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26/4/30 Beetle Tractor Q. See the two photos of a Beetle Tractor, built by Pacific Western Gear Products, Western Gear Works, Seattle, Washington. It is s/n 146, Model W-2. Western Gear Works appears to have gone out of business as recently as 1989. Can anyone supply any information on the Beetle Tractor? Glenda Dana, 8303 Steamboat Isl Rd NW, Olympia, WA 98502.

A. This is a fascinating little tractor, and we hope you are successful in gaining more information about it.

26/4/31 Ford Coil Capacitors? Q. What size capacitor in microfarads, and what voltage rating is used in the Ford Model T spark coil? Harley L. Collins, 2540 Fox Road, Bath, PA 18014.

A. A good question, and one that we hope some of our readers can answer. Several people have asked this question over the years, but there has never been a response.

26/4/32 IHC Stationary Thresher Q. I would like to know about an old International Harvester Stationary Thresher, No. 36. So far, I have never been able to find any information on this thresher. Kenny Adair, 6 Woodland Rd., Beltrim, Gortin, Omagh, Co. Tyrone, N. Ireland BT 79.

A. Our guess is that your thresher was probably sold by International Harvester Company somewhere between 1913 and 1925. Chances are that it was actually built by the Buffalo-Pitts Company, since they built the IHC threshers for some years. We believe that these threshers were all finished in red. Your letter also inquires about decals, but we don't know that anyone has reproduced them. If anyone can supply specific information, kindly contact Mr. Adair.

26/4/33 Cooper-Bessemer Q. See the photo of a Cooper-Bessemer two-cylinder engine with the rear cylinder being an air compressor. I contacted the company, Cooper Energy Services in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. They thought it was built by the Atlas-Imperial people. The engine is equipped with an Edison magneto, Ford Model A carburetor, and the plate reads: Cooper-Bessemer Corporation, Mt. Vernon, Ohio - Grove City, Pa. No. 1500. Type GX3A. Any information on this engine would be greatly appreciated, or we would be happy to hear from other owners. Don Kinsey, RD 2, Holcomb, NY 14469.

26/4/34 Thanks! A thank you to George Renshaw, 243 Bashon Hill Rd., Bozrah, CT 06334. He sent us some photocopy material on the Hertzler & Zook Company.

26/4/35 Economy Engine Q. I'm new to the hobby. My first restoration is a 1927 Economy 1? HP Model S engine. Can anyone supply the color code for the red paint? Any help will be appreciated. Michael Grishman, 44 Pine Hill Road, Berwick, Maine 03901.

26/4/36 Farmall MD Q. In the book Great Tractors by Michael Williams, on page 143 there are two pictures of the British version of the MD. Either these tractors are not complete, or there was a different engine used in England. There is no distributor or magneto, no plug wires, and no gasoline carburetor. Can anyone advise in this regard? William Bartlett, RR 1, Box 112, Ogdensburg, NY 13669.

A. We can't answer your question, and with the more or less dismantlement of IH over the last few years, we no longer can tell you who to contact within the Case-IH concern. Can any of our readers fill us in?

26/4/37 Bean Special Cub Q. See the two photos of a Bean Special Cub. The nameplate reads: Bean Special Cub, Engine No. 67355, Model No. 3R30P, 4 HP, 850 rpm. It is identical to the engine shown on of American Gas Engines. I would like to know more about this engine. Any information will be appreciated. Norm Strait, 1659 Homer Way, Fremont, CA 94536.

A. Some of our readers have done extensive research on the Bean engines, and hopefully you will get some help in this regard.

26/4/38 Unidentified Engine Q. See the two photos of an unidentified engine. The nameplate reads: Mfd. in U.S.A. under R. M. Hvid Co. Patents: Oct. 22, 1907; Dec. 28, 1915 & 1916; May 18, 1908. Patented Also in Foreign Countries. No. U 6361, 1? HP, 600 rpm. Any information will be appreciated. Jim Windle, 4001 Fox Run Rd., Powhatan, VA 23139.

A. The premier reference on Hercules and its siblings is A History of Hercules Engines written by Glenn Karch, and advertised in GEM. This book indicates on page 47 that your engine is a Model U Thermoil built by Cummins between 1919 and 1922. This 1? HP model would have a 3 x 4? inch bore and stroke. All engines of this style can be made to run very nicely, but make up your mind to do a first class job of refinishing the cylinder and fitting the rings. If the compression isn't at its optimum, particularly on an engine with a 3-inch cylinder, you'll be getting a lot of exercise cranking it. All of the Hvid engines use compression ignition, and when everything is right, they will start easily, and directly, on diesel fuel. This engine will be the same color as the other Economy engines. If anyone has one of these engines, kindly contact Mr. Windle, as he needs dimensions for a couple of missing parts.

26/4/39 Thanks! Thanks to Carl Blackwell, Rt. 2, Box 206-C, Wynne, AR 72396 for sending a photocopy of a Waterloo Boy engine catalog.

26/4/40 Japanese Engines Q. Robert A. Johnson, RR 2, Box 358, Canyon, TX 79015 recently acquired a couple of Japanese engines and needs information on them. One is an Isami, 2? x 3 inch bore and stroke and 10? inch flywheels, open crank, kerosene, and with lots of chrome. The other is a Yanmar NK-2 diesel. Any information will be appreciated.