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22/4/25 Q. I have a Fairbanks-Morse 'Z' engine, s/n 266742. Would like to know the year of it; also the wrist pin came loose and scored the cylinder about 3/32 of an inch. How can this be fixed? Also need information on a Briggs & Stratton FH' engine, s/n 30041. Marcel Corriveau, L15 C15, RR 2, Corbeil, Ontario PoH 1K0 Canada.

A. The Fairbanks-Morse engine is likely a 1917 model. With the cylinder scored this deeply by the wrist pin, it will probably be necessary to have it bored out and sleeved. We've heard all kinds of patent remedies for fixing bad cylinders, but so far we have found nothing to replace lost metal that will stay there for any length of time.

22/4/26 Q. Can anyone identify this log saw and engine? It says 'Climax' on the side, but has no other identification. Steve Stratman, 1133V2 School St., Pueblo, CO 81006.

A. A check of various implement directories shows Globe Company, Sheboygan, Wisconsin as a manufacturer of 'Wood Sawing Machines' under the Climax tradename.

22/4/27 Q. Does anyone have information on the Quadpull tractor built at Antigo, Wisconsin. It is pictured on page 35 of Encyclopedia of American Farm Tractors. I personally knew the inventor, D. S. Stewart who only lived a few miles away. Adin Reynolds, Anima, WI 54408.

A. Beyond what was offered in the above book, we have found no further information on this tractor.

22/4/28 Q. What is the proper paint color for IHC LA engines? Robert Callaway, 425 So. 42nd, Lincoln, NE 68510.

A. So far as we know, ordinary IH Red, available at most paint stores.

22/4/29 Q. What is the year built for a Massey-Harris Challenger Model C-H, s/n 130972. Also what is the original paint color scheme, and who built the engine? John Wagner, 27191 Mekus Rd., RR 3, Defiance, OH 43512.

A. It would appear that this is a 1936 model. We do not have a matching color number. The 1936 Cooperative Red Book shows this tractor to have the company's own engine.

22/4/30 Q. See the picture given below of our 4 HP Cushman engine with cooling tank and original cast iron truck. Would like to have the proper color of engine and truck, plus we need to know if it has any striping, also the color of the tank. Also curious as to the rarity of this engine, as we do not see many like it at shows. Charles E. Riley, 5670 Delisle & Fourman Road, Arcanum, OH 45304.

A. We have DuPont Dulux 93-62713-H listed as a comparable color of green for the Cushman vertical, although we are not sure of the color for the cast iron trucks. We also have one of these unrestored, and the trucks appear to be black. The cooling tank was left unfinished, just natural galvanized steel. Cushman verticals had no pin striping. The Cushman vertical is not particularly rare, although the cast iron trucks like you have are rather hard to find.

22/4/31 Q. I am seeking information on the ignition system for an Associated' 'Jerry Boy'' hand car engine. This engine is exactly like the other air-cooled Associated models, but was designed to be reversible by virtue of a moveable cam lobe. How was the ignitor 'reversed?' A 'normal' Associated ignitor will not work. This is the only 'Jerry Boy' I have seen. Would be glad to hear from anyone with one of these engines. Fritz Ackerman, Box 305, Bellville, OH 44813.

A. We've never seen a 'Jerry Boy' hand car engine, but fail to understand why the ignitor setup would change, regardless of which way the crankshaft runs. The push rod simply moves back and forth, regardless of the crankshaft, and inanimate thing that it is, it cannot tell the difference. We may stand corrected on this, but we can see no reason for changes to the ignitor just because of reversing the crankshaft rotation. Presumably the cam is symmetrical, that is, it has the same lift during the same period of rotation, regardless of direction.

22/4/32 Q. Can anyone supply information on a Love 6-cylinder tractor with a Chrysler motor. It was built in Eau Claire, Michigan. Waiter Buttel, 1683 Montague Road', Leaf River, IL 61047.

A. We have nothing on file except for the usual specifications from the tractor directories. Perhaps one of our readers might photocopy some original Love tractor literature, assuming that some still exists.

22/4/33 Q. We recently acquired a 3 HP vertical air cooled Myrick's Eclipse engine, s/n 640, 400 rpm. (See photo) It is very similar to the engine on page 322 of American Gas Engines. The engine is spark plug ignition, yet there is no way to set the timing. Was this engine originally hot tube, and possibly converted? Would like to hear from someone familiar with this engine so we can restore it. Stan Matlowski, RD 1, Box 199, Hemlock Creek, PA 18621.

