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Harold Gaddye

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28/2/11 Unidentified Engine Q. See two photos of a very unusual opposed piston engine. I lost the directions on this engine, but as I recall it was in Minnesota near Hill City, owned by two brothers. Any information or whereabouts would be appreciated.

Recently I acquired a Carlisle-Finch engine. Obviously there is something missing on the valve structure mechanism. Is there anyone out there in engine land that can help me out on this little jewel with pictures or information, please? Harold Gaddye, RR 2, Binbrook, ONT L0R 1C0 Canada.

28/2/12 Leaded vs. Unleaded As an enthusiast to both older truck and tractor restorations, I am a subscriber to both this magazine and Hemmings Motor News. From reading in the latter, it is my understanding that they have taken the position of using unleaded fuel in vehicles.

In my opinion, GEM needs to take a similar position (for a healthier environment) regarding stationary engines and vintage tractors.

I recently had a 261 Chevrolet truck engine built to burn unleaded gasoline. It turns out that the old method of repairing a valve seat (that is, grind out the old, damaged valve seat and knock in a steel seat) has become the way to use unleaded gasoline in the 1990s.

Sure, it takes extra effort to put in twelve steel valve seats in a six-cylinder engine such as the Chevrolet 261, but for a better environment for us and our children, it has to be done. David Cade, Box 53, Chapman, KS 67431.

28/2/13 Spirit of St. Louis Q. In his book, The Spirit of St. Louis, Charles Lindbergh wrote that while in the eighth hour of his solo transatlantic flight he thought back to his youth in Minnesota and the dealership he had taken on at age seventeen for milking machines and farm engines.

Does anyone know what line of gas engines Lindbergh represented at that young age? Herb Prentice, 9734 Garnish Drive, Downey, CA 90240-3003.

28/2/14 Benton Harbor Motocycle See the two photos of the before-and-after of my 1895 Benton Harbor Motocycle. It was built by W. O. Worth in 1895 for the Chicago Herald-Tribune Race of Thanksgiving Day, 1895. This was America' s first auto race.

The engine is a two-cylinder opposed design, open crankshaft, and camshaft, and is water cooled. The engine has a 30-inch flywheel, and is 5'3 ' long overall. This car has won several national awards, and is the oldest American motor vehicle in running condition. David A. Kolzow, Rt 3, Box 329, Iowa Falls, IA 50126.

28/2/15 Information Needed Q. What is the age of the following: Mogul Jr. 1 HP, s/n W7738; Empire 2? HP, no. 40525; Fairbanks-Morse 2 HP, no. 63406; Fairbanks-Morse 3 HP, no. 507708? Vernon Jackson, Hunt, NY 14846.

A. The Mogul Jr. was built in 1915. Both of the Fairbanks-Morse engines were made in 1923; there is no information on the Empire.

28/2/16 Cushman Cub Q. Can anyone tell me the year built of an R-14 Cushman Cub, 2 HP, s/n 88015? Sterling Hinman, 4676 Center Road, Avon, OH 44011.

A. To our knowledge no such information is available.

28/2/17 Mighty Man Q. I have a Mighty Man garden tractor which 1 believe is a 1947 model. It has a Wisconsin AB engine, s/n 978954. Can anyone tell me the proper color, the attachments, or any other information? I am thirteen years old. Scott Ham, Box 100 A, RD 1, Palm, PA 18070.

A. Could some of our readers help this young collector?

28/2/18 Empire Engine Q. I have a 1? Empire, s/n 20410. I believe it was built by Alamo Mfg. Co., Hillsdale, Michigan. (See top of page 18, American Gas Engines.) Would like to know date built, any decals, proper colors, etc. Contact: Hal Opdyke, 4960 Sioux Way, Okemos, MI 48864.

28/2/19 Ideal Engine Q. On page 239, lower right hand corner of American Gas Engines, is a picture of an Ideal engine exactly like the one I just purchased, with one exception. Mine has a pressed-in cast iron funnel on top of the water hopper, centered over the cylinder bore. The engine has a 4 x 5 inch bore and stroke, and is equipped with a Bosch BA-1 Ed. 18 magneto. The name plate is gone, and the decal is nearly gone. Can anyone lead me to a nameplate and a decal, or at least a good photograph of either? Any help will be greatly appreciated. George Peace, 8414 Kappa St., LaMesa, CA 91942.

28/2/20 Ruthhardt Magneto Q. I am looking for some information on a Ruthhardt magneto, It is Type 4H2P, s/n 3570. This is a high-tension two-spark model. It was made in Germany, and patented June 11, 1909, and has the name of Herz & Co., New York. I'm wondering what kind of engine it might have been used on, and how it was setup. Any information on this magneto will be greatly appreciated. Brian M. Lynch, RD 1, Box 120-B, Wellsville, NY 14895.

28/2/21 Best Combine Q. See the photos of a Best combine for the Imperial Valley Museum. I need any literature or information for the restoration of this machine, as I'm doing it on a volunteer basis. It has 'Best' cast into the radiator frame, but the engine has 'Harris' cast on the crankcase doors. The machine is nearly complete, but badly in need of some major repair. Any help, information, etc. will be greatly appreciated. Norman Wuytens, 4444 Brandt, Brawley, CA 92227.

28/2/22 Opperman Motorcart Q. See the photos of an Opperman Motor-cart made in Boreham Wood, Herts, England. It has a single cylinder J. A. P. engine made in London. I would like to know what it was used for and how many were built. Any information would be more than I have now. Danne Moore, HCR 71, Box 163, Windsor, VT 05089.

28/2/23 Meadows Grist Mill Q. Can anyone advise where to find a color photo of a Meadows grist mill? I believe these were sold by IHC dealers. I need this information so as to get mine painted the right colors. Wayne Haley, RR 2, Box 127, Dwight, IL 60420.

28/2/24 Colors Needed Q. I'm searching for the correct color scheme for some IHC equipment; the No. 102 planter and the IHC No. 9 mower. Any information will be appreciated. Roy Howard, PO Box 689, Linn Creek, MO 65052.

A. GEM reprinted the IHC Catalog No. 20, including the color illustrations, but not of the specific items you mention. This will be a great help to those wishing to restore various IHC machinery of that general vintage. This title is nearly out of print, but a few copies are still available.

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