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30/4/20 Electric Tachometer Q. See the photo of an Allen Electric Tachometer meter made by Simpson Electric Co. h is probably off some automotive tuneup equipment. With its range of 0-3500 rpm, I thought it would be ideal for checking the rpm of older tractors and engines. Can anyone tell me what the sending unit was like? Any information would be appreciated. Joe M. Tochtrop, 2028 McAllister St., San Francisco, CA 94118-4422.

30/4/21 Truscott Engine Q. I have a two-cylinder, four-cycle engine made by Truscott of St. Joseph, Michigan. I have been told it was made in 1895. The camshaft has only two lobes on it which operate only the exhaust valves; the intake valves are automatic. The original igniters are missing, as well as the mixer. Any information regarding this engine would be appreciated. Roy Davies, RR 1, Brace-bridge, ONT P1L 1W8 Canada.

A. The only illustration we have on this style is shown on page 515 of American Gas Engines, as well as the adjacent photo. We have found advertising as early as 1903, hut it is possible that they were active prior to that time.

30/4/22 Hesse Hornet Q. See the photos of a Hesse Hornet, made by Hesse Corporation, Kansas City, Missouri. It is a compressor unit built from a Jeep engine, in this instance, CJ3A, R3-J17117. It runs on two cylinders and pumps air with the other two cylinders. I would like to know more about this unit, when it was built, the color, etc. Would also like to hear from anyone owning one of these units. John W. Thompson, Rt. 8, Box 336, Live Oak, FL 32060.

30/4/23 Standard Scale & Supply Q. In the back of the pickup there is a Fairbanks-Morse 6 HP, a 1 HP John Deere, and a 3 HP engine from Standard Scale & Supply. I cannot find any information on the latter, and would like to learn more about this engine. Any help will be appreciated. Patrick M. Kelly, Rt 2, Box 48, Mt. Carroll, IL 61053.

A. Standard Scale was not an engine builder, but used other engines, the Novo in particular, on their cement mixers. Occasionally, a Novo engine will be found having 'SSS' cast into the crankcase hand hole plates instead of the usual 'Novo.'

30/4/24 Richardson Engine See photos 24A and 24B of the only Richardson engine ever built. It was patented july 22, 1913 by C. W. Richardson, Rugby, Virginia, and eventually was given to the Grayson Highland State Park and is on display at the Visitors' Center, open from spring 'til fall. This park is located in Grayson County, just off Route 58 in Rugby, Virginia. This engine was made in 1912, and has a 2 x 3 inch bore and stroke.

Also see photos 24C and 24D of an engine from Spotless Company, Richmond, Virginia. The Spotless engines are identical to those made by Jacobson Machine Mfg. Co., Warren, Pennsylvania, jimmy D. Joines, Rt 2, Box 277, Mouth of Wilson, VA 24363.

30/4/25 Minneapolis-Moline RTU Q. I am starting to restore a Minneapolis-Moline RTU, s/n 00104020, and would like to know the year built, proper paint colors, and where I can find decals. I would also like to hear from anyone with information on wiring and how many were built with hydraulics and three-point hitch. Any information will be appreciated. Rob Coyle, 1871 Laurel St., Hamilton, IL 62341.

A. Your tractor was built in 1952. The familiar Prairie Gold color is comparable to NAPA 90T-3749. Decals are available from some of the GEM advertisers. It anyone can be of help on the wiring and other desired information, kindly do so.

30/4/26 J. D. Adams Graders Q. See 26A of an Adams elevating grader. The Corps of Engineers plate reads, Model 11, Serial 516, 6-17-43, J. D. Adams Mfg. Co. What years was this grader made? This one was used on the ALCAN highway in World War Two, which seems late for this model. What is the color of Adams equipment?

Photo 26B is a Russell Standard Grader. It was pulled by 12 or 14 horses and pushed by six more. The original colors are red frame, white lettering, and green blade.

Photo 26C is an Adams wheeled scraper for which I would like to find more information , and 26D is a Gas Traction Company tractor owned by Lester Patersen, Lockwood, California. Paul Reno, 3254 Kansas Street, Oakland, CA 94602.

