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F-M Model 3000 AR3 generator


Joe Gonyo

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We'll be quite brief this issue, since we have a huge stack of inquiries and comments to dispose of. However, by the time this issue is in your hands, we'll be into the month of May, and the beginning of a few engine shows. Keep your favorite hobby enjoyable this year don't lift things you shouldn't be lifting, don't poke your fingers in places they shouldn't be poked, and let fun be fun, not some disaster that requires a surgeon to sew up body parts that normally come finely stitched by their Maker.

Last fall we also put out a cautionary statement to our readers regarding the unwholesome elements that sometimes appear at our shows. Ordinarily, our bunch is among the best in the world, bar none! Over the years we've seen guys leave a wrench behind and another person would go to great lengths to see that it got back to the rightful owner. Ye olde Reflector told you last fall about having a nice flatbed trailer stolen. The open wound of that loss is now healed over, but the scar tissue is still a bit tender. It's hard to find a positive side to that story. If there is one, perhaps the message we'll share with all of you is this: Don't be so trusting as to let high priced equipment set around without taking some precautions. 'If only I would have . . .' is a statement commonly used after one of these episodes.

We'll see many of you at the Waukee Swap Meet, since we'll be representing Stemgas Publishing once again this year. Beyond that, our plate is full for awhile, because of the upcoming tour to England in June and July. If you have the opportunity, stop by and see us at Waukee ... it's always a joy to meet the hundreds of people we see at every show!

Now it's on to our first comment regarding the Edwards engines:

28/6/1 Edwards Engines I would like to compile a serial number and owner's list on Edwards igniter engines, and I will share the list with anyone sending information. Armand De Young, 12300 Club Road, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404.

Since Edwards engines are quite rare, we're not positive whether Mr. De Young is limiting this request to the igniter style, or whether the spark-plug models might also be included. However, the igniter model is lots harder to find!

28/6/2 Thanks! To everyone who phoned, sent letters and pictures regarding my query and request of 28/3/11 regarding the Carlisle & Finch engine. The responses have been overwhelming. Harold Gaddye, RR 2, Binbrook, ONT LOR 1CO Canada.

28/6/3 Fairbanks-Morse Q. I'm in dire need of an owner's manual and instructions for the F-M Model 3000 AR3 generator shown in the photos. It is s/n A-208. It is rated at 115/230 volts, 13 amps, and 60 cycles. The unit uses a twin cylinder TE or TF Wisconsin engine made in 1953. The Fairbanks-Morse customer service people tell me that all records of these units were discarded some years ago. Many were used as standby units. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Joe Gonyo, 4 East Gate Road, Suffem, NY 10901.

28/6/4 Economy Engine Q. I recently acquired an Economy engine, 1 HP, s/n 34084. In looking through American Gas Engines I notice that the smallest size listed is a 1 horsepower. Can anyone explain the change in horsepower rating, even though both have a 3 x5 inch bore and stroke!

On another subject, I have an old drag saw with a Witherbee magneto. Is this a forerunner of the Wico magneto? Bruce Heppler, Box  523, Covelo, CA 95428.

A. The best source of information on the Hercules and Economy engines is a history book compiled by Glenn Karch. It is advertised elsewhere in GEM.

Witherbee Igniter Company was indeed the forerunner of WICO, and the latter is indeed an acronym of the full Witherbee name.

28/6/5 IH Cub Lo-Boy Q. See the photo of a 1958 Cub Lo-Boy tractor. I would like to hear from someone with further information, manuals, a source for decals, etc. concerning this tractor. James Vanaman Jr., 677 Salem-Quinton Rd., Salem, NJ 08079.

A. Mr. Vanaman's letter posed a number of technical questions that would best be answered by appropriate manuals. We have little information on this particular model, so if any of our readers can direct Mr. Vanaman in regards to this tractor, we will appreciate it.

28/6/6 Domestic Engines Q. Jerry Rogers Sr., 105 Schoolhouse Rd., Martinsburg, WV 25401 would like to know whether the 1 HP Domestic Stove-pipe Junior engine is a very rare model. Can anyone respond in this regard?

28/6/7 Writing Articles Quite often we hear from readers wanting to know how they might go about submitting an article to GEM. In this connection, there seems to be an idea that the writer has to pay GEM for writing an article! That's not the case! We're always happy to hear from our readers, and we're always glad to get new articles for the magazine. If you'd like to prepare an article, GEM has a little 'Guidelines' sheet that they'll be happy to send you. It suggests ways of preparing your story, the photos needed, and the like. So, don't hesitate to send in your articles, they are always appreciated.

28/6/8 Dow Engines Recently I came across a builder's photo of a Dow engine. It is listed in American Gas Engines, but there is no picture or history. It is a hefty looking engine. Each cylinder has a lockout lever on the left-side cam. The middle cylinder has four cams, while the other two have three each. Francis A. Orr, 1617-32nd St., Anacortes, WA 98221.

