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27/3/14 Empire Engine Stan Davis, Rt 8, Box 112, Live Oak, FL 32060 sends along the before-and-after shots of his Empire engine. Stan writes that the engine had rested among the weeds for 30-plus years, and was used by his father on a buzz saw some fifty years ago. It was repainted using General Motors Corporate Blue.

27/3/15 Some Tractor Questions Q. What is the proper paint color for a 1930 model 22-36 McCormick-Deering tractor, and a 1942 Case LA tractor? What is the year built for a Farmall A, s/n FAA207624, and an AC 'U' s/n LA25616? Also, where is the s/n located on a 1917 Fordson tractor, and what is the proper color? What is the year built and paint color for a Cockshutt (Oliver) 70, s/n 302254? Craig Strudwick, PO Box 501, Balgonie, Sask, SOGĀ  OEO Canada.

A. We have DuPont 27625 Gray for the 22-36; the Case is Flambeau Red, which we have as Martin-Senour 90R-3727-The Farmall A was built in 1947; the AC 'U' number you present does not show up in our lists. Offhand, we can't tell you where the Fordson s/n is stamped; however we have Martin-Senour 90T-3732 listed as Ford Gray. We are not sure though, whether this is the same shade of gray as was used on the Fordson. Can someone supply us with the proper color match for Cockshutt tractors?

27/3/16 Giant Gasoline Engine Otto Turner, 306 N. Mulberry, Hartford City, IN 47348 submits this photo of a Giant engine, and needs to know what type of carburetor was used, along with other information on this particular engine. See the photo.

27/3/17 Lazier Etc. Q. See Photo 17Aof a Lazier 2 HP engine, made in Buffalo, New York. I have been told it was made by Novo, but the plate reads, 'Made by. Lazier Engine Co.' Does it take oil in the crankcase? There is no fill hole, and no oil level hole. We keep oil in it, but it seems to throw it out the vent holes above the crank. Photo 17B is of a Nichols & Wright marine engine made in Buffalo, New York. The former owner said this was the second engine built in 1904, and only ten were built that year. When we took it down, every piece has a No. 2stampedonit. Any information on this engine will be appreciated. Jerry Lester, 629 Freedom Road, Freedom, NY 14065.

A. It is our belief that the Lazier was made by Lazier and not by least we've never seen anything to the contrary. Not having seen your engine, we can't tell you much about the oiling system. Most of these engines use a sheet metal slinger secured under on the con rod bolts. If there is no slinger, then cut one that will reach down an inch or so, and make it about a quarter inch wide. If you carry the oil high enough so that the entire bottom rod cap catches oil, there's no doubt it will throw oil all over. This takes some experimenting to get it just right. The slinger should only catch a half inch or less of oil. Novo, Cushman, etc. depended on the cylinder lubricator to help maintain the proper oil level.

27/3/18 Michigan Marine Engine Q. Please, would someone be so kind as to send me any info onal 940-plus Michigan Marine Engine made in Cold Water, Michigan? It is a two-cylinder, 4-cycle of about 20 horsepower, and has the transmission built as an integral part of the engine. All, 1 repeat, all letters will be .answered. Please call collect at 318-625-4801 after 6 p.m., or write Robert Mayeux, 2204 Comanche, Sulphur, LA 70663.

27/3/19 Information Needed Q. Will you please provide the date built for the following engines: Fairbanks-Morse Type Y, 75 HP, s/n 553135; Foos 26 HP, s/n 24248; Superior 25 HP, s/n 19118; Waterloo Boy, 6 HP, s/n 14568? 1 also need to correspond with an owner of a-Fairbanks-Morse 75 horsepower Tjipe Y engine, and the owner of a Superior 25 horsepower engine. Adolph Alloy, Rt. J, Box 958, Rosharen, TX 77583.

A. It appears the FBM engine was built in 1923; we have no information on any of the others.

27/3/20 AC SP-40 Combine Q. See the photos of an Allis-Chalmers combine that doesn't' t appear in your book, The Allis-Chalmers Story. This machine was at the Kings dale Fire Co. Antique Show in Pennsylvania. A sign with it states, 'Bought and used by the U.S. Army, 1943-1963.' Merle E. Wolf, 19 Sycamore Ln., Hanover, PA 17331.

A. We've never heard of this one appears to have been an A-C Model 40 combine converted to a self-propelled design. Perhaps someone can provide further information on this particular machine.

27/3/21 Alma Engine Q. I just purchased a 30 HP Alma Engine, Model 1-S, s/n 4598. The engine is pretty much bare, and I would like to correspond with someone having information about the ignition, governor, and the hit-and-miss lockout systems. The crankshaft is stamped 'E. F. Co. 10-30-07.' Any other information on Alma Co. history is also needed. Ron Cianek, 2112 Michigan, Bay City, Ml 48708.

A. The only information we have on the Alma is found on page 22 of American Gas Engines. You will find that several patents are noted. Possibly some of these might illustrate some of the parts which you need to locate.

27/3/22 A Girl and an Engine Q. Some fifty-six years ago, I wanted a beautiful old engine and a young girl. 1 got the young girl but not the engine. I now have the engine fifty six years later, and yes, the girl also.

Could you tell me the year made for the following: Stover TA242298SR; Stover TC242321SR?

I also have several Hercules engines and a Maynard sold by Charles Williams Stores, plus several Sattley engines sold by Montgomery Ward. John F. Hottle, 9523 Fairview Ave., Manassas, VA 22110.

A. John, we're glad to hear that the girl came first. Now that you've also got the engine, be warned that one of the symptoms of severe benignities is when the engine comes first! Both of the Stover engines were built in 1937.