30/4/27 Schramm Engine Q. See the photos of an engine from Chris D. Schramm & Sons Inc., Size L3, 550 rpm, s/n 30083. It was originally used to run a piston pump on a well. Can anyone give me any information when it was used, the correct colors, etc.? I would like to contact anyone having one of these engines. R. L. DeJager, 785 NE Dogwood Ln, Madras, OR 97741.

A. From the pictures furnished, it's rather hard to tell, but we think there is a great similarity to the Schramm shown on the left side of page 451 in American Gas Engines. Those who have studied the Schramm line arc undoubtedly better equipped to give you more information.

30/4/28 New Acquisitions Q. See 28A, B, and C of an unidentified air cooled engine. Would like to know what the carburetor should look like, and if there are any of these engines around. Photo 28D is a four-cylinder Petter diesel. Would like to correspond with anyone having any information on this engine. All letters will be answered, and thanks for your help. Bob Hamilton, RR 1 (Gobies), Princeton, ONT N0J 1V0 Canada.

30/4/29 Alpha and Stover Q. Would anyone have information on an Alpha 5 HP and a 2 HP made by De-Laval Dairy Supply Company, serial numbers 22575 and 15509, respectively? Also, I have a Stover TC2136I7; anything on these engines would be of help. Alvin S. Ross Sr., 25768 Tidball Lane, Veneta, OR 97487.

A. We have no data on the Alpha engines; the Stover was made in 1931.

30/4/30 IHC Mogul Question Q. I recently obtained an IHC Mogul 1 HP engine, s/n W23343 from an owner in Ontario. The engine was painted dark red, similar to the Titan and Famous engines. I disassembled the engine and could find no trace of the usual Olive-green paint. I would like to know if this was normal practice for export engines, as the paint seems to be the original. Also, this engine was set up for spark plug ignition. The operator's manual shows a spark plug adaptor but it is not clear how the trip was made that goes to the cam lobe. Can anyone offer any help on this design? Larry R. Holderman, 2328 W 300 N, Warsaw, IN 46580.

A. Perhaps there might he others having export engines who have run into the same situation, and might be able to shed some light on the matter.

30/4/31 Serial Numbers Wanted Q. I would like to know the year the following engines were built: Fairbanks-Morse Z, 1, s/n 475603; Economy 1 S, 355502; Jaeger 3 310688; Stover, TB239011; Majestic 7 HP, s/n 135608; Deere Type E, 1 HP, 334375; Little Jumbo Type U, 2 HP, 4983; Hercules XK, 1 HP, s/n 11985; Fuller & Johnson NB, 2 HP, 99866; Emerson-Branting-ham Type U, 6 HP, 14478; Domestic Engine, 3 HP, s/n 17215; Witte 8 HP, s/n 50379; Witte 1 HP, s/n B41213; and an Ottawa, s/n E6647. Frank Carr, Rt 2, Box 35, Frametown, WV 26623.

A. The Fairbanks was made in 1920; the Stover TB in 1935; the Deere in 1935; the Fuller & Johnson in 1926; the Witte 8 HP in 1920; and the Witte 1 HP in 1927. We have no s/n data on the other engines listed. Also, in answer to your letter, the Witte engines did not use decals.

30/4/32 Flying Dutchman Engine Q. I have a 2 HP Flying Dutchman engine sold by Moline Plow Company, and built by Alamo; s/n 33764. I would appreciate any information on this engine, when sold, etc. Mike Tyler, 320 Locust St., Ridgecrest, CA 93555.

A. It is finished in a dark maroon, something like Ditzler 71666. We think Moline sold these engines in the 1916-18 period.

30/4/33 MECO Engine Q. I am restoring a 12 HP MECO engine, s/n A2630.I have found traces of red paint on the flywheels, gray on the water hopper, and green on the connecting rod. I am interested in finding the proper color scheme, and other information on this engine. Roy Ostafichuk, Box955, FlinFIon, MAN R8A 1N7 Canada.

A. It appears your engine was sold in 1931. We've not heard from anyone who has restored one to the original colors. If you're that person, please step forward and let us know the color scheme. As noted in 30/4/41 below, we think it is red, and have offered what we think is an accurate duplication of same. It's not likely that any striping was used on MECO engines.