We've never found anything on the Dow, but if memory serves correctly, it originated in England.

28/6/9 Cushman Golfster Q. I would like to know the address of the Cushman Club of America. I purchased 'A History of Cushman Motor Works' by Bill Sumerville, but was disappointed that there was no address for which to contact either the author or the club. I have two golfsters, and submit a photo of one with my two grandsons aboard. Larry Arsenault, 21 Wescomb Crescent, Charlottetown, PEI C1C 1B6 Canada.

A. Can anyone be of help regarding this query?

28/6/10 Wards Twin Row Tractor Q. MY elderly father-in-law has a restored Wards Twin Row tractor. One of the original knobby tires has ruptured at the side wall. We are looking for a way to resolve the problem, such as finding a used tire of the same make, finding a place to repair it or finding a source for a replacement of the same design. The tire is a 7.5/9.0 x 24, 4-ply Wards Riverside, Super Power Grip Tractor Tire. The fabric appears to be severely weakened from having had a solution inside at one time. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Roger L. Brauer, 602 W. Austin St., Tolono, IL 61880.

A. Can anyone be of help to Mr. Brauer?

28/6/11 Maytag Multi-Motor Washer See the photo of a recently restored Maytag Model 44 Multi-Motor Washer. This restoration would have been virtually impossible had it not been for the over-whelming response from GEM readers, per my request for help in the February issue. From all the information I received, this 1921 Maytag has been restored to as nearly original condition as is possible, and would still do a day's work if necessary. Thanks to every reader and collector who contributed their time and talent which enabled me to preserve this piece of history for others to enjoy. Rod Albright, 2194 Log Cabin Rd., York, PA 17404.

28/6/12 Alamo Blue Line Q. I need some help restoring a 2 HP Alamo Blue Line engine. The magneto and bracket are missing. Can anyone advise the proper number or provide a photo or other information so that I know what to look for? Any help will be appreciated. J. C. Blauvelt, 45 Chase Road, Wallkill, NY 12589.

A. We edited Mr. Blauvelt's letter to perhaps reflect his query a little better. If anyone can advise regarding this engine, please do so.

28/6/13 Buckeye Ditcher Q. See a photo of a Buckeye Traction Ditcher on display at the Ontario Agricultural Museum near Milton, Ontario. It is powered by a 12 horsepower gasoline engine made by the same company in Findlay, Ohio. The engine is a hit-and-miss with a Witherbee high-tension oscillating magneto. This machine spent its working years near Fergus, Ontario, north of Guelph. It is in rough, but restorable condition, and resembles a ditcher that was demonstrated at the Canadian National Exhibition in 1918. John J. Henderson, RR 2, Rockwood, ONT NOB 2K0 Canada.

28/6/14 Caille Liberty Q. See photos of an outboard motor I recently acquired. I would appreciate any information as to what I have, or parts and literature for same. Beside what is stamped on the wheel, it has an American Bosch magneto. Any information will be appreciated. Watson Wordsworth, 345 Boston Hill Rd., Andover, CT 06232.

A. All of our information has it that the Caille Liberty is a scarce little engine; perhaps that's the reason we have nothing on the Liberty in our files. Can anyone provide further information?

28/6/15 Fuel Pump Diaphragms Antique Auto Parts Cellar, PO Box 3, South Weymouth, MA 02190 ad vises in response to an earlier query that they only sell fuel pump kits, and have gone to the trouble of making dies to cut the material for over 250 different kinds of pumps. Ordinarily, we would run this in the Classifieds, but since this firm was mentioned in a recent issue as a supplier, we thought it proper that our readers know just what it is that these folks are supplying. Further information regarding fuel pump kits and other items can be had by addressing this firm.

28/6/16 Leader Engine Marc Krol, 10805 Washington Street, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023 needs information regarding a Leader engine built by Field Force Pump Company, Elmira, New York. It is a 2 HP hit-and-miss model. If you can be of help, kindly contact Mr. Krol at the above address.

28/6/17 A Romanian Exhumation Thanks to Don Siefker, 705 W. Annie Drive, Muncie, IN 47303-9762 for sending us the following information, a summation of which follows: Apparently, a Romanian peasant is now convinced that communism is gone, so he unearthed his Lanz tractor. Back in the 1950s he buried it to keep Communist officials from confiscating it, telling them that it had been destroyed. The tractor was buried in 1955.

28/6/18 Unitractor Q. I have acquired a Unitractor one-wheel garden tractor with a 1 or 2 HP Briggs engine. The drive system is gone, as is the clutch and throttle control. Does anyone have details of this machine? Any help will be greatly appreciated. See the photos. Larry B. Clark, RD 2, Box 920, Middle-bury, VT 05753.