27/3/23 Witte Engine Q. What is the year built for a Witte engine, s/n B25260? Also the proper color, and how to get the piston free. As you can see from the photo, I need to correspond with someone who can show me the parts needed on the head. Andy Whiten, 3763 E. 24 St., Tucson, AZ85713.

A. Your engine was built July 23, 1925. Per our Notebook, Witte recommends one pint of Rustoleum Black added to two pints of Rustoleum Forest Green. This comes close to PPG 40952 Forest Green.

27/3/24 Witte Information Q. What is the year built for a Witte engine, s/n 92037? Charles G. Wall, 1429 Irving St., Winston-Salem, NC 27103.

A. Your engine was built in 1931.

Readers Write 26/12/43 Unidentified Crawler We got over two dozen letters on this query submitted by the Reflector. Virtually everyone says that this is a Trun-daar tractor as built by Buckeye Mfg. Co., Anderson, Indiana. Thanks to all those who wrote in on this query!

26/11/25 Frazer Tiller Several people wrote to us in this regard, stating that the unidentified machine is indeed a Frazer tiller. Thanks to all those who wrote.

A Rare Bird Indeed Regarding the article on page 20 of the December 1991 GEM, this engine was in use by the U.S. Army/Air Force during World War Two.

26/10/20 Magneto Condensers Gerald B. Lombard, 5120 Belcrest Ave., Bakersfield, CA 93309-4705 writes:

After several exchanges with Mr. Schueler we now know that the correct magneto for the Standard Twin in 1937 was the Wico A-32B. This is a low base mount (35mm from base to center of shaft). It has CCW rotation, and 10 degree impulse coupling lag angle. This unit has a two-post distributor attached directly to the magneto shaft, giving a spark for every 180 degrees of magneto rotation. At an unknown later date, Standard began using the FBM J-2A39B with the same specs.

26/12/6 An Unusual John Deere Many, many letters came in on this query. Some writers have concluded that only about 40 of the 3 HP 'EP' engines have been found. Legend has it that Deere had problems with the regular .Series E engines in the deep South due to premature failure of bearings and cylinders. The modified engine includes dust covers over the main bearings, a tube enclosing the push rod, a new head design which enclosed the intake and exhaust valve area, an air filter on the intake pipe, and a high tension magneto with spark plug ignition. Again, our thanks to the many, many people who wrote to us on this query.

26/12/42 Unidentified Tractor We also heard from a couple of folks who tell us that the unusual tractor with the adjustable rear wheels was in fact, the Porter 20-40 tractor built at Des Moines, Iowa in 1919 and 1920. It is illustrated on page 229 of Encyclopedia of American Farm Tractors.

26/12/10 Unidentified IHC Crock Several people wrote to tell us that this unique piece was supplied by IHC along with their mechanical milking machine. It was intended to sterilize and clean the milk hose and teat cups.

27/1/21 Madison-Kipp Lubricators Ted H. Stein, 412 W. Second St., Streator, IL 61364 writes that on a recent trip to Madison, Wisconsin he found that Madison-Kipp had been taken over by Lubriquip Inc. The address now is: Kipp Lubrication Systems, Lubriquip Inc., 2001 S. Stoughton Rd., Madison, WI 53716.

27/1/13 Large Pump John B. Mulford Jr., 8894 Upper Lake Rd.,Lodi, NY 14860 writes:

This pump is not too big to have been used in an orchard sprayer. They would not suck very far, but had the ability to pump a great deal of water against a large head. Summer hotels on a lake used big ones to pump to a standpipe where the water flowed by gravity to the hotel. Many companies built this type of pump in this area. Gould Pumps and Field Force Pump manufactured them. They were simple in construction and easy to repair.

27/1/31 Unleaded Gasoline Delbert Kaesser, 222 - 1st Ave., Rowley, IA 52329 writes that he uses one-half pint of automatic transmission oil to ten gallons of gasoline to keep the valves oiled and also to keep the carbon out of the cylinders. Delbert also writes that he prefers to use ethanol as it will not gum up as quick as regular gasoline. The automatic transmission oil will help keep the gas tank from rusting too. Automatic transmission oil is also helpful in freeing up stuck pistons.

Notebook Items

Thanks to Doug Miller, 318 E. 650N.,West Lafayette, IN 47906 for the following paint colors:

MM Prairie Gold

PPG DAR60039

Newer Prairie Golc

iPPG DAR60098

MM Prairie Gold

Sherwin-Williams JK-9056

MM Brown

Sherwin-Williams 33-3122-G

Case-IHC Red


(Can also be used for MM Red)

White Farm Eqpt

20-7002237 WFEIII MM Red



99L3751 Newer Oliver Grn

Empire Engine Blue Can someone supply the correct number for the GM Corporate Blue noted above under the Empire Engine query (27/3/14)?

How about the correct color scheme and numbers for the Cockshutt tractors?

Model maker's Corner

The photo illustrates what I call my Maytag Model 91. This is because I built it in 1991. I had to build two aluminum plates, one for the carb and one for the base. I had to drill one hole for the carb intake in the crankcase casting. These were the only alterations to the engine. I can put it back together as a standard Maytag and it would still run. I also had to make a rope-starting pulley. The first time I tried it, it ran so fast and jumped up and down so much that I had to turn it off real fast or it would have walked away. After that, everything went downhill, and I couldn't get it to run again. I will have to work on the engine this winter. Dietrich 'Dutch' Scheppelmann, 622 Hamlet Rd., Auburn Hills, MI 48326.

A Closing Word It's time to get the Express package ready so that GEM can put this material into print. As we noted at the beginning of this article, pay no heed to rumors you may have heard. If you have had any problems in getting the magazine, write the GEM office and they will be happy to set things right.