A. We have nothing at all on this engine, but hopefully some of our readers will respond to the call for help.

22/4/34 Q. Don Macmillan, Whiterig, Etchilhampton, Devizes, Wilts., SN10 3JY England comments on the Waterloo Boy colors seen on the front cover of the December, 1986 GEM: If one assumes that the colours are fairly accurate, could one deduce from this the correct colour scheme for Waterloo Boy tractors pre-John Deere's takeover in March, 1918? I have long wanted accurate information on this subject.

A. The Reflector has never been able to pin this down, although it seems that Waterloo Gas Engine Co. might themselves have changed from red to green about 1914. In fact, this company must have had a problem deciding on color, since the Reflector's own engine of 1893 vintage from Waterloo Gasoline Traction Engine Company was a dark green color. At some point, we know not when, they changed to red. This in itself is curious, since Galloway and Associated engines, both built in Waterloo were also red. One would think that Waterloo Gas Engine would have opted for almost anything but red! We suspect the only way to firmly establish this will be when enough people holding enough different Waterloo Boy catalogs can get together and make this determination.

22/4/35 Q. Would like to correspond with anyone having a Fairbanks-Morse Type 'N' 20 HP, throttle governed engine. My question is to the purpose of the enclosed canister with what appears to be a weight that is attached to a butterfly on the mixer intake on the bottom side of the head. Rich Krumm, 13075 West Watson Road, Sunset Hills, MO 63127.

A. We suspect you are referring to the governor dashpot, located there to prevent floating of the throttle valve. Dashpots usually contain some lightweight oil, and this operates similar to an automotive shock absorber by keeping the governor from overreacting. Fairbanks-Morse 'Z' engines use a flat spring on the governor body itself, and simply tightening a set screw places more tension on the spring, retarding the governor action.

22/4/36 Q. See the photo of my first engine, an Orr & Sembower, 4 HP vertical, s/n 1818, made in Reading, Pa. Local collectors say it is a rare engine, but I need help, since it was partially disassembled when I got it, and how the carburetor works is my major question. Any replies will be appreciated. Ron Brennan, 35655 Palomares Road, Castro Valley, CA 94552.

22/4/37Mr. Arnold Sayer, 106, South Road, Kirby Stephen, Cumbria, England sends a photo of a rare 1923 Hobbs engine made by Frome Engineering, Frome, Somerset, England. It uses a Webster magneto, although we wish Mr. Sayer would forward the bracket number so it can be added to the list.

22/4/38 Q. Can anyone identify this engine? AH castings have a 'U' prefix, and it uses a Wico EK magneto. A brass plate on the water reservoir states: W. E. Fennel Co. Pumping Machinery  Boston, Ma.

Any information will be appreciated. George Banas, 631 AlpineDrive, South-bridge, MA 01550.

22/4/39 Q. Mr. J. C. Heyer, Skiff Farm, Wisborough Green, Billingshurst, Sussex, RH14 ODD England has a large collection of IH tractors, but has problems locating a 4-spoke steering wheel for his W-30, and has no success in his country of finding anything. He would like to hear from anyone who might be able to provide information on his problem.

22/4/40 Q. Norval Morgareidge, 58018 Fisher Lane, St. Helens, OR 97051 would like to have the proper color for an Alamo Blue Line engine, and whether decals were used on both sides.

A. As noted above, we do not have a matching color as yet for the Alamo Blue Line engines, but we assume that decals are placed on both sides of the engine.

22/4/41 Q. What is the proper color andpinstriping for a 2 HP Jaeger engine, and what is the approximate age? Rick Plies, 8100 S. Cherrywood Drive, Lincoln, NE 68510.

A. We keep adding paint colors, and published what we had a while back. However, we keep getting more of them, but do not have anything on Jaeger yet. We don't know of any way to definitely establish age on these engines.

22/4/42 Q. I am new to antique engines, and find myself confused about hit-and-miss governing, volume governing, low tension magnetos, and the like. Can you recommend any booklet that will help? David P. Rhine, 1124 Park Dr., Palmyra, PA 17078.

A. We especially recommend Gas Engine Guide available from this magazine. It is a reprint of a book published many years ago.

22/4/43 Q. The decal sets for the McCormick-Deering 10-20 tractors that are available are for the 1926 to 1939 models, but those built 1923-1925 take different decals, especially on the fenders. Does anyone make the proper decals for these earlier models, and what are the proper decals to use? Bill Tremel, RD 2, Church Road, Eighty/our, PA 15330.

