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26/4/11 Paint Colors Paul Frasier, 12234 Harris, Carleton, MI 48117 sends us a listing of paint colors matched from original paint colors. The following are PPG-Ditzler color numbers:

Fairbanks-Morse Z, 1923, PPG-43846 Green
Hercules E, 1918, PPG-43822 Green
Stover K, 1917, PPG-71965 Red
Stover CT-2, 1938, PPG-44616 Lt. Green
IHC Type M, 1924, PPG-40496 Green
Jaeger-Hercules, ?, PPG-13500 Lt. Blue
Ottawa Drag Saw, 1927(?),PPG-2292 Green
David Bradley Walking Tractor, 1950, PPG-41780 Green; PPG-72155 Red
Alamo, 1920, PPG-13594 Blue
New-Way Type A, 1906?, PPG-40496 Green; PPG-72083 Red

26/4/12 Alpha Engine? Q. See the two photos of what I think is an Alpha engine. Can anyone provide information on the name and model, also the proper color scheme? Any information that might help complete the project will be greatly appreciated. John Nichols, RR 3, Petrolia, Ontario NON 1R0 Canada.

26/4/13 FIMACO Garden Tractor Q. See the two photos of a Fimaco Garden Tractor. It was built at 617 North Prince Street, Lancaster, PA. Beyond that I have no other information on this tractor. Can anyone help? Edward T. Schweighardt, 273 Luddington Ave., Clifton, NJ 07011.

A. Since the GEM offices are in Lancaster, perhaps they or someone in the area might be able to help. (Editor's note: We'll see what we can find out!) Ye olde Reflector lives out in east central Iowa, and I've never heard of this one before, nor can we find it in the industrial listings on our shelves.

26/4/14 A-C 440 Tractor Q. My hobby is in building replicas of Allis-Chalmers tractors. Currently, I am on the AC 440 which as you know is just an orange Steiger, although some cosmetic differences are apparent. My problem is in the number of 'Gas Series' or variations AC had Steiger produce for them. I know of three distinct variations. However, I recently viewed one in a dealer's lot that said 'Series IV hydraulics. Can anyone supply any information or tell me who to contact in this regard? Ross G. White, RR 1, Petrolia, Ontario NON 1R0 Canada.

26/4/15 Buckingham Engine Q. See the photo of a Buckingham engine. I found it a few years ago in a junk sale, and have shown this photo to many different people. So far, no one has been able to identify the engine. After looking through American Gas Engines, I thought perhaps you or a reader could tell me something about it. Trevor Badrock, R. M. B. W. 390, Ballarat 3352, Victoria, Australia.

A. Our search of many different magazines etc. has not turned up anything on this one. If you can help, let us know.

26/4/16 Original Restorations? Several people wrote us concerning the recent comments of Bill Starkey and Alden Wolters on paint colors, etc. One comment caught our eye, though. Mr. Mark L. Rembis, 2190 Buford-Bardwell Road, Mt. Orab, OH 45154 writes: [Some of the collectors] that make the biggest noise about the right paint color are also the most likely to put other obvious non-original items on their engines, such as excessive brass, chrome exhaust pipes, oversized oilers,  insulated crimp-on terminals, and so forth. I like to dress up the appearance of an engine some, but there is a common sense limit I believe...

26/4/17 Phelps Engines Q. Can anyone date two Phelps engines, s/n 4935 and s/n 5563? These engines are similar to the style shown on page 388 of American Gas Engines. Nick Fuller, 6 Rosalie Ave., Cranbourne, Victoria 3977 Australia.

A. Beyond the approximate dates shown in the above book, we know of no way to accurately date these engines.

26/4/18 Caterpillar Colors My son and I are CAT collectors and try to get everything as close as possible to the original.

Almost all Holts were painted Silver Gray. Cats were Silver Gray until about early 1932. We never could find a formula for this color, as it seems that nobody repainted the gray, but used yellow. For the gray we are using Rustoleum #906 Silver Gray, although this seems to be a bit on the light side.

The following yellows are Martin Senour colors from the NAP A dealers:

1. 90T4416 Very Light Yellow
2.90T8659 Hiway Yellow
5. 90T306 Recent, (new yellow)

No. 1. We had this mixed thinking it would be one for the yellow Cats. Wrong.' It was light in color. We believe it was used on some Holts.
No. 2. Hiway Yellow. This was the first yellow that Caterpillar used in 1932. We believed it was used before that, on special orders. This is the color all the older Cater' pillar tractors should be painted. We found this in an old Caterpillar book
No. 3. This yellow is very similar to Yellow No. 2
No. 4 and No. 5. No research done on these colors.

John L. Sauer, Route I, Box J J67, Top-penish,WA98948.

26/4/19 Shingle Mill Info Q. First of all, what is the year built of a McCormick-Deering 3 HP engine, s/n BW38333?

