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28/4/16 Humphryes Engines Q. I have recently acquired a Humphryes engine, Model 940ET4, s/n 2964, mfd. by Humphryes Mfg. Co., Mansfield, Ohio. It is equipped with a Wico EK magneto. Can anyone provide further information on this engine? Earl R. Parrish, 3612 Ridgecrest Drive, Gautier, MS 39553.

A. Never heard of this one . . . has anyone else?

28/4/17 Garden Tractor Q. See the photo of an unidentified garden tractor, made in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It has a spark plug on the top and one on the side. Does anyone know the reason for this? Morris Blomgren, 10139 Blomgren Rd., Siren, WI 54872.

A. Can anyone advise on this query?

28/4/18 Maytag Mower Q. Photo 18-A is before, and 18-B is an 'after' shot of a Maytag mower. The deck is a Monitor and the engine is a Twin. Was there a starting pulley on the engine? Any help will be appreciated. Maurice Biehn, 2805 E. Cedarwood Dr., Lake Bonnet Village, Avon Park, FL 33825.

A. Here's a problem for the Maytag experts.

28/4/19 Motorgo Etc Q. I have a Witte log saw, no. B11416. What kind of equipment was used to grip the log? Also see the photos of a Motorgo row boat engine. Who built these engines, and during what time period? It has brass freeze plugs with a patent date of 4/8/13. It has 7/8 inch spark plugs. The water pump is on top of the gear box and pumps water up a pipe to under the engine, to a tee. From there it passes through flexible rubber hoses to the cylinders and overflows through pipes that extend over and down behind the engines. The spark and throttle controls are independent of each other.

I believe it is designed to run clockwise or counterclockwise by changing the spark setting to make the boat go forward or backward. The engine does not oscillate but the tube just below the engine does so the boat can be steered; that is the reason for the rubber hoses. I have had this engine several years but have never tried to run it. Any information will be appreciated. C. A. Zippeble, 11702 CR 81, Vernon, TX 76584.

A. On the Witte logsaw, a shaft with a ratchet wheel went through the frame timbers. It carried a piece of small log chain to which they attached a heavy hook or spike that could be driven into the log. Suitable pointed studs were mounted on the bottom side of the sills. Driving the stud into the log and winching it tight to the frame was all that was needed. We know virtually nothing at all about outboard engines, so we hope some of our readers, knowledgeable on this subject, might be of help.

28/4/20 Economy Engine Q. See the photo of my Economy engine. I would like to have any information as to color, year, and if there is any striping. It is 1 HP E, and is s/n 55806. Woody McCormick, 6222 Middlerose Circle, Louisville, KY 40272.

A. By referring to the Hercules History book written by Glenn Karch, and cited above in this column, you will likely find all the information you need.

28/4/21 Little Jumbo Q. See the photo of a Little jumbo, made by Nelson Bros. It is a Model V, 2 HP, s/n 5275. Can anyone advise color scheme and when it was built? Raymond Allyn, 71 S. Lake St., Bergen, NY 14416.

A. We have DuPont 2015 Green listed as the proper color. There is no serial number or dating information available for this engine.

28/4/22 Deere Plug Ignition Q. I have a 1 HP John Deere which has spark plug adapter no. E31R, replacing the igniter. This same casting has a grounding connection at the lower edge. Another casting replaces the magneto and utilizes the magneto mounting holes for attachment to the engine. This casting has a mica-insulated contact point installed. All else is missing for the ignition. I have located a coil/battery box with knockout holes which match the grounding terminal on the E3IR casting. The engine s/n is 319502 (1930). However, as with many of the common engines, spare parts may have been exchanged with the originals. I would welcome correspondence with John Deere collectors knowledgeable of this model, particularly regarding the remainder of the electrical system. Ted Burkey, 801 Eastridge Drive, Lincoln, NE 68510.

28/4/23 Early Associated Q. See the photos of a very early Associated 4 HP engine. It is identical to the one shown at the top of page 34 in American Gas Engines. However, I will need to recreate the valve and mixer assembly. Closeup pictures and dimensions from readers would be helpful, as would the original color. This engine was found in Austin, Texas, but is not common in this region. M. R. Boyd, 1507 Olive Street, Georgetown, TX 78626.

A. This particular style isn't common anywhere that we know of. There used to be one which appeared at the Old Threshers Reunion at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa some years ago, but we don't know where it went. Can anyone be of help?

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