A. We're aware of the difference in the decals, but don't know of anyone making the earlier style. However, we would assume that since most of the others are the same, except that is on the fenders, perhaps one of our GEM advertisers might take up the challenge.

22/4/44 Q. Ed L. Swanson, 67 Dora Pines Ave., Mt. Dora, FL 32757 needs the proper paint color for a Friend sprayer engine, and for a pre-1924 'Novo engine.

A. The Novo is comparable to DuPont Dulux 93-77161 green, but we do not have a matching number for the Friend engine.

22/4/45 Ray Twillman, Route 1, Box 204, Marthasville, MO 63357 asks whether anyone can put a name to the lawnmower in an below photo, also its approximate age.

22/4/46 Q. I collect International and McCormick engines. I'm presently restoring a 1917 International under-strike, and would like to hear from anyone who has one of these in 1? HP or larger. Also would like to hear from anyone who has one of these in 1? HP or larger. Also would like some information on a magnet charger, whether to build or buy one. What year is an Economy 5 HP with a Webster magneto, s/n 232241, and what is the proper paint color for an Alamo Blue Line engine, 2 HP. Chuck Urban Jr., 269?Elm St., Deerfield, MI 49238.

A. By under-strike we assume you mean the early Type M IHC engines with a single pushrod, rather than the more common variety using a separate pushrod for the exhaust valve plus the second one for the ignitor. It's certainly possible to build a magnet charger, but good used ones like Allen or Weidenhoff show up occasionally at swap meets or engine shows. Our recollection is that most magnet chargers are in the range of 1,800 ampere-turns, ranging up to 3,000 ampere-turns. If someone has all the formulae worked out for a magnet charger, we'll try to include it in a future column.

22/4/47 Q. I have a Galloway 2? HP engine, s/n 25332. The engine is missing the piston (41/8 x 5 bore and stroke). The cylinder and igniter look like the Boss of the Farm 1?HP model shown on page 198 of American Gas Engines. Did they take this block and increase the bore to produce the extra ? HP? What is the color and year built for this engine? George N. Whiston, 508 N. Range St., Oblong, IL 62449.

A. Your 2? HP model is of about 1916 vintage. It was built along the same basic lines as the 1? Boss of the Farm model, but was a distinctly different model. Galloway recommended the Webster magneto, but it was at an extra cost of $7 for this engine, over and above the $45.75 cash price. We have DuPont Dulux 93-066-H red listed as the matching paint color.

22/4/48 Q. Can anyone identify the engine in these photos? It appears to be about 3 HP, and we believe it is a Worthington, but cannot identify it for sure. Some castings numbers are: Head, BH41; Hopper, B34; Base, B22; Rocker Arm, A629. I am also curious about the Emerson-Brantingham 'C' engine listed in the Webster Magneto listing published recently, as I have never seen or heard of a Model C before. John J. Levora, 62660 CR 380, Bangor, MI 49013.

A. We strongly believe this engine to be a Worthington, but await further confirmation from our readers. Mr. Levora has also been researching the connection between the engines of J. E. Plunket Jr. and a virtually identical style built by J. D. Wallace. After further research, we'll be hearing more about this, and we look forward to it.

22/4/49 Q. Can anyone tell us more about the log saw in this photo? It was called the 'Little Woodsman' and built by Merrill & Barnwell, Eureka, California. Would like to hear from anyone who can give me some of the history on this company. There is no number or date on the engine. Leeds Chesshir, P.O. Box 3992, W. Sedona, AZ 86340.

A. The files are bare on this one!

22/4/50 Q. Don R. Petersen, 800 East Center Street, Visalia, CA 93277 would like to correspond with anyone knowing the proper color for a Sheffield engine, or with anyone having an engine like their Class H, Size 25, 225 rpm, 56 x 4 flywheels, built by Sheffield Gas Power Co., Kansas City, Missouri.

22/4/51 Q. What is the proper color for a Christensen 5 HP, Model FF engine? Also, being new at antique engines, what is the difference between cold and hot spark plugs? Vinny Cavaliere, 41 Hammertown Road, Monroe, CT 06468.

A. We believe the Christensen is a deep green corresponding to Ditzler 43839, and with yellow striping. The extent to which a spark plug is 'hot' or 'cold' is determined primarily by the length insulation exposed to combustion gases. The shorter the exposed insulation area, the cooler the plug, and the longer this insulation, the hotter the plug. Constant operation at full throttle will probably require a 'colder' plug, that is, one with a shorter insulator. Slow speed engines, or engines not under a load will likely require a 'hotter' plug to minimize fouling. Regardless of make, the shorter the path of heat conduction from the insulator to the plug body, the colder the plug, and of course, the longer this path, the hotter the plug. Vintage engines operating at slow speed and no load, in other words, show conditions, often require a hotter plug than would normally be used.