30/4/34 Jaeger Engine Q. What is the proper color for a Jaeger engine, when was it made, and where can I obtain further information? It is s/n 44481, engine #356191, 25 horsepower. Larry M. Moore, 6910 S. Watterson Trail, Louisville, KY 40291.

A. Our Notebook lists PPG 13500 or DuPont 5183-DH Blue as comparable colors. Decals are available through GEM advertisers.

30/4/35 Wisconsin Engines Q. I would like some information on two types of Wisconsin engines: an AC4, #54370, and an AC4S, #54204; and an AP41, #542246. Anything you can provide would be of help. Bill Pursel, 15121 N. CR 700 E, Dunkirk, IN 47336.

A. We have no data on these engines. Can anyone be of help?

30/4/36 Ironhorse Information Needed Q. I have an Ironhorse, Model X209, s/n 9182. I would like to know when it was built, and need to contact someone having one of these engines. I need the kick starter assembly. Glen Davis, 212 S Blaine Ave., Bradley, IL 60915.

A. Are there some Ironhorse owners who can help?

30/4/37 Construction Machine Company Q. I recently bought a concrete mixer, s/n 49608, made by Construction Machinery Company, Waterloo, Iowa. The engine is a LeRoi Model 7S, s/n VBP207. Can anyone tell me when this machine was made or when the engine was produced? Art Shackman, 307 N. Church St., Newton, IL 62448.

A. Unfortunately, CMC disposed of all these old records years ago. If still available, they certainly would be helpful.

30/4/38 Bearcat or Tiger Q. Photo 38A is either a Bear Cat or a Tiger Cat tractor. What engine was used, and what was the difference between the Bear Cat and the Tiger Cat?

Photo 38B is a Tiger tractor, I think. There are no serial numbers on it, except on the engine. The latter is a Briggs & Stratton Model 14 FB, made in 1954. The transmission is a very small three-speed automotive unit. The original color is green. What would the model designation be for this tractor? Are Tiger decals available? Any help would be appreciated. Tommy Coffey, 200 Power Circle, Box C64-2, Hudson, NC 28638.

A. Can anyone be of help?

30/4/39 What Is It? Q. Can someone advise me as to the use of this heavy metal cart (see photo), and approximately when it was made? W. F. Henderson, 21600 Finn Rd., Sheridan, OR 97378.

30/4/40 Identification Needed  Q. Can anyone identify the tractor in the photo? It is factory built. What is the original engine? Emil Leimkuehler, HCR 62, Box 3, Mt. Sterling, MO 65062.

30/4/41 MECO Engines Q. See the three photos of my 4 HP MECO engine, s/n A4090. Can you tell me the year made, and the color? Also would like to know the year built of MECO engines A1504 and A1866. Fred Kummerfeldt, 55 Calumet Avenue, Oakland, NJ 07436.

A. In the order given, the years are 1917, 1929, and 1931. Of course the MECO stands for Manufacturer's Engine Company, and these were Witte engines, appearing in the Witte serial number records. Their random numbering system was at full tilt on the MECO, with consecutive numbers sometimes being fifteen years apart! From your photos, and from some other information, we would guess that PPG 3296 Bright Red (1982 Ford Truck) would be fairly close. As we've noted many times before, accurate color matches weren't likely in those days, especially when the paint went up for bids and the supplier might change from year to year.

30/4/42 Kohler Light Plant Q. Can anyone provide the correct color information on a Kohler Electric. Plant, Model D 25404, 110 volts DC, 1500 watts? Any information will be appreciated. Erik Vathne, 6241 County Rd 35, Finlayson, MN 55735.

A. We don't have a color listed for Kohler in the current edition of our Notebook. If anyone can supply it, please let us know.

30/4/43 Coupparel Engine Q. I was hoping someone could give me some information on an engine. I mainly would like to know if you could get electricity for a lead light from it. It is a Coupparel engine made in Minneapolis. It is on a Sno-Pony snowmobile made in the early 1960s. I am also curious as to how many are left in existence. I'm hoping I got lucky and may have picked up a real gem! The engine has a Coupparel sticker with a horse above it. It also has a sticker indicating how much oil to mix with the gas. James Simpson, PO Box 653, Osltemo, MI 49077-0653.