Our club is in need of a blade for our shingle mill. It was made by J.C. Simonds Manufacturer, Grand Rapids, Michigan. The present blade is about 5/32 inch thick at the center, and 3/32 inch thick at the rim. The blade has a 2? inch center hole and mounts onto the mandrel with flathead stove bolts. The outside mounting circle is 22 inches in diameter with 12 bolts and the inner circle is 6? inches in diameter with 3 small and 3 larger bolts. The saw resembles the 1890 Perkins Shingle machine of  Wendel's book, The Circular Sawmill. If anyone knows of a blade like this, or where we could get one made or adapted to our mill, we would appreciate hearing from you. L. F. Salber, PO Box 5, Petersburg, NE 68652.

A. Your engine was built in 1933. Due to the decline of the saw companies, getting a new blade might be prohibitively expensive. Possibly an older blade could be adapted. Can anyone advise of saw companies able or willing to do this sort of work? By the way, you make little mention of the present blade. Is it beyond rebuilding?

26/4/20 Gas Traction Catalog Our thanks to Charles Horak for sending us a copy of the 1910 catalog from Gas Traction Company. It is already in the files. Mr. Horak tells us he found it at a remote Montana ranch among some John Deere tractor parts. Thanks also to Mr. Horak for sending along some serial number listings. Several other people have sent along some serial numbers, paint information, and helpful suggestions. Our thanks to all of you!

26/4/21 Domestic Engine Earl Sponseller, 4840 Bayard St., RR 1, Homeworth, OH 44634 has a Domestic 3? HP engine, s/n 15480. He needs information on this engine, including the proper paint color. Any help will be appreciated.

26/4/22 Bantam Garden Tractor If you can provide any information on the Bantam Garden Tractor, contact F. B. Plasman, 543 Oakwood Dr., East Lansing, MI 48823.

26/4/23 Unknown Engine Q. See the two photos of a very unusual engine. So far, I have not found anyone who can tell me the make, or who has ever seen one before. The rod has two pipes that scoop up and splash oil to the inside parts. The governor is under the heavy cast iron lid. No. 2580 is stamped in the lip at the rear of the lid by the speed control lever. This lever is on the right, and the timing lever is on the left. The governor setup is the same as one used on the 8-cycle Aermotor. The rocker arm goes out through a hole cast in the water hopper. A Lunkenheimer mixer is used. Can anyone provide any information on this engine? Edward H. King, RD 3, Box 479, Carlisle, PA 17013.

A. We have nothing like this engine in any of our files, but we hope that someone might be able to provide some clues.

26/4/24 Ingeco Colors A very close match for Ingeco (pre-Worthington) engine is a dark green as used on 1972 Dodge pickup trucks. The Sherwin-Williams acrylic enamel number is F-W-G-3061. This color seems to be accurate among some 70 engines in my registry. The only fly in the ointment is that some of the 1? HP Type AJ engines were evidently painted red. Reed S. Benton, RD 1, Box 116, Wassaic, NY 12592.

26/4/25 Dempster Engine Q. See the photo of a Dempster engine made by Dempster Mill Mfg. Co., Beatrice, Nebraska. It is Shop No. 18056, Class 2-H, 2? HP. Can anyone advise the year built, paint color, or any other information on this engine? Joe Carver, 502 Leon, Gatesville, TX 76528.

A. Your engine was probably built in the late 1920's.

26/4/26 Ottawa Engine Q. I have a 4 HP Ottawa, s/n TE l1366. It came from a sawing outfit. However it is different in that the oilier is on the back part of the water hopper as usual, but there is a primer on the front part of the hopper. Can anyone tell me anything about when this style was built? Any help will be appreciated. Randy M. Ackley, 322 Mansfield St., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729.

26/4/27 Pug Mill Q. See the photo of a pug mill or clay grinder originally used in the making of clay smoking pipes. The handle at the left is to shift the belt from the drive pulley to the idle pulley. This mill was made by J. I. Day Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. Can anyone supply any information on this machine? K. G. Romine, 507 N. Kenova Road, South Point, OH 45680.

26/4/28 Unidentified Engine Q. See the photo of what I  think is a Root & VanderVoort vertical engine. Can anyone supply any information? L. D. Knapp, 1507 Shepard Circle, Placentia, CA 92670.

A. This is indeed an R&V vertical. These engines are fairly scarce. Out here in the midwest, at least, they are highly sought after. We assume that the situation is likewise in California, and that this is indeed a fine engine! We have virtually nothing in our files on this engine, so if anyone can help, please contact Mr. Knapp.

26/4/29 Leffel Steam Engine Q. Recently I bought a small steam engine built by James Leffel & Company, Springfield, Ohio. I would like to talk to other owners of this type of engine. Any help will be appreciated. Robert F. Burke, 775 Lakeshore N., Tallahassee, FL 32312.

A. Leffel started out in the 1860's with water wheels. In that regard the company became a highly distinguished builder. Just when Leffel began building steam engines we do not know. Despite numerous Leffel water wheel catalogs, we have nothing at all on their steam engines. Perhaps some of our readers might have something on file.