22/4/52 Q. Andy L. Neufeld, 1808 Duke Lane, Visalia, CA 93277 needs the ignition- light combination for a 1929 International 6-speed Special Truck, also would like to hear from parts sources for these trucks.

A. While some of the GEM readers might have the information you desire, a paper oriented to this hobby specifically might be of help. Heming's Motor News, available at newsstands is one such example.

22/4/53 Q. I have been collecting old cream separators, and now have 133 different models. 1 am putting together an alphabetical list of models and companies for a start, but would appreciate hearing from anyone with old cream separators or with information on the companies. Paul Detloff D.V.M., Route 3, Box 189, Arcadia, WI 54612.

A. Dr. Detloff also sends along a newsletter from their cream separator collectors organization. If interested along these lines, kindly contact Dr. Detloff.

22/4/54 Dale Nickerson, 8670 Glasgow Road, Cassadaga, NY 14718 sends along a photo of his Rumsey 5 HP engine built at Ripley, NY between 1902 and 1906. Dale also has an interest in old direct-current generators, and last fall purchased a Keystone bi-polar generator made in Erie, Pennsylvania. He would appreciate hearing from anyone having information on old D.C. generators, or any data on the Keystone generator.

22/4/55 Q. Bud Brautlecht, 5 Merion Terrace, Collingswood, NJ 08108 would like to correspond with anyone on an Emerson-Brantingham 2 HP engine, and on a Bates & Edmonds Bulldog engine sold by Fairbanks-Morse.

A. Note that Fairbanks Company were sales agents for the Bull Dog engine, NOT Fairbanks-Morse Co. These were two entirely different companies.

22/4/56 Q. Who made the 6 HP air-cooled engine used on the late Ottawa log saws? Any information will be appreciated. Frederick W. Adams, Rte. 285, RFD 1, Taberg, NY 13471.

A. We thought we had some information on this machine, but in the absence of same, we call on our readers for help.

22/4/57 Andy Gortsema, Box 223, Fairfield, WA 99012 sends along a photo of his Ellis engine, and would like to know the proper color for the 25 HP Superior pumping engine like used in the oil fields.

22/4/58 J. L. Brautlecht Jr., 5 Merion Ter., Collingswood, NJ 08108 would like to hear from people who repair magnetos, especially Fairbanks-Morse Type J and Type R.

22/4/59 Q. I recently found a small tractor called the Suburbanite, s/n N55662, built by American Farm Machinery Co., Minneapolis, MN. The tractor is exactly like the one pictured in the Jan-Feb 1983 GEM, page 15. Would like to hear from anyone with information on this tractor, paint color, service information, and approximate age. Luke Anderson, Box 54, Dillonvale, OH 43917.

A. We have some literature on this company, but not on this specific model.

22/4/60 Thanks to Mr. Charles H. Spurgeon, 2500 West 42nd St., Indianapolis, Indiana 46208 we have a copy of the December, 1986 Indiana Magazine of History. This issue contains an excellent article entitled, 'The Diesel Came to Indiana in the Horse-and-Buggy Days.' The article delves into the early days of Cummins Engine Company, Hercules Engine Company, and briefly discusses the Hercules connection with Sears-Roebuck. We believe additional copies might be available at a very reasonable cost, and if interested we suggest contacting: Editor, Indiana Magazine of History, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405.

22/4/61 Q. What is the proper color for a Witte 2 HP engine, and what is the best spark plug type to use. It has a Wico EK magneto. Howard E. Machlan, 1538 Emery St., Longmont, CO 80501.

A. We suggest DuPont Dulux 93-5800 green enamel. Try any plug that will fit, and if it fouls quickly, then move up to a higher heat range on the plug.

22/4/62 Q. I have an Ottawa 4 HP log saw, s/n TE7360. Can anyone tell me the year built, also proper color and trim? Wilson W. Risenburg, 611 W. Stevenson St., Gibsonburg, OH 43431.