30/4/44 IHC LAA and LBA Engines Q. I am restoring two International 1 2 engines. Could someone give me the appropriate paint, and the year built? The numbers are LAA 39043 and LBA 106388. John Walker, 2128 E. Fernview St.,SimiValley,CA93065.

A. We would assume these engines to be in the usual IHC Red; the years built are 1937 and 1946 respectively.

30/4/45 From Australia Q. See the photos of a Mode! M International engine. All the numbers given in the book 150 Years of International Harvester have an alpha prefix, but I cannot find this on my engine. It is fitted with a high tension magneto and spark plug. Can you provide further information? Fred Schultz, PO Box 713, Sale, Vic 3850 Australia.

A. First of all, from the photos, we would believe yours is a 1 HP kerosene model, photo 45A, built in 1919. It would have an 'A' prefix, and this would have likely been etched on the plate itself, not stamped in. However, the parts book shows that your engine should have been equipped with an igniter (30/4/45B) and the IHC Type R magneto in the 1917-23 period. From 1923-33 the American Bosch high tension magneto was optionally available. The back view (30/4/45C) shows the early style of the Type M engines, in that the hand hole was changed to a pressed steel plate attached with four machine screws. The early ones, like this, used a cast plate with a captive bar and a thumb screw. According to the parts book, this style was used until 1921.

30/4/46 Cushman Inquiry Q. On page 118, upper left hand corner, of American Gas Engines, is a horizontal engine like I just recently acquired. I am looking for any possible information on this one and would be happy to pay for any copies.

It seems that this is one of the more uncommon Cushman models, and I was pleased to locate it through an ad in GEM. I have a total of 23 Cushman engines, including a 3 HP Model C on a banjo cart (a heavy cast-frame outfit, roughly shaped like a banjo), some early Cushman Cubs with very unusual features, as well as the Massey-Harris and Sears Farm Master models made by Cushman. The largest Cushman I have is the 15 HP model.

I also have a lot of original Cushman literature which I am happy to share with persons restoring Cushman engines. I have also collected serial numbers on about 500 Cushman engines, which I have put on my computer. We have some verified dates of purchase, so we are beginning to be able to approximate the manufacturing dates of some engines.

I have also taken extensive photos of variations of different engines, which should be helpful to other collectors. If I can be of help to other Cushman collectors, I'll gladly do so. Jim Brown, 7309 Baldwin Ave., Lincoln, NE 68507.

A. Now there's the best offer we've seen in a long time. However, please be so kind when sending an inquiry as to include a self-addressed and stamped envelope (SASE) and if you're wanting photocopies, try to include a generous allowance. In our opinion, two bits (25 cents) a page isn't any too much . . . besides the actual cost of owning a copier, which is becoming astronomical, there's the cost of paper too. And don't forget about the toner. Each bottle of that stuff must have some gold or platinum in it!

30/4/47 Farmall F-20 Serial Q. The serial number plate on my F-20 Farmall is corroded and the numbers are gone. Is there any way to date this tractor? Thomas J. Iglehart, 3844 Jennings Chapel Rd., Woodbine, MD 21797

A. The shop manual says that the number is stamped on the plate, but it seems to us that it is also stamped on the top of the engine rail just behind the radiator.

30/4/48 Unidentified Engine Q. I purchased this two-cylinder opposed engine at an auction (and paid one heck of a price for it). See photo. There are some things I don't understand about it. There are no openings for a combustible mixture to enter or exhaust gases to exit the cylinders . There appears to be no way of igniting the mixture. What make is this, and approximately when was it made? I surely would be appreciative if someone could give me some information. Dale Nickerson, 8670 Glasgow Road, Cassadaga, NY 14718-9617.

A. Can anyone be of help?

30/4/49 Switching Names An article in the Lewistown, Pennsylvania, Sentinel of January 3, 1995 refers to an article of ten years earlier about 'scratching the green and yellow paint from a 1985 John Deere skid-steer loader and you'll find a Sperry New Holland product underneath.' Judging from the article, it would appear this might not be an uncommon practice. The question has been brought up in the past about one manufacturer's nameplate on an engine that appears to have been made by someone else. George Kasdorf Sr., RD 3, Box 251, Lewistown, PA 17044-9218.

