairmont Use a maximum ratio of 12:1 fuel mix. For Fairmont info write: Fairmont Railway Motors, A Division of Harsco Corp., Fairmont, MN 56031. ATT: Service Dept., Mr. Lloyd O'Brien. Include 75 cents for return postage. Also send all nameplate data on your engine.

23/11/12Associated serial #'s If Mr. Franzen will send me the nameplate info and a governor side photo, I will try to date his engine for him.

(The above responses are from Andrew Mackey, whose complete address is above).


One of the Florida Fly wheelers put his show on the road. After building 6 model engines from casting kits, I decided to build a model engine from scrap parts that I had accumulated around the shop. This ended up with the engine shown in Photo MM-2.

In this engine I used a crankshaft from an old 8 HP Briggs engine. The connecting rod was made from a solid bar of brass, and the piston and rings were from a Lawson engine. With a 2? inch bore and 25/8 inch stroke, this engine purrs along a 400 rpm all day long at the show. It has a throttling governor and I used a carburetor from an old 2? HP Briggs. The cylinder block was fabricated from steel well casing. The magneto is a fake, and it contains the timing points. It is gear driven off the side-shaft. The ignition for the spark plug is a Model T coil located in the wood box up-front. Also a 12 volt battery which operates the bilge pump to circulate the water as well as the ignition. The flyball governor runs at crankshaft speed and it holds the rpm very well. Ed Dempster, 50 Nina Jean Drive, Melbourne, Fl 32904.

Kenneth L. Roland, 3205 Circle Drive NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa52402 would like to hear from anyone having information on scale model hot air engines, especially the people in Michigan who he understands have blueprints of same.

Oscar Reiss, Rt 1, Box 100, Wilcox, NE 68982 sends two photos (MM-3 and MM-4) of model engines he has built. Note that MM-4 is an epicycloidal gear engine!


Well folks, this concludes the largest Reflections column ever! Granted, it took an awful lot of time on our part, but that's okay-we here at GEM appreciate your letters and your continued interest. Best Wishes to each and all of you for 1989!

The purpose of the Reflections column is to provide a forum for the exchange of all useful information among subscribers to GEM. Inquiries or responses should be addressed to: REFLECTIONS, Gas Engine Magazine, P.O. Box 328, Lancaster, PA 17603.