Novo KU, 3x4 engine ignition

For these engines using Bosch Type S 3-40 magnetos, the Model A Ford points and condenser are almost identical, made by Echlin for NAPA, points no. CS-30 and condenser no. FA-5. Drill out the rivet holding the points together and run a wire from the condenser clamp to the points and then re-rivet the points together. Also cut the tab off the bottom of the condenser to clear the magnet. Luke Anderson, Box 54, Dillonvale, OH 43917.

Webster Magneto Brackets

We have a Quincy 6 HP engine built in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. It uses a 303K44 bracket, not listed with the Webster index. Richard Brassard, 100 Sherburne Ave., Tyngsboro, MA 01879.

22/2/40 Leader tractor This tractor was painted in a wine-/burgundy red. Don Siefker, 705 W. Annie Drive, Muncie, IN 47303.

22/2/13 Economy engine The 1926 Sears-Roebuck catalog shows the Model 'N', but I have seen no other reference to this small and different Hercules-built Economy engine. Lee W. Pedersen, 78 Taft Avenue, Lynbrook, NY 11563. Mr. Pedersen also comments regarding:

22/2/21 Coldwell lawn mower. This one looks like a Coldwell built in Newberg, New York. Most all the one and two-cylinder Coldwell's I know of were sold on lawn mowers built in Newberg.

22/1/15 LeRoi engine In reply to Dave Banas, I have a LeRoi 1-cylinder engine, s/n 40629 purchased in 1962 when it came from an orchard sprayer. Wrote the company and this letter was forwarded to Climax Engine Mfg. Co., Clinton, Iowa who replied in 1963. I have the service parts book and manual which I could copy for the cost of copying. Information may still be available from the company. Darrell Sheridan, 9730 State Road, Nunica, MI 49448.

Note: Climax became a division of Waukesha Motor Co. in 1957.

Waukesha Motor Corporation merged into Bangor Punta Corporation in 1968.

Letter of Thanks

Andrew Anderson, 735 Mayview Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94303 wishes to thank everyone who helped identify an unknown engine illustrated a while back.

A-C tractor, Dec. 1986 GEM

On page 33 of this issue is a late model A-C Model E. Could be a 20-35 or a 25-45. The French & Hyatt wheels came at least 1/3 to ? way through the production (1918-29, some say it was produced into the 30's). A. C. was producing the A model when they bought out Rumely, and discontinued the Rumely 6, that engine was produced 30-31 (the Rumely 6). The 18-30 and 20-35 was painted green color thru 1925. Also on 21/12/22, question. Most steering wheels on all early tractors are alike enough so one can hardly tell the difference. You may have to bush or ream the bore. I have repaired many steering wheels with body filler. I paint them, and it's hard to tell any difference. Andrew L. Michels, 302 W. Highland Ave., Plentywood, MT 59254.

22/1/7 engine The engine is a Lauson. Generator is a 6 volt Delco. Sold in radio department at Sears, used to charge battery radios, last sold in 1934 or thereabouts. Charles C. Lynde, Box 3, Churchton, MD 20733.

22/2/15 engine This appears to be a 'Racine Sattley'. The Webster bracket should be a 303M9. Next comes:

22/2/16The engine pictured is indeed from either a 'Service Cycle' or 'Simplex' motor bike. The gear on the crankshaft is for the kick starter. Also we have:

22/2/10I believe this engine is a Stewart 'Little Wonder' though not identical to the engines pictured on pages 96-97 of American Gas Engines.

These three preceding replies were sent in by Dick Hamp, 1772 Conrad Avenue, San Jose, CA 95124.

22/1/7 Battery Charger Generator Jesse Livingston, Route 2, Box 118, Troy, TN 38260 sends us a large packet of photocopy data regarding this recent query. The engine was made by Continental Motors, Detroit and Muskegon, Michigan, and the Delco generator at Rochester, New York. Sold by Montgomery Ward under their 'Airline' name; Sears-Roebuck 'Tiny Tim'; Western Auto 'Wizard Light Plant'; and possibly also marketed as a Delco unit. Colors were: Delco, blue; Wizard, red; plus some were jade green, and others light brown/olive color. Voltage was 6 or 12, 15-30 amps, depending on voltage, 200 watts. Intended as a light plant/battery charger. Last produced in the early 1940's.

22/2/22 Economy garden tractor Gary Manning, 9031 N. 3rd Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85021 writes that the Economy garden tractor was built by: Engineering Products Co. Box 1510, Waukesha, Wisconsin Att: Alice Zimmerman, Sales Dept.

Economy owners might consider writing to the company, as they can determine the year made, and may also be able to help with service information.