30/4/50 Jaeger Engine Q. I have acquired a 3 HP Jaeger engine. Does anyone know where I can find an instruction manual, decals, etc. for this engine? Mark Hunt, 106 Red Rd., Albany , GA 31705.

A. Decals are available from some GEM advertisers. Reference to the proper color has been noted previously in this issue.

30/4/51 Witte Engines Q. I have three Witte engines with the following numbers, and would like to know their age if possible: 2 HP, B22312; 8 HP, sin 80188; 4 HP, s/n 49576. Dave Rotigel, RD 4, Box 143, Greensburg, PA 15601.

A. In order, the years are 1925, 1928, and 1920.

30/4/52 Clutch Pulley Q. See the photos of a clutch pulley made by Edgemont Machine Company, Dayton, Ohio. It is No. G7, and has a 12 inch diameter with a 6 inch face. It is mounted to the flywheel with three bolts. Does anyone know the engine this might have fit, or know anything about Edgemont Machine Company? Kaven Isenberg, 5138 Edmonton Road, Tompkinsville, KY42167.

30/4/53 Cushman Engine Q. See the photo of a Cushman Model 7C7 engine, 4 HP, s/n 59759. It is equipped with a Wico EK magneto. I would like to find more information on this engine. It was stored in an enclosed shed for over 50 years and has never been run during this time, It was used on a grain elevator in central California. Any information would be much appreciated. Carl C. Nielsen, 1701 Albany Avenue, Modesto, CA 95350.

A. See previous commentary above on Cushman.

30/4/54 Cushman Inquiry Q. I have a Cushman 3 HP R20B Bean Special Cub, sin HA3099. I would like to find more information, such as age, color, and proper decals. A picture appears on page 118 of American Gas Engines. I would also like any information possible on the Majestic Engine Company. Derek Watt, 4429 Hallet St., Rockville, MD 20853.

A. Again, see the Cushman commentary above.

30/4/55 F-M Model A Light Plant Q. See the photo of a Fairbanks-Morse Model A, 32 volt light plant. I need a service manual for it, especially the wiring diagram for the control box. Any help would be appreciated. Merlin Crohn, 891 S Dagmar Rd., Dagmar, MT 59219.

A. The diagram at 30/4/55 may be of help.

30/4/56 Maytag Mini-Bike See the photos of my Maytag-powered minibike with a Model 92 washer engine, and a sidecar made from the tub of a 1936 Maytag washer. It uses a belt-tightener clutch and friction-type brakes. The frame is painted fire red, and the Maytag is green, while the sidecar is painted Maytag gray. While it won't break any speed records, it will move two people at better than a fast walk with the sidecar attached. I also have restored a gasoline Maytag washer, as well as an electric model of circa 1936. These are restored to nearly original except for the exhaust hose and muffler, which I'm still trying to find. Bill Reece, PO Box 444, Ellijay,GA30540.

30/4/57 Superior Engine Q. Our club, The Western Missouri Antique Tractor & Machinery Association, has acquired a 30 HP Superior two-cycle engine, s/n B1014- We need information on setting up the engine, operating data, etc. Any help will be appreciated. Wilfred Belt, 1303 Butler Dr., Harrison ville, MO 64701.

30/4/58 McClary Engine Q. Barkerville Historic Town is currently contemplating the restoration of a 1921 McClary stationary engine. Can anyone provide some information or guidance regarding this engine? Brian Fugler, Heritage Properties Branch, Northern Interior Region, Box 19, Barkerville, BC  V0K  1B0 Canada.

30/4/59 Mar-Tan Engine Q. See the photo of a Mar-Tan v-twin, fan cooled engine, s/n 10475. This engine is mounted on a heavy cast iron base, rope started, and flyball governed through a Tillotson carburetor. Can anyone provide any information on this engine, or know of others? Any help will be appreciated. (This engine was made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.) James Prepodnik, 12540 Sethers Rd., Gheen. MN 55771.