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Upright Water-cooled Engine

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39/9/1: Upright Water-cooled Engine These are some pictures of my upright water-cooled engine, hopefully someone will help identify it.

There is no serial number or name anywhere on the engine. Does anyone know what make it is or any other information about this one-cylinder, water-cooled engine? It is 20 inches tall to the top of the open exposed rocker assembly and valves, also note the counter-clockwise rotation and small pulley. I was told this was an English engine.

Eugene Martin, 6409 W. 400 S., Russiaville, IN 46979; (765) 883-5027.

39/9/2: Busy Bee Information I recently purchased a small engine at a swap meet. It's called a Busy Bee and is built by Gladden. It's a 5 HP Model AB3-12781. There is no serial number found.

Also, I would like to know about how old the engine is and the color it should be. Would anyone have any specifications on this engine?

John Schneider, 7100 St. Mary's Ave., Denton, ME 68339.

39/9/3: #9 Mower Colors

Q: I'm trying to find a colored picture to determine the correct colors of an IHC mowing machine I want to paint. This is on the toolbox lid: Regular Gear #9 Mower.

Thomas Gailey, 1435 Highway 105, Baldwin, GA 30511; (706) 778-9858;

A: As it turns out, reader Greg Ray has already done the research. Turn to page 11 for the correct colors for painting your IHC mowing machine.

39/9/4: Merry Garden Cultivator Enclosed are some pictures of my recently acquired Merry garden auto cultivator made by the Atlantic Machine Mfg. Co., Cleveland, Ohio. It is a Model J, serial no. 408. Any information as to year, engine maker, literature and owner's manual would be greatly appreciated. The crank case number is A96, and the flywheel is no. 408. It appears to be complete.

Gilbert Goff, P.O. Box 276, Wingdale, NY 12594; (845) 832-3289.

39/9/5: Monac Engine I'm looking for someone who has information on Monac engines. I had one for about a year and can't seem to find anything about it only that it was made in Mexico.

I would like the year it was made and horsepower. Also, any other information that's available. The bore is 4 inches, and the stroke is 5 inches and runs at 800 rpm, serial no. 3176. The engine starts and runs very well on gasoline or kerosene. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

J.R. Bovencamp, 1985 129th St., White Rock, BC, Canada V4A 8J6;

39/9/6: IHC Famous I need information on a 4 HP IHC Famous hit-and-miss - igniter and hopper-cooled. The tag on the base shows serial no. CD680 with a capital E below the D. What does the 'D' stand for and what year was it built?

Arthur L. Sturgeon, 5520 N. Drury Road, Otis Orchards, WA 99027;

39/9/7: Searching for Carburetor I have this engine, it is a vertical two-cylinder. The identification metal plate is gone. The only information I have is the magneto identification. It is a Type FM X4A11, and the serial number is 3863531. On the motor block, I have a big letter 'B' right on it and also these numbers: 4-27-29. I am looking for a carburetor. Can you help me?

Yvon St. Hilaire,

39/9/8: Grist Mill Desperation sometimes makes you do strange things. Although 'near' desperate, I'm writing to the Gas Engine Magazine staff for help.

I recently inherited an old grist mill with 24-inch grinding stones. The whole thing weighs around 500 pounds and appears to be all there. With a little fixing up, oil and one of my old one-lung motors, I could put it back in service.

I cannot find any reference material on the history, function, mechanics and operation of grist mills. I've exhausted every source I can find and am still searching.

Does anyone know where I might start looking for technical information on grist mills?

Any advice, help or suggestions would be appreciated. Rober L. Rowe II, 2362 Wyatt Road, Belmont, LA 71406.

39/9/9: Fairbanks-Morse Information I am looking for some information on repairing and operating a Fairbanks-Morse engine with the dishpan flywheels. I do not know the serial number.

Bernard Bieker, 409 Hill St., Washington, MO 63090; (636) 239-4251.

39/9/10: Sandow and INGECO Does anyone have decals for a 1-1/2 HP Sandow or good picture of an original? Also, does anyone have a good picture of the igniter and trip mechanism fora 1-1/2 HP INGECO?

Jack Ghere, 1753, Community Beach Road, Odin, 1L 62870.

39/9/11: Stover Novelty Works Saw I bought this saw at the spring Portland meet for $20. Ah, what bargains. I think this old saw is real neat. I think it is from the late 1800s, and it is still a flat belt. The saw was never converted to v-belt, and the name cast into it is Stover Novelty Works, Freeport, Ill. Is this the same company that made Stover engines? Maybe some readers have more information on this. If the historical group in Freeport would like this saw, they are more than welcome to it. The size is 38 inches long and 35 inches high. John Plotz, 11299 Cardwell, Livonia, MI 48150; (734) 425-5323.

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