22/1/20 Simplicity engines Several letters came in on this query, including one from Andrew Anderson, who posed the question. Mr. Anderson noted that he had received 16 replies, and wished to publicly thank everyone who helped out. The engine apparently is a Simplicity built by Turner Mfg. Co.

22/1/17 American Marc Diesel Engine Several replies came in on this one, including some photocopies and history. C. Lyle Cummins Jr., 2690 Overlook Drive, Lake Oswego, OR 97034 suggests writing:

Publications Dept., SAE 400 Commonwealth Drive Warrendale, PA 15096

Ask for a photocopy of their paper 'The Development of American Marc Opposed-Piston Two-Cycle Engines' by Adolf Luerken, Technical Director of American Marc. The Preprint Paper No. is 259B. The paper gives a little background of American Marc, founded in 1955 as American Manufacture & Research Co.

The author of the paper is Adolf Luerken, Project Specialist-Design, Engineering Dept., McCulloch Corporation, 5401 Beethoven St., Los Angeles, CA 90066. He may also be of help.


We've had lots of activity here over the past month, and even have a slight backlog of helpful ideas that will be coming soon. Meanwhile, we present herewith a listing of various model castings that we have heard about. If any of you have casting kits and are not listed here, it's not because we wish to slight you-just send in the information and we'll take care of it right away! Several people offering castings sent us a list of what they have, a couple of them even sent us a complete set of drawings!

One important point here-we keep harping about safety, and here it is again. These scale models represent designs that did not incorporate safety features to any degree. This fact has to be known and accepted by anyone using or displaying these units, especially to the general public. To put it succinctly and directly, how would you feel if you watched some little kid stick a finger between the gears of an old engine, model or full size, knowing that that person would be maimed for the rest of their life? Chilling thought isn't it?

Another point-we know nothing about these various castings-some have drawings with them, some might have rough sketches, some might have nothing at all. Therefore, let the buyer beware-know what you are buying ahead of time.

Since we received so many letters this past month, and several lists of model makers, we take the liberty of thanking, all of you collectively for your assistance.

Cole's Power Models Box 788, Ventura, CA 93001


DeBolt Machine Co. 607 S. Camp Mead Rd. Linthicum, MD 21090

Witte headless

Power Model Supply 12872 White Rock Des Peres, MO 63131


George C. Scott Outlook, Montana 59252

Fairbanks-Morse 'N' & IHC Mogul

John Burns Engineering 510 West Jefferson New Carlisle, OH 45344

? scale Reid hot tube gas engine, castings and drawings

77 Products 17119 So. Harvard Blvd. Gardena, CA 90247

1 / 4-32 Spark Plugs

7 Mts. Machine Shop Sand Mt. Rd., Rt. 1 Spring Mills, PA 16875

? scale New Holland

Norbert H. Keeley 901 Mulberry St. Perrysburg, OH 43551

Fairbanks-Morse Eclipse

Paul R. Breisch 187 W. Ridge Pike Royersford, PA 19468

Associated, Olds, New Holland; castings, drawings

Bob Manske 205 E. Madison Yates Center, KS 66783

Model Oil Well Gearbox Castings

Richard Daoust 129 South Ines Ave. Waukesha, Wl 53186

Monitor pump jack

Meyer's Model Engine Works 15929 Five Point Road Perrysburg, OH 43551

Steam & Ericsson hot air engines

Arnold L. Teague 195 Bridge St. San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Aermotor pump jack engine

Bolland Machine Co. 1746 Higgins Road Warsaw, NY 14569

skew gears for model sideshaft engines

Joe M. Tochtrop 2028 McAllister St. San Francisco, CA 94118


Saturated Steam Box 380123, Miami, FL 33238


Brad Eisner 14 Avon St. Leominster, MA 01453

Ericsson hot air engine

Brad E. Smith 7574 S. 74th St. Franklin, Wl 53132

Upright Maytag

Harold Depenbusch 309 S. Delaware Columbus, KS 66725

freelance, no castings required

Ted Young 105 Turnron Place EastPeoria, IL61611


Amro Ltd. 121 Lincolnway West New Oxford, PA 17350


Edward J. Chick 5210W. 6th St. Winona, MN 55987

Fuller & Johnson

Again, our thanks to everyone who sent us names of model makers with castings, and a special thanks to those who took the time, effort, and expense to forward drawings and photographs of their models. Hopefully, some of you will favor us with more photos and information on your model projects in the coming months. Meanwhile, all of you expert or aspiring model makers can get busy and write to those of interest, but we suggest you send along a stamp or